Work Injury

Seeing Xue Zhan had sit down on Xue Ziang’s office chair, Zhao Yu put the file in his hand in front of him.

“This is the copy that Secretary Ye sent you just now. Maybe Secretary Wang didn’t read it clearly and made a mistake. The original data is in the system, please wait a minute, I’ll find it for you.”

She kept her head down, not daring to look at Xue Zhan, and felt that Xue Zhan also didn’t look her way either.

After finding the data for him, she hesitated for two seconds before asking again: “Director Xue, would you like tea or coffee?”

“No, don’t let anyone disturb me.”

Zhao Yu quietly exited the office and saw a young woman dressed fully in branded clothing come in. Only then did she understand why Xue Zhan had to come down and ask about this in person.

After coming to the headquarters, she heard a lot of gossip, saying that Xue Zhan had never married and rarely had girlfriends in recent years.

It seems that today, a blind date had come in and since he couldn’t drive her away directly, he used the report as an excuse and came to Xue Ziang to take refuge.

The well-dressed woman seemed to be about the same age as Zhao Yu, but she had outstanding temperament and graceful posture. At one glance, it was obvious she was not an ordinary person.

She smiled and asked Ye Zi, who was still flustered, “Is Xue Zhan, Vice Chairman Xue here?”

Ye Zi also realized that this was no ordinary person, and did not dare to offend. So she nodded and pointed to the office.

Zhao Yu hurried up with a smile: “Are you looking for Director Xue? It just so happened that there was a problem with a report. He is not in a good mood and even threw a cup just now. We dare not soothe him. Since you are familiar with him, it would be better for you to calm him down. Such intense anger hurts the body. If his chi is bad, the body cannot be well either.”

The woman glanced at the mess that hadn’t been cleaned up on the ground, hesitated for a moment, but did not dare to step forward.

With this lie, Zhao Yu could have prevented both sides from offending each other but who knew that the idiot Ye Zi didn’t understand her intention. She thought that Zhao Yu was trying to get close to this woman and suddenly laughed, saying sarcastically. “It seems that Assistant Zhao’s eyes are not good. I accidentally broke this cup. Why would you dare to let Director Xue take the blame?”

When the polite and elegant woman heard this, her smile disappeared instantly and she gave Zhao Yu a fierce look.

Zhao Yu glanced at Ye Zi helplessly, cursed at her with her eyes: pig teammate.

Ye Zi thought that she could successfully kill someone with a knife, and continued to add fuel and vinegar. “Assistant Zhao, you should check it a little bit. Isn’t it enough to seduce President Xue every day? You can’t get involved with someone of Director Xue’s status.”

“So it turned out to be like this.” The woman looked at Zhao Yu up and down, snorted contemptuously, and asked the same question as Ye Zi just now, “Are you so worthy?”

The pig teammate meets the pig opponent, what else can she say? Zhao Yu still smiled calmly. “Director Xue has something urgent to deal with and doesn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Is it he that doesn’t want it, or you? I was in his office just now, why didn’t I hear him say he didn’t like it?” The woman’s eyes were already angry, “A little assistant dare to lie to me, not looking at your own status, put away your colorful intestines!”

In the last sentence, she had a serious tone. As she finished speaking, she pushed her right hand forward with all her might. Zhao Yu’s center of gravity was unstable, causing her to take two steps back. Her high heel landed on a fragment of the coffee cup, making her whole body shook again.

Knowing that there were ceramic shards on the ground, she was afraid of being scratched if she fell on them, so she subconsciously stretched out her hands to the side, trying to grasp the table beside her and stand firm.

But after thinking about it, she stopped her struggle, letting herself stagger and fall. Simultaneously, she squeezed her right hand against the pile of debris on the ground, a piercing pain instantly spread forth from her palm.

Listening to Zhao Yu’s stifled groan, both the woman and Ye Zi were stunned. Then they watched as bright red blood flowed out of her palm.

A moment later, the door of the office opened. As Xue Zhan walked out of the office, this was the scene that greeted him.

—— Zhao Yu didn’t lock the office door when she exited. With the office door not fully closed, the activity outside could not escape his ears.

“Director Xue…”

“Xue Zhan.” Compared to Ye Zi’s nervousness, the woman was more relaxed, “Sorry, I pushed your employee in anger. I’ll give her some money.”

She speaks calmly, more casually than if she said “I broke your toy”.

That’s right, in the eyes of these wealthy people, ordinary people’s lives are not even lives, let alone the trivial matter of being injured by a push?

Zhao Yu looked up at her, pulled up the corners of her mouth and smiled. Then minding her own business, she got up from the ground, walked to her desk and took a tissue to cover the wound. Afterwards, she silently walked to the elevator.

There was a pharmacy next to the company building. There, she sterilized and wrapped her wounds. By the time she returned to the office, the woman was gone. The debris and blood stains on the ground had also been cleaned up.

Before long, a young woman came out of the elevator. It was Xue Zhan’s secretary Wang Qi.

Wang Qi looked at Zhao Yu’s palm wrapped in gauze, and asked, “Are you okay?”

Zhao Yu also looked down and moved her injured hand in front of her. “Very good, not disabled.”

Wang Qi smiled. “This world, really. F*cking A. If a woman accomplishes even a little bit of success in the workplace, everyone starts to gossip and spread rumors. In the eyes of some rich people, we poor people are just f*cking cheap lives.”

Zhao Yu understood what Wang Qi was talking about.

Since all the lies and rumors she experienced were started herself, Wang Qi must feel exponentially more wronged.

Therefore, Wang Qi empathized with what happened to her now, and in the company, Wang Qi has always been a little sympathetic towards her.

It is a pity that she was not qualified to be as calm as Wang Qi, nor can she afford to be so understanding.

Realizing that she had said a little too much, Wang Qi laughed in a low voice and said, “Ye Zi was fired by Director Xue, so don’t be angry anymore alright?”

Zhao Yu smiled, not surprised. “It’s okay, anyway, I knew that someone like her couldn’t work in any company for a long time.”

“Right? Both stupid and poisonous.” Wang Qi shrugged, “Director Xue asked me to tell you that this is a work-related injury, and the company will take responsibility. You can take a few days off to recover.”

Zhao Yu didn’t argue and said to Wang Qi: “Thank Sister Wang, I will get off work immediately and go home to steal a few days lazily. It seems that this is a blessing in disguise.”

“Only you are blessed? If someone actually pushes you against the corner of the table or stabs you with a knife, you will not be blessed even if you have a holiday.”

Speaking of this, she leaned close to Zhao Yu, raised her eyebrows at her, and whispered, “After that woman followed Director Xue up, she ran out of his office crying, I guess Director Xue doesn’t even want to pretend to give her some face anymore, this also was to help you relieve your anger.”

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