Tease (H)

The moment she fell into Xue Ziang’s arms, her lips were claimed by him.

His lips tasted alcohol and were a little cold but soft.

Zhao Yu struggled a few times but couldn’t break away, so she sat on his lap dumbly, letting him kiss her.

His hot breath continuously fell on her face and slowly, her stiff body began to relax. By the time the tip of his tongue tried to pry her teeth open, she actively parted her lips for him.

His tongue drove straight in, wrapping around hers. The arms around her waist gradually tightened and he rubbed her body through her clothes.

Zhao Yu became weak and short of breath. Subconsciously, she snaked her arms around his neck and slid her tongue in his mouth to entangle his.

Moving his palm to her chest, Xue Ziang rubbed her on top of the restrictive clothing then began to unbutton her suit jacket and white shirt one by one.

He bit her lips lightly and his cool fingers traced the skin on her chest making Zhao Yu shiver.

Pushing up her underwear, he held her breast in one hand and pinched softly, his fingertips pressing and kneading the small hard nubs in circles.

Zhao Yu’s body instantly tensed up again, the movement causing her hips on his legs to ghost over his stiff member.

Xue Ziang released her lips and left a trail of kisses from her cheek down to her neck. He sucked on the collarbone then his lips and tongue continued down, arriving at the white breasts spilling out from the underwear. He couldn’t help but suck and lick them, losing himself in the pleasure.

Zhao Yu bit her lip to suppress a moan from coming out and grasped at his shoulders with both hands, her whole body trembling.

But when his mouth moved to suck a nipple, she couldn’t stifle a groan, going limp in his arms and gasping heavily for air.

Xue Ziang continued to soothe her breasts with his lips and tongue, at the same time, moved his palms down her body, gently caressing as he went. He made his way into her pencil skirt, rubbing over her private parts, touching her secret slit.

She was still wearing panties and silk stockings but when his fingertips reached her, he could already feel her wetness.

He let go of the nipple, raising his head to kiss her earlobe, he laughed in a low voice in her ear, “How did you get this wet so fast? You’re pouring.”

Zhao Yu’s face was flushed and she lowered her head, not daring to make eye contact. Her legs were closed but that didn’t stop his hands from moving in deeper.

His long fingers stroked along the opening a few times, his fingers getting wetter and wetter. Seeing she was reaching her limit, he intensified his strokes and found her clit, pressing and twisting it urgently.

“Ah…” Zhao Yu screamed, squirming desperately on his legs.

He licked and sucked her moving one hand back up to rub her breast, he pulled at the nub hard, unscrupulously teasing all the most sensitive parts of her body.

Not long after, Zhao Yu bit her lips and came hard. 

In her afterglow, she laid motionless on top of him.

Feeling the excessive dampness with his hand, he laughed lowly again. “So sensitive, you can feel it through two layers of underpants? And still squirt so much?”

Zhao Yu looked at him with tears in her eyes, full of shame and embarrassment.

He smiled and kissed her lips, and asked softly, “How long has it been?”

“Half…half a year.”

Holding her lips and licking for a while, he asked again, “Do you want it?”

Zhao Yu bit her lip and said nothing.

Xue Ziang smiled, put his arms around her waist and pulled her on top of his crotch, rubbing the thick and hard object against her hips, and said huskily, “It wants it.”

Zhao Yu didn’t speak or move and just looked at him with a shy and timid expression.

He reached out and took off her high heels, slowly pulling down her panties and stockings too. Seeing her tense up, he patted her bottom, “Lift your butt.”

Zhao Yu obediently did as she was told. He smoothly took off her underwear and stockings, throwing them aside, he lifted her up and turned around so that she was straddling him with legs wide open.

Her skirt was lifted up to her waist and as soon as he lowered his head, he could see the little hair and the even more enticing scene hidden deeply like a well-kept secret.

He unconsciously swallowed, Adam’s apple bobbing, untied his pants in a few movements, and held the thick shaft against the dripping opening, rubbing between the center of her legs.

“Mmm…” Zhao Yu shuddered and her chest suddenly lurched forward, causing her white breasts to dance in front of his eyes.

Xue Ziang’s burning manhood pierced open the cave that readily squeezed him and pushed in halfway, feeling the soft tightness inside. Xue Ziang muffled a moan, clasping her waist and prepared to further enter the soft flesh inch by inch, straight into her core.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu seemed to suddenly wake up from the emotions that had flooded her and pushed him violently, getting up from his lap and ran to the side with shaky legs to put on her shoes.

Before Xue Ziang could speak, she bowed and apologized repeatedly to him sobbing, “Sor… I’m sorry, Mr. Xue… just now… really muddle-headed… almost… don’t take it to heart, I… I’m sorry……”

Her creamy and long legs were still bare – their beauty magnified as she stepped into her high heels. Her two full breasts were also exposed, naked in plain view, bouncing with every movement, and sent Xue Ziang reeling.

The thing in his crotch had already swelled to the extreme. Just as he had tasted a bit of sweetness, he was tossed to the side.

But he never forced himself onto a woman. If she wanted to go, he wasn’t going to stop her.

So he could only watch her rush to tidy up her clothes in front of him, bowing and apologizing to him multiple times with red eyes and tears until she finally rushed out of the villa as if she was running for her life.

In his frustrations over being left hanging, he smacked the sofa. Looking around he saw the silk stockings she left behind along with the lace panties that were shimmering with wetness.

“F*ck!” He gritted his teeth and cursed. Painfully walking into the bathroom with the monster in his crotch.

But after taking a few steps, he couldn’t help but look back, glancing at the stockings and panties on the floor. Hesitating for a moment, he doubled back to pick them up then disappeared into the bathroom.

Zhao Yu called a cab, her legs wet the whole way home. If she hadn’t secretly stuffed a tissue there while the driver hadn’t noticed, and wiped it quickly, she was afraid that the water would have already flowed onto the seat.

She knew how sensitive her body was, not to mention her strong libido, especially now that she broke ties with Shang Lu, she hadn’t fooled around with anyone else. The emptiness and loneliness were inevitable.

Under Xue Ziang’s skillful teasing, she couldn’t resist it at all, almost going along with the idea of having hearty sex with him with no objections.

But her reason can finally overcome the desires of the flesh.

The character she was playing in front of Xue Ziang could not allow her to have a relationship with him so quickly. 

Moreover, the more she plays hard to get, the more he will want her.


T/N: THE LONG AWAITED SMUT SCENE. Almost. Hahah was it what you expected? LIKE AND COMMENT PLEASE. <3 I don’t know about you but I’m high off this chapter.

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  1. I love this MC ahaha. She has pre-nut clarity which is a rare talent.

    I’m glad none of the MLs are forceful, unfortunately a lot of smut has that.

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