Clash (Slight H)

After leaving the airport, it didn’t take long for Zhao Yu to see Xu Chengyan again.

This time, it was at the Huacan headquarters.

She had followed Xue Ziang to participate in a joint seminar with Yicheng Technology. As soon as the two got out of the elevator, they met Xu Chengyan and his secretary Yan Bin who came out of another elevator.

In just a few seconds, her expression went through a series of changes.

From surprised, to nervous, to pretending to be calm, then averting her eyes as if nothing happened.

Everything was rehearsed countless times in the mirror to be realistic and natural, without any trace of fakeness.

Xu Chengyan was calm the moment he saw her, even Yan Bin who was beside him didn’t have a large reaction, so Xue Ziang remained unaware of their relationship. He smiled and said hello to Xu Chengyan. “Why did Mr. Xu come here in person today?”

“Of course for important things, you must attend to them yourself.” Xu Chengyan smiled and shook hands with Xue Ziang, his gaze never falling on Zhao Yu from beginning to end.

After entering the conference room, Zhao Yu, who seemed to have been calm, excused herself saying she was unwell, asked Xue Ziang to ask Ye Zi to replace her, and left her alone silently.

“It’s over, I’ve provoked someone out of my league, what should I do?”

“Dammit, I thought he was just some random stranger, at best, we just have a one night stand then never have to deal with each other again. My god, who knew they would be a partner company.”

“Tell me should I resign? If he tells my boss and colleagues, how can I face anyone in the future? My image is completely ruined. Ahhhhhh, so annoying!”

In the unmanned corridor, Zhao Yu’s annoyed and regretful voice echoed clearly.

She tried her best to perform the scene, even though she was not really sure if there would be an audience. If no one was there to witness it, she would just be a ridiculous drama queen – a clown performing alone.

However, her bet paid off.

A deep laugh came from the stairs. She jumped in fright. As soon as she looked up, she saw Xu Chengyan slowly walking down the stairs.

Zhao Yu lost her head in panic but quickly recovered. She squeezed her phone, she looked at him calmly. “Is something the matter Mr. Xu?”

Xu Chengyan slowly walked in front of her and looked at her thoughtfully: “I’m curious, how many faces does Assistant Zhao have?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Mr. Xu.” Zhao Yu feigned coolness, turned, and left.

Xu Chengyan’s voice sounded from behind. “I’m even more curious. If I shared Assistant Zhao’s glorious achievements at the airport, what would your colleagues and bosses think?”

“Are you threatening me?” Zhao Yu scoffed. “They’ll see what they want to, I don’t care.”

“Really? As far as I know, Assistant Zhao cares about her image. I heard there have been a lot of disturbances because of some rumors lately. Unfortunately, many people still naively think the person in front of them is just a pitiful little white rabbit.”

Zhao Yu slowly approached him with a smug expression. “It turns out that Mr. Xu was so interested in me, he actually looked into this too.”

“Since our companies are partners, many things can be uncovered with just a few words.”

“At least this means my business card was not thrown away. How about the tie? Did Mr. Xu throw that away?” Zhao Yu continued to get closer, stretched out his hand to take a look at his tie, and suddenly laughed. “Looks like Mr. Xu is just like me.”

She put the tie to the tip of her nose, sniffed, and looked at him playfully. “Such a bad perfume. Mr. Xu’s fiancé would never use it. I wonder who shared Mr. Xu’s bed last night. I’m not a pure little white rabbit but Mr. Xu isn’t either. Maybe you should be called… a scholarly scoundrel? Or is it… a beast in disguise?”

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m a scoundrel or a beast. In any case, I am not like you, so I don’t need to pretend. Does Xue Ziang know the true face of his assistant? Do you want me to help you tell him?”

“Of course he knows. Not only does he know, he sent me to approach you himself. To tell you the truth, I knew your identity since the day at the airport. I deliberately seduced you in order to destroy your relationship with Miss Zhuang. If the marriage between Yicheng and Lanxi breaks down, Huacan will naturally benefit from it.”

Her words, without any other context, would absolutely be fact.

It’s a pity that when the truth is spoken in this manner, anyone listening wouldn’t believe a word.

Xu Chengyan’s face was full of mockery. “So it turns out that Huacan is so desperate they have to rely on a little assistant. Is that right pretty lady?”

The struggle between the two major jewelry giants Huacan and Lanxi has indeed been around for a long time. Yicheng’s technology controlled by the Xu family is a leader in the domestic high-end packaging industry with long term partnership agreements with both Huacan and Lanxi.

