“I also appreciate Mr. Xu’s self-confidence, no, the word I’m looking for is… arrogance.”

Seeing her unshakable confidence in her eyes when she put out the provocation, and the red lips that had come so close, Xu Chengyan stretched out his hand to pinch her chin, slowly sliding his thumb along the lower lip, and moved his head closer, as if he was about to kiss her.

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“Your boss’s clothes are with me, tell me, do you think I slept with him?” Zhao Yu rested her head in her hands, looking at him with a smile, “But no, your boss is too difficult to catch. I decided to give up. Starting today, I will chase you instead.”

Lu Bin had just lifted the teacup up to his mouth but after hearing her last sentence, he almost sprayed the contents on her face.

Ignoring his shocked and horrified expression, Zhao Yu continued to stare at him. “I’m not kidding, from now on, I want to chase you.”

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Zhao Yu was not annoyed. She just leaned against the wall and took a mouthful of cigarettes with a smile, and looked up at Xu Chengyan. “I thought that Mr. Xu would only come and go in high-end clubs. I didn’t expect to belittle yourself and come to such a small place. The feeling of being surrounded by ordinary people like us, it’s probably a little uncomfortable, right?”

Xu Chengyan stepped aside to avoid the smoke she blew out. “If I hadn’t come to this small place, I wouldn’t have the chance to see Miss Zhao’s other face.”

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“Can’t you read? How can you make mistakes even when it is so straightforward?”

Zhao Yu looked down and saw that there was a column of data circled in red in the densely packed table.

“This is not wrong, I have checked the original data, it’s just like this.”

“If it’s not wrong why would Wang Qi explode like that? You obviously put in the wrong data and set me up to get scolded. Did you do it on purpose?”

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