First Meetings (Xue Ziang H)

When Zhao Yu walked into Xue Ziang’s office, her legs were still trembling and her posture wasn’t as proper as always.

Xue Ziang saw it and smiled triumphantly: “You can’t bear even this much?”

“You’re in no position to talk.” Zhao Yu glared at him. “Who was the one that got all heated up so early in the morning? I suffered so much I almost couldn’t come in for work…”

The last two words suddenly made her stop and put away her teasing. She turned serious before handing him the file in her hand with a professional smile. “Mr. Xue, please have a look.”

The smile on Xue Ziang’s face stiffened as he stared at her.

Zhao Yu looked down and said nothing. Even her body language demonstrated she was well aware of her status: assistant.

Xue Ziang didn’t mind the document and just continued to sit in the office chair, watching her. “What do you think our relationship is?”

Zhao Yu smiled. “It’s as Mr. Xue said at the ball that day, I’m your female companion.”

“Will a dance partner climb into bed with me?”

“Maybe.” Zhao Yu still smiled, “Mr. Xue, take a look first. Call me if you have any questions.”

Exiting the office and returning to her desk, Zhao Yu looked full of melancholy, propping her head on her hands and stared blankly at the green plants on her table.

Of course, she wasn’t actually melancholic, but the character she was playing now.

The woman who was torn because she can’t help being attracted to her boss and slept with him, but because of her low self-esteem, she doesn’t dare to claim any status, and to top it off, she was prideful and didn’t want to show her inner emotions.

When Xue Ziang came out of the office, it was that dazed look he saw.

He watched her for a long time but she remained in a trance, not even noticing him as he walked up to her.

He put the file in hand on her desk, giving her a scare. She lifted her eyes to look at who it was then quickly started working.

Xue Ziang said solemnly, “Come to my office.”

Zhao Yu got up, followed him in obediently. As soon as the door closed, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her unscrupulously.

Zhao Yu pushed back a few times, before finally giving in, the hands pushing his chest moved to wrap around his neck and allowing her tongue to entangle his.

The kiss left her panting when he finally let go and with his forehead on hers, he looked at her closely. “Do you want it?”

The role Zhao Yu was playing should want it, and Zhao Yu herself wanted it too. She was too familiar with her body and desires.

She looked at him blankly, biting her lip.

Xue Ziang began to tug at her clothes vigorously, the actions rough and fast. He stripped her naked in a few movements, holding the two full breasts unceremoniously in his big palms, and kneading them hard.

Traces of their previous lovemaking could be seen from last night and this morning. Even her nipples were still swollen, but he seemed not to notice it, pulling at the two small pieces of meat and twisting.

Awash with pleasure and pain, Zhao Yu wanted to scream out, but her role couldn’t be so wanton, so she could only bite her lips tightly, her eyes filled with tears, suppressing all the sounds.

Seeing her aggrieved appearance, Xue Ziang’s pupils shrunk slightly, and he suddenly turned her over, facing her against the wall, no longer looking at her expression, only put his right hand between her butt, groping forward.

When his hand reached her cave entrance, it was instantly sticky. She was already soaked with wetness.

His middle finger stroked back and forth between the crevice, causing Zhao Yu to tremble all over, subconsciously lifting her hips and twisting her body to cater to him.

With the palms dripping wet with honey, Xue Ziang moved his hand from her slit to directly play with the erect clitoris in front, pressing and rubbing in circles.

It was the most sensitive part of Zhao Yu’s body so she couldn’t help but moan softly.

Xue Ziang pressed flush against her naked back and wrapped his left hand around her front to grab a tender breast and rub it. Then he whispered in her ear, “Want to do it?”

“Yes…” She cried.

“Beg me.” Two fingers pinched the clitoris firmly.

“Please.” She could barely standstill.

“No, you know what I want to hear.” He squeezed the nipple again.

Zhao Yu’s voice trembled. “Please… please f*ck me… f*ck me with that dick, Xue Ziang…”

He smiled with satisfaction. Stretching out his hand to unzip the zipper, he took out the already hard penis, inserted it between her legs, and squeezed into her flower.

Already on the verge of a climax, his sudden movement pushed Zhao Yu over the edge, causing her to shuddered and squirt out as she came.

The tightening flesh wall stole Xue Ziang’s breath. He took a breath, and holding her waist tight, spanked her butt. “Relax, don’t be so tight.”

