“I’ll be in Donghai in three hours, can you come to pick me up from the airport?”

Black backless dress, red high heels, a charming and confident gait, coupled with an enchanting and sexy voice, stepped into the VIP room and attracted all the attention to Zhao Yu.

She turned a blind eye and continued talking on the phone: “Don’t mention it, I’ve made my rounds for all the wedding venues and none of them made an impression…”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly raised her lips into a smile, hung up the phone, and went straight to the sofa opposite her.

The look in the eyes that suddenly found the prey was so straightforward, anyone in the waiting room knew what she was going to do, so when she approached, the young man in front immediately got up and blocked her in front of him: “Sorry, my boss is working.”

Such a practiced refusal, obviously his boss was used to being hit on.

“Really?” Zhao Yu looked down at the man who was still staring at the notebook seriously, smiled, and slowly moved closer to the secretary who blocked her, “But, I’m not here to find your boss, I’m here to find you.”

White and slender fingers rubbed his shoulders flirtatiously, a faint fragrance of perfume enveloped him, and warm breath fell on his face. The young male secretary had never experienced this kind of teasing and immediately blushed. He was so scared that he took a big step back and stammered out, “I…I don’t know you.”

This assistant could dissuade people from going after his boss but when it was his turn, he was this shaken.

Zhao Yu let out a low laugh and looked down at the sitting man again.

Sure enough, the man was finally willing to look up at her because his secretary failed in stopping her approach.

Even though he gave off a gentle and refined aura, it was clear at first glance that he was indifferent and aloof.

Zhao Yu didn’t mind and proceeded to take out her business card from her bag then bent down and slowly stuffed it into the pocket of the man’s suit. Her red lips lightly asked, “Want to get acquainted?”

In the wake of her actions, a large expanse of skin on her chest came exposed from her revealing dress. As a man, he couldn’t stop himself from taking a glance. He then raised his eyes to intently look at her, and smiled slightly, “Not interested.”

“It’s fine as long as I’m interested.” Zhao Yu firmly maintained eye contact until the business card sandwiched between two fingers disappeared into his pocket. She then slowly got up again, and walked towards the secretary who had just recovered, “You want? … Leave a number.”

The secretary shook his head violently and refused to say anything, but Zhao Yu leaned in close to him again. With red lips approaching his chin, she covered his palms with hers and slowly pulled out the mobile phone he was holding.

Coming into such close contact with such a sexy and seductive woman, the male secretary had long panicked to the heavens and had no clue how to resist. Zhao Yu not only successfully seized his phone but also grabbed his finger and unlocked it.

After adding her WeChat and dialing her number, Zhao Yu smiled and returned his phone to him: “Thank you. If your boss fires you, remember to call me, maybe I can go to your boss and help plead your case.”

It wasn’t until Zhao Yu triumphantly sat down on the other side of the vacant seat that the male secretary looked at his boss, his eyes reflecting horror, innocence, and aggrievement all in one look.

The man glanced at the secretary lightly, not saying a word, and continued to stare at the report in the notebook.

Zhao Yu sat at the other end, still looking at the man’s back like a prey.

That was indeed her prey, the current CEO of Yicheng Technology and Zhuang Yiqing’s fiance – Xu Chengyan.

Yesterday she took a day off on the grounds of attending a friend’s wedding and flew to Beicheng specifically for this man.

It’s just that this man was experienced and cynical unlike the pure Xue Ziang, and it was going to be really difficult to seduce him.

When boarding the plane, Zhao Yu “accidentally” found out that Xu Chengyan was on the same flight as her.

“What a coincidence Ah, I read your WeChat, your name is Lu Bin, right? “

Seeing her eyes were plainly full of surprise, Lu Bin’s entire expression turned complex “You… are you also on this flight?”

“Yes, it seems that we’re not just on the same flight, but even in the same first-class cabin. This is what they call fate.”

When he said this, Zhao Yu glanced at Xu Chengyan next to Lu Bin, but the man was still expressionless, not even sparing her a glance.

