Victories and defeats

Zhao Yu saw the sarcasm in Xu Chengyan’s eyes, that ridiculed her for thinking she was so “unforgettable”.

Of course she knew that Xu Chengyan could not take the initiative to understand her situation, but she also knew that at Hua Can, she was barely a “VIP” with her name often coming up in the gossip chats after dinner.

Especially on the day Xu Chengyan went to Huacan to talk about cooperation, she deliberately brushed up her sense of presence in the company group and posted on social media a particularly antagonizing post.

She and Xue Ziang were both not in the company because Xue Zhan had deviously blown up the extent of her injuries and gave her time off to recover. There was already a high probability that people were going to gossip about this, but the manager who just happened to be in contact with Yicheng was a little more of a blabbermouth. Anyway, it was just a matter of time before her “honorable deeds” would be common knowledge.

This was actually an accident that couldn’t be controlled, but it was obvious that Zhao Yu succeeded in making use of the gossip channels in the company.

Regardless of whether people sympathized or gloated when others talked about her, at least in the matter of her injury, she was without a doubt a pitiable victim who had almost disabled her hand and needed to rest at home for a month.

But in a blink of the eye, Xu Chengyan saw her at a bar trying to hook up a man. This was indeed her “true face” he had seen previously. From his perspective, it was indeed a bit ridiculous.

Zhao Yu was not annoyed. She just leaned against the wall and took a mouthful of cigarettes with a smile, and looked up at Xu Chengyan. “I thought that Mr. Xu would only come and go in high-end clubs. I didn’t expect to belittle yourself and come to such a small place. The feeling of being surrounded by ordinary people like us, it’s probably a little uncomfortable, right?”

Xu Chengyan stepped aside to avoid the smoke she blew out. “If I hadn’t come to this small place, I wouldn’t have the chance to see Miss Zhao’s other face.”

He said the last few words meaningfully, and the corners of his mouth rose further. “When Miss Zhao hit on the man just now, why not force her business card onto him?”

Zhao Yu knew very well that this man was mocking her again.

From his point of view, she came onto a man in a bar tonight, looking only for one-night stand objects, without revealing her identity, she could open a room when she saw someone she liked and sleep together. There was no need to know each other.

As for last time at the airport, she gave him a business card, because not only did he have the looks and figure fitting for a friend with benefit, but also his clothes and the secretary around him all implied he was special, so she greeted him with her true identity.

——She had other thoughts, hoping that while casting the net to find high-brow friends with benefits, she could also solve the problem of getting a financial backer for life. Maybe she could really take this opportunity to fly to the top of the ladder.

It is a pity she found out that he was actually the CEO of a partner company and got scared away because she couldn’t risk losing such a good job. She had to use a mask to disguise herself in front of others to hide the nature of vain.

People like her can neither quietly stay in her own lane and like a good girl, but also didn’t have the courage to completely abandon the social moral code. Nor did she have the courage to ignore the eyes of others, so they lived hypocritical lives very carefully.

And Xu Chengyan, proud son of the heavens, born with a golden spoon in his mouth, was most disdainful of this kind of woman. He sat on his high horse and watched as they jumped up and down like clowns in front of him.

He didn’t spread the story of how Zhao Yu had hit on him at the airport last time, because Zhao Yu, a woman not even of his social standing, was not worth wasting his energy on to unmask. His identity didn’t allow him to do such cheap things.

Most likely he was not acting out of contempt but it was because he forgot, not even giving it a second thought.

Even during the day he visited the Huacan headquarters, he had made an exception and took the initiative to follow Zhao Yu to the corridor. He wasted too much time ridiculing her and even touched her.

Tonight, he also took the initiative to talk to her, even though his eyes were still full of mockery and disdain.

So, who was more hypocritical? Who will win?

The last small piece of cigarette was exhausted, Zhao Yu snuffed it out and threw it into the trash can. “Don’t tell me Mr. Xu still wants to tear apart my mask and let my colleagues and boss see my true face? If so, just say it. Anyway, my days in Huacan are just like that, the worse case, I’ll resign.”

A woman who is light and fearless on the surface, but in fact only had some flustered big talk. This was the role she was playing at the moment.

She didn’t worry that the man in front of her could see through her acting skills.

Because he is too proud and too confident, confident that others have nowhere to hide in front of him.

Whether it’s the greed in Zhao Yu’s eyes when she hit on him at the airport, or the panic on her face when she met him at Huacan’s headquarters, or the shock she showed through the mirror when he appeared behind her, or the brave face she was putting up in front of him right now.

He was confident that everything he saw was the truth, so he did not suspect that Zhao Yu was deliberately trying to approach him at the airport, nor did he suspect that Zhao Yu appeared in this bar tonight because of him.

Such a man was really arrogant and despicable, but he inexplicably arouses her desire to conquer him.

No wonder Zhuang Yiqing, who was equally insufferable and arrogant, would choose this man as her life partner.

Zhao Yu smiled, stretched out her hand, and pushed Xu Chengyan away, passing by him without a word.

She met the man she had just hit on. The man was still very interested in her and waited for her to check into a room together, but she pushed the tool away decisively.

After all, Xu Chengyan got a glimpse of the true face of the hidden persona again and was ridiculed by him so soundly. Her current character would be in no mood to have a one-night stand.

Seeing her change face so quickly, the man was naturally unwilling to let up and continued to pester her.

Zhao Yu upset, cursed a few times, and pushed the man hard. The man was also annoyed. He grabbed her wrist and said some nasty words. Each sentence more unpleasant than the next, which made everyone around him throw sidelong glances in their direction.

Everyone knew the purpose of the lone man and woman who came to the bar at this point, especially when Zhao Yu had dressed up like this. At first glance it seemed like they were acting for excitement, so even if the two were arguing fiercely, passersby would only watch the excitement, not step forward to help.

There was a stalemate for a long time, but none of the bartenders came to the second floor. Zhao Yu’s constant ridiculing caused the man to fly into an even bigger rage, and he raised his right hand to hit her.

But another powerful arm stopped him.

Xu Chengyan still had a gentle appearance, his complexion calm and void of emotions, but when he stood in the crowd, he had a strong aura that cannot be ignored. People subconsciously felt as though his status was not simple and shouldn’t easily provoke him.

“Laying hands on a woman is not chivalrous.”

This is what he said to the man, and after hesitating, the man actually lowered his arm, glanced at Zhao Yu angrily, and left with a cold snort.

Zhao Yu looked at Xu Chengyan “surprisedly”, and laughed at himself. “I thought that Xu would stand by and watch the show. For women like us, this kind of thing is deserved.”

After several quarrels and pulling, her dress was torn on one side, exposing a large portion of her shoulders and a bit of her chest. Xu Chengyan glanced at it, took off his coat and handed it to her.

Zhao Yu did not stand on ceremony. After putting on the clothes, she said “Thanks a lot”, then she paused and added: “I guess Mr. Xu won’t want the clothes worn by people like me. I will pay you at a discounted rate. Okay?”

“No, I don’t need this one.” Xu Chengyan glanced at the man who was going to beat her before, and seeing that the man was still not far away looking here, he said, “Let’s go and I’ll send you out.”

Zhao Yu walked behind him to the door of the bar, looked at his tall back, and smiled silently in her heart.

Even if the man is aloof and dismissive of her, his identity and his upbringing still did not allow him to watch a woman being bullied.

In this game tonight, the outcome was too obvious.

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