The engagement of Xu Chengyan and Zhuang Yiqing was an interest-based marriage between the two big families, benefitting both Yicheng and Lanxi. As for Huacan, it wasn’t currently impacted by this since all cooperation remained the same.

So Zhao Yu’s words had absolutely no substance.

This is exactly the effect she wanted. It doesn’t matter what method she needed to use to hook up with him. The most important point was to not make him suspicious, and not to let him know that she was after his identity, deliberately approaching him with purpose.

Judging from Xu Chengyan’s reaction, it is obvious that he bought it.

“It’s hard to tell. What if I really succeed?”

The slender fingers grasped the tie and pulled hard, flushing Xu Chengyan against her again, Zhao Yu raised her eyebrows and slowly moved her fingertips along the tie to his chest, rubbing the thin white shirt. Her red lips on closing in onto the corner of his lips, exhaled lightly, “Is Mr. Xu interested in me now?”

Xu Chengyan grabbed her exploring hands and easily pushed her against the wall, the breath on her face smelling a little like cigarettes. “I am very interested in tearing apart other people’s masks.”

Zhao Yu grinned. “I am also very interested in tearing off Xu’s clothes.”

After speaking, she reached out her other hand to pull at his suit but he clasped both wrists.

Glancing at her undulating chest, he asked, “Why are you so thirsty for men? With someone like Xue Ziang by your side, you still have the energy to hook up other men?”

Speaking of this, he smiled sarcastically: “Ah, I almost forgot, Xue Ziang doesn’t eat the grass beside his nest, you must be disappointed.”

“I’m quite disappointed, so I transferred my target to Mr. Xu.” Zhao Yu leaned forward, raising her head to kiss his lips.

Xu Chengyan quickly turned his face to the side. Although she missed his mouth, her faint lip prints were left behind on his face.

Zhao Yu looked innocent. “What should I do, Mr. Xu, there are lipstick marks on your face, how can you continue to attend the meeting? If the news spreads, your fiancée will know about the relationship between the two of us. Wouldn’t she be angry with you?”

Xu Chengyan scoffed. “The two of us? What relationship between the two of us?”

“It’s just that you are pressing me against the wall now, and there is still the fact of the lipstick mark on your face. Also of you peeking at people’s breasts. My wrists are now all red because of you too. How boorish, you are really a beast in disguise.”

“In this situation, it’s more accurate to call me a beast with a crown.” His big palm suddenly covered her breast and squeezed it a few times. Hearing the sound of her gasping, he unceremoniously plunged his hand into her skirt and covered her private area.

Zhao Yu trembled slightly and whispered softly, “Don’t touch it… Mmm…”

Seeing her reacting so much, he used even more force, bringing his middle finger and index finger together to stroke back and forth along the slit, pressing the clitoris with his fingertips, and twisting.

“Ah… don’t… I can’t… Mr. Xu… Xu Chengyan… don’t do it… I’m going to… I’ll come…”

Even separated the stockings and underwear, his fingertips were still quickly soaked. Seeing her face flush with excitement and pleasure, he suddenly stopped and stretched his wet fingers in front of her face. “How is Assistant Zhao so lustful? My hands are all wet.”

Zhao Yu took two deep breaths, calmed down, took out the phone, pressed the “Stop Recording” button in front of him, and looked at him triumphantly. “What does Mr. Xu think? Did I just moan well? Tell me, if this recording came out, how would your fiancée react? Maybe she doesn’t mind your sleeping around, but if everyone knew about it, don’t you think she will be embarrassed?”

“Are you threatening me?”

“Yes, as long as Mr. Xu acts like he never met me, I will make this recording disappear. Mr. Xu can’t even think of stealing my phone. This recording will be uploaded automatically.”

Xu Chengyan smiled and slowly applied the liquid from his fingers to her lips, and wiped it on her clothes a few more times, before reaching out and taking out his own phone, facing her with the unpaused recording interface.

“It’s a good call, but a recording should always have a beginning and an end to be complete. Do you want to test it out to see? After it has been released, who will it impact more? You or me?”

Seeing Zhao Yu’s face changed in an instant, Xu Chengyan stood up straight and tidied up his clothes, glanced at her, and walked up the stairs gracefully.

Of course, Zhao Yu could see the undisguised disdain in his eyes. The more pride a person has, the more they think other people are stupid.

But who fell into whose trap?

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