She just orgasmed, how could she not be tight?

Zhao Yu continued to tremble while holding on to the wall, and her small hole couldn’t help but squeeze his desire. After blocking him for a long time, she gradually relaxed and let him break open the folds and push in.

Feeling this, he lifted her waist and started f*cking her relentlessly, and after a few minutes heard her inarticulately voice out. “You didn’t… wear a condom…”

Xue Ziang stopped the thrusting motion, glanced at the bookshelf, simply lifted both her legs up, and hugged her to support her weight. Then still connected to her lower body, he walked over like a child urinating and stood in front of one of the drawers.

“Baby, grab the condom.”

It was the first time he called her this, Zhao Yu naturally froze for a moment to express her shock. Then with trembling hands, she opened the drawer and took out the unopened condom.

Throughout the process, he pounded into her repeatedly, making her juice overflow and tremble all over. Tearing the packaging was also very laborious that when she finally pulled one open and handed it to him, he asked her to hold it first, and smirked. “Shall we walk a few more times?”

Zhao Yu knew that he laughed because when he walked around holding her like that, she was even more sensitive.

Zhao Yu was trying to answer the question, but the door of the office was suddenly pushed open, and a black shadow appeared in the eyes of the two people unexpectedly.

For a few seconds, the entire office was silent, as if time had suddenly stopped passing.

When it finally sunk in, Zhao Yu screamed and Xue Ziang cursed, turning his back to the door to block her naked with his body.

The man at the door didn’t say anything, he turned around quickly and closed the door.

Zhao Yu saw clearly that it was Xue Zhan.

She knew that Xue Zhan would return to the headquarters in the next few days, but she didn’t expect it to be like this when she met the man for the first time.

He not only saw her naked, he even saw Xue Ziang’s thing still inserted in her cave where water was flowing outside.

Of course, she wasn’t shy or embarrassed.

In fact, if seeing this scene made Xue Zhan hard, it would mean the man was interested in her body, which was actually a plus for her.

But she also knew that it was impossible.

Perhaps as a normal man, after seeing such a stimulating scene, they would have a physiological reaction, but it would at the most end at that.

After all, this was Xue Zhan.

Xue Zhan, who had lived thirty-three years, seen all kinds of women, and devoted himself to his career to achieve his current status, would not be so superficial.

Of course, with Zhao Yu’s personality at the moment, she definitely cared.

Upon being walked in on by a third party while naked and having sex with a man, any normal woman would be extremely upset.

So she started sobbing with a “waa”, heartbroken and inconsolable.

Xue Ziang panicked, no matter how erect his penis was, he quickly pulled out of her body, carried her to the sofa, and sat her down. Then he took a blanket to cover her naked body and wiped her tears with a tissue.

It took Zhao Yu a long time before she looked at him dejectedly. “Who is he? Why did he come in without knocking on the door?”

Xue Ziang rubbed his hair in annoyance. “My uncle, the general manager of Huaqi, also your…top boss. He usually doesn’t knock on the door in my office. I don’t do such things in the office.”

Zhao Yu stared at him while crying. “Then why did you do it today?”

Xue Ziang was silent.

Zhao Yu cried quietly for a while and asked, “You and Ye Zi, don’t you do it in the office?”

In fact, she had asked his former assistant when handing over the job. The former assistant told her that the relationship between Xue Ziang and Ye Zi was not as good as what the people on the outside though, in any case, they were not in a relationship.

Sure enough, Xue Ziang looked up at her. “I haven’t touched her.”

A smile appeared in Zhao Yu’s eyes, “Really? But they all said…”

“I don’t touch people in the company, it’s annoying to mix business and private affairs.”

“But you’re still with me…”

“You are the exception.”

After he said this sentence, he saw Zhao Yu’s whole person was stunned.

Her countenance went from surprised to shy, then slowly turned into the previously confused and melancholy look.

She forced a smile, turning her head away from him, and whispered softly, “Excuse me… can you help me get my clothes.”

Xue Ziang heard it loud and clear, it was the formal “you”, not the normal “you”, and just this small difference, opened up a world of distance.

His lips moved but no sound came out as he hesitated to say anything. Finally, he silently walked to the door, picked up the scattered clothes, and handed them to her.

Zhao Yu put the clothes on quickly, looking away from him. “I want… to take two days off, and rest at home.”


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