“Secretary Lu, is your seat next to your boss? Can I switch with you?”

Meeting her affectionate eyes, Lu Bin felt himself go weak1 and quickly shook his head, “N… no.”

He really didn’t lie. His seat was separated from his boss by a corridor, and next to Xu Chengyan was an old man in his sixties.

Zhao Yu walked up to the old man, acting like a cute spoiled child who had been wronged, “Grandpa, can I change seats with you? I want to sit next to my husband. He quarreled with me and is ignoring me so I have to smooth things over.”

The old man looked at Xu Chengyan who was silent and immediately gave her an understanding look. He smiled, got up and changed seats with her, also patting Xu Chengyan on the shoulder saying, “Young man, men should be more magnanimous. Don’t be angry with your wife.”

After Zhao Yu sat down with a smug look, Xu Chengyan looked at her coldly. “I said, I am not interested in you.”

“I also said that I am interested in you.” Zhao Yu pointed to Lu Bin on the other side of the aisle, “If you find me annoying, you can change seats with your secretary.”

Xu Chengyan did not move, but continued: “I’m engaged.”

“It’s just an engagement, not a marriage. Besides, I don’t want to steal you from your fiancée.” Zhao Yu approached him and smiled suggestively, “After all, I’m just after your body.”

The secretary on the side heard this and almost choked on his spit. When he looked curiously at Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu even gave him a wink.

He saw a lot of women who took the initiative to hook up with the boss, but she was the first to even try to hit on the secretary to do it.

Afterward, Zhao Yu became very proper, not at all the licentious person she was before.

Watching movies, drinking red wine, enjoying the scenery, closing her eyes, and taking a nap… It seems that she has done everything she can, but she didn’t take the initiative to hook up Xu Chengyan.

On the contrary, Xu Chengyan, who was guarding against her, didn’t even sleep, reading his book carefully until he heard her even breathing. He turned his head and glanced to confirm that she was really asleep.

When Zhao Yu woke up from his dream, the plane had landed.

Xu Chengyan was still reading the book, she glanced at the page he was reading, and suddenly laughed in a low voice.

“TopunishthewickedisGod’sbusiness.Weshouldlearntoforgive.2 Don’t you think it is absurd?”

Hearing her just read the sentence he had just finished reading, Xu Chengyan couldn’t help but look up at her. What he saw was that her face was full of mockery, her eyes not as passionate and lewd as before.

Perhaps it was because he had been influenced by the emotions from the book, but looking at her now, he felt that she had a faintly sad look.

Before he could speak, Zhao Yu leaned over and once again stuffed her business card in his suit pocket. “If you want to throw it away, remember to ask your secretary to help.  My lip prints on it so I’m afraid it will get your hands dirty.”

Xu Chengyan’s gaze involuntarily looked at her lips, which were as tender, beautiful, and inviting as always.

Zhao Yu chuckled softly, slid her hand from his pocket to his chest, and slowly pulled out his tie to his lips, lightly kissing it. “I was wrong, the lip print is here, you better throw this away too.”

Looking at her back leaving, Lu Bin didn’t dare to breathe loudly, trembling in fear, he walked to the front of his boss. He then stretched out his hand and said, “Mr. Xu, I… I’ll help you throw it away.”

Xu Chengyan lowered his head and looked at the obvious red mark on the gray dark-patterned tie, but did not remove the tie, only took out the business card from his pocket.

Before handing it to Lu Bin, he glanced down.

Huacan Group, Zhao Yu.

T/N: I’m sorry for the late update! I’ve been swamped in real life with work. =) But as always, let me know how you like it.

1 卢斌只觉头皮发麻 This was the original Chinese, I am really not sure how to translate it into English. Please help! =)

Edit: Thanks Cindy, I have updated it from “Lu Bin felt his scalp numb” to “Lu Bin felt himself go weak”. <3 

2 The quote was written in English.

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