Overnight (Xue Ziang H)

The sky gradually dimmed and with the lights switched off in the room, only two vigorously coupling figures could vaguely be seen in the dark.

Zhao Yu leaned against the wall, her body arched forward, her lower abdomen already aching and swollen, her legs trembling every so often. After the last wave of climax hit her, she felt a small part of her soul leave her.

His was too rough and hard. Every thrust seemed to split her entire lower belly apart. The delicate wall was rubbed so raw that it felt limp and numb. Having been stretched open so fully, she trembled all over.

Choked moans spilled out from her lips, but the sounds were so soft, it was obvious she was deliberately suppressing it.

Xue Ziang’s big palm rubbed her hips vigorously, and said huskily, “Don’t hold back, let it out.”

“Ahh…” Zhao Yu couldn’t help groaning, but she stopped herself quickly and continued to bite her lips, clinging onto his shoulders with both hands, she rested her head in his arms.

“So shy?” He smiled, reached out to the wall and fumbled around for the light to turn it on.

Once the long-lost light pierced Zhao Yu’s pupils, she buried herself deeper in his arms. “Don’t…don’t turn on the lights…”

After being so sated, her voice had a strong charm to it. Coupled with now she was hanging onto him like a koala, she had never been cuter.

Xue Ziang smiled and kissed her earlobe. He helped her stand up straight only to look at her bare body impudently. “I saw it all last time, what’s there to be shy about?”

Zhao Yu flushed. “Last time you…you were drunk…”

“Did you really think I was drunk?” Holding her waist he earnestly thrust deep into her cave until she screamed. He then slowed down a little bit, “If I was so drunk to the point that I couldn’t see, how could I be hard? How could I want to f*ck you?”

“Don’t say that word.”

“Which word?” He smirked, “F*ck you? Am I not fucking you now?”

Zhao Yu softly hit him in the chest and continued to retract into his arms.

The small vagina had swelled up so much causing the obscene liquid kept pouring, dripping all over her legs. The room echoed with the obscene sound of flesh on flesh.

The friction caused by her two swaying breasts heated up her chest, Xue Ziang pulled her up and buried his head in them. Licking and nibbling on her plump breasts, he left behind patches of crystal water trails.

As her nipples were sucked hard in his mouth, Zhao Yu lifted her head and gasped, the more intense pleasure made her unable to be shy, and all the moans she was trying to suppress poured out of her throat.

“Light… lightly… the other side… the other side is also itchy…”

“Where does it itch?” He hurriedly grabbed the nipple and pulled it out, pushing his waist and abdomen into the depths of the flower core.

Zhao Yu leaned weakly against the wall, her lower body twitching for a while, she was tongue tied for a long time before she cried and said, “The nipple… the nipple is itchy, suck it…”

He smiled with satisfaction. When he was finally willing to move to the other breast to pleasure her, his long fingers also slowly slid along her lower abdomen to the slit, covering the erect nub and rubbed it. “Is it itchy here?”

“Ah…” Zhao Yu moaned loudly. “Don’t do that…Don’t…Woo…”

Seeing that she was about to orgasm, Xue Ziang’s movements got faster and faster. Every time he thrust back in, he made sure to hit her most sensitive area, diving straight to the bottom of the tunnel, stroking the fragile G-spot inside.

Zhao Yu was pressed tight against the wall, her body was slammed back and forth with his movements, her two plump breasts incessantly swaying, with one held in his mouth, the other was shaking on his face, looking like a scene straight out of an X-Rated video.

Feeling her walls clench faster and faster, Xue Ziang knew that she was about to come again and finally lifted his head from her chest. The hand in between her legs however, did not stop its stroking. Instead, he stroked her clitoris even more, pulling and twisting it hard, giving her exactly what she wanted. Then she cried out, screaming in pleasure and spraying so much water he couldn’t stop it at all.

The tight flesh wall wringed his scalp numb for a while, and just as he was about to release it, he heard her hoarse voice. “Don’t shoot…Don’t shoot inside…”

Unexpectedly, even overwhelmed by the orgasm she could still form this thought. Xue Ziang paused, and eased up a bit. Then he pumped quickly a few times and pulled out the penis aiming at the center of her wet legs, he shot out his load.

Just now, they were in too much of a rush to put on a condom and some semen must have gone in the process. Seeing she was still trembling, he said in a serious tone, “I’ll buy you medicine in a moment. Next time I will wear a condom.”

Zhao Yu let out an “um”, and was unable to say anything else.

Xue Ziang held her tight in his arms, placing heavy kisses on her lips and face and squeezed her hands on his chest. After his craving had been satisfied, he found the bathroom and took her in to clean up.

When he got off work, he had asked her to eat out together but she told him she wasn’t hungry and wanted to go home early so he also hadn’t had anything to eat. In light of the strenuous exercise, both of them were left a little hungry. He ordered a meal and had it delivered to her apartment.

Having accomplished his mission, the naked man in the bathroom was aroused by lust again. He pushed her against the wall, parting her butt and entered from behind, fiercely ramming in her under the shower, until the doorbell rang with the delivery.

Only then did he take a closer look at where she lived. It was a small studio apartment. All the furnishings and decoration seemed to be provided by the developer. It looked clean and simple, with average visual effects. The furniture was all in a Nordic style; cheap, warm and comfortable.

When she was being investigated, she said that the money for her car and house was left to her before her mother died. On the cabinet was a picture frame that showcased two women, the middle-aged woman was possibly her mother.

Judging from the appearance, she and her mother were somewhat similar, but the young girl in the photo did not bear a resemblance to either mother or daughter.

“You have a sister?”

Zhao Yu shook his head: “She is a good friend of mine. We met when we were five. My mother was her godmother, and her mother is also my godmother, but she has also passed away.”

Xue Ziang was startled slightly and stepped forward to hug her. “Let’s eat, the food is cold.”

That night, Xue Ziang stayed with her. Before going to bed, he pressed her and they did it again. Since he bought her the morning after pill, he shot everything inside her before she could even say anything.

He hugged her, panting after theorgasm and he whispered, “Tomorrow, come with me to a ball.”

“Is it appropriate for me to go?”

“Why wouldn’t it be appropriate? I just need a female partner.”

“Then… what kind of ball is it? Who is going to attend?”

“It’s the birthday party organized by Chairman Kuang Shiji for his newlywed wife. It’s not very important. I need to show my face on behalf of the Xue family. Don’t worry, you’ll have me the  whole time.”

Isn’t Kuang Shiji the Shanglu family company?

Upon her return to China, she hadn’t paid much attention to Shanglu’s movements. Unexpectedly, even before his marriage had been set, he got another step mom.

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