Since Ji Sui was with