Are you willing (Xue Ziang H)

If you tell a lie, countless new lies need to be spun to support it.

Zhao Yu wasn’t in fact sick, but since she had already lied to Xue Ziang, she had no choice but to continue to pretend to be unwell.

Xue Ziang asked her to take some leave and rest at home but she insisted on going to work, so for two consecutive days, he firmly dropped her off at home.

It was Friday and Zhao Yu had already shown Xue Ziang that she was completely cured so he didn’t need to send her home again, but he still insisted.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Yu Guang glanced at the man beside her who was focused on driving. She had a vague sense that something was going to happen between them today.

Her dilemma wasn’t whether she was willing or not, but about whether it was the right time considering the character she was playing.

The car pulled into the underground parking lot and as always, he sat in the driver’s seat to watch her enter the elevator.

After taking a few steps forward, Zhao Yu “couldn’t help” but stop, wanting to look back, but just turned her head at a slight angle and continued walking.

When she got to the elevator, she couldn’t help it again. Secretly glancing back and found Xue Ziang’s car still hadn’t left.

As if she had a guilty conscience, she quickly turned her head back and stared straight at the elevator display.

The elevator finally arrived at the second floor and just as she was about to step forward, Xue Ziang’s voice suddenly came from behind: “Can’t bear to leave me?”

Zhao Yu looked back, glanced at him, and lowered her head: “Mr. Xue, you1 haven’t left yet?”

“This “you” is so formal, are we really so estranged? “

Zhao Yu bit his lip and whispered, “I should go up, be careful on the road, Mr. Xue.”

“But, I can’t bear to leave you either, what should I do?” His tone was clearly teasing but it didn’t seem to be a joke.

Zhao Yu raised her head, staring at him blankly, biting her lip without making a sound.

“Why do you always do this?” Xue Ziang stretched out his hand and slowly rubbed her lips, “I’m not afraid of biting.”

His voice was soft and gentle, overall a very intimate tone, with a hint of childishness.

Zhao Yu tightened her hold on her clothes, still just staring at him blankly.

In the next moment, his lips replaced his fingers and covered her lips. Seeing that she didn’t resist, he stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked it gently.

Zhao Yu was tense and didn’t close her eyes, so she kept her wide-eyed gaze on him.

Meeting her gaze, he closed his eyes first and used the tip of his tongue to pry open her mouth, exploring it thoroughly.

The elevator had long closed and ascended up the floors, but the two of them stood in front of the elevator, lips locked. 

With her gradually accommodating attitude, Xue Ziang kissed her more passionately, twisting his tongue around hers, licking and sucking rhythmically.

Zhao Yu’s breathing was a little unstable, her chest trembling slightly and rubbing against his chest. Both her hands held onto his arms tightly and fisted his suit jacket.

Feeling her breathing more and more quickly, Xue Ziang finally let go and looked at her amused. “Can you not breathe?”

Zhao Yu blushed and said, “I forgot.”

He squeezed her face: “What are you nervous about? I won’t eat you again.”

After saying that, he was close to her ear: “But I really do want to eat you today, do you want me to?”

This kind of question is naturally unanswerable, so Zhao Yu bowed her head again.

He put his arms around her shoulders and licked her small earlobes with the tip of his tongue. “If you don’t answer, should I take it as a yes?”

Zhao Yu’s hand on his arm tightened but she still didn’t say anything.

Another elevator opened, and a lovey-dovey couple came out. Xue Ziang wrapped his arms around Zhao Yu’s waist and walked in. When the elevator door closed, his lips fell again.

This time Zhao Yu finally remembered to breathe. The kiss between the two was lingering and hot, igniting the entire enclosed space with the emotions in their bodies, fogging up the air with their needy breaths.

Zhao Yu’s apartment was on the 31st floor with a fingerprint lock installed, so her lips were still captured by Xue Ziang as she unlocked it.

After the door was closed, the room was dark with little light sources since the curtains were not opened.

She had already given in and leaned weakly against Xue Ziang’s arms. His breathing was heavy but he looked clearer in the dim environment.

He pressed her against the door, his stiff crotch rubbing against her, and his clever tongue circled her mouth then moved away from the corner of her lips to cover her hot earlobe.

“I’ll give you another chance, are you willing?”

The low and hoarse voice was extremely sexy, and Zhao Yu was out of breath and couldn’t speak. She was teased so much, her whole body trembled and she couldn’t make a sound.

He no longer hesitated and reached out to pull at her clothes. The suit was easy to take off, the coat fell to the ground after a few clicks, followed by a thin white shirt.

The long fingers gently glided on her skin, untying all the buttons, and revealed the little white underwear inside.

He covered it with a hand and rubbed. Then pushing her underwear up he brushed his hot palm against the already erect nipple and his five fingers gathered on the breast and squeezed it again and again.

“So soft. So smooth.” His lips were still close to her face and his hot breath fell onto her ears, “It feels good.”

Zhao Yu turned to avoid him. “Don’t speak.”

He laughed softly, and his mouth became more and more wanton: “The shape is also very nice. Very beautiful and sexy.”

Zhao Yu raised his hand to hit him, but he grabbed her white palm, brought it to his lips, and kissed. “Your hand is also very beautiful.”

The nipple was squeezed hard by his other hand, and Zhao Yu moaned lowly. He became more forceful, rubbing the hard little nub with both hands. “Call out, it sounds good.”

Zhao Yu naturally refused. He smiled and buried his head in front of her chest, holding the breast and licking a little bit, moving his long fingers to her waist, untied the skirt, took off the stockings and panties, going straight to the slit.

“Already so wet? Are you feeling it?”

“Don’t speak…”

Zhao Yu trembled and clamped onto his fingers, but couldn’t stop him from caressing back and forth. In the dimly lit room, apart from the heavy breathing of the two, there was only the indecent sound of water from the center of her legs.

“You’re so wet but you won’t let me speak?” He was a master flirt. Even though his crotch had swollen to such a state, he wasn’t in a rush. “Last time there was so much water. You really didn’t feel it?”

Zhao Yu had to masturbate using a vibrator to orgasm twice, but of course she couldn’t admit it. “No…”

“Liar.” His fingertips pressed hard on the erect clitoris, and Zhao Yu immediately gasped.

“I was so hard and you still had the heart to run away. I could only use your underwear and stockings to solve it.” The index finger and middle finger squeezed into the narrow slit together, listening to her moans, he sped up the fingers that were thrusting in and out of her. “Then… I released so much.”

“Slow down…” Zhao Yu trembled, “I didn’t mean it, I… I didn’t realize…”

“Now do you realize it?” The fingertips circled in the slippery cave and found the most sensitive spot. When he pushed hard, she screamed and fell completely limp in his arms.

“I… don’t know… I… ah… don’t touch there…”

He grabbed her twisted waist and smirked, “Don’t touch it? Your G-spot?”

“Don’t… Xue… Mr. Xue…”

“Call me by name.”

“Xue Ziang…Xue…ah…” As soon as she called out his name, she let go and came from his hands.

“You’re still so sensitive.” He took his finger out and shook it before her eyes.

Even if the light is dim, she can vaguely see the water glowing on his fingertips.

He looked straight into her eyes, put his fingers to his mouth and licked with the tip of his tongue. “Sweet.”

Zhao Yu had to admit that this man was really arousing. With just one action, a surge of liquid had gushed out of her legs.

Xue Ziang guided her hand to his crotch, “Help me untie it.”

Zhao Yu’s hands were trembling but she obediently released the thick and long hard object from the tight fabric.

He held her hand and put it directly on his crotch. “Touch it. It wants you.”

Obviously it was only a little bit hotter than the palm of her hand but Zhao Yu felt like it was burning. When she held it in her hand, the member twitched and seemed to grow even more.

She stroked the sensitive tip, causing Xue Ziang to moan. He then lifted one of her legs, holding her buttocks, he straightened up and thrust deep into the wet hole in one smooth motion.

This time, it was ruthlessly submerged.


T/N: Oh my goodness. It’s been a while. >< Sorry about that. Heh heh heh. I also had to keep Xue Ziang waiting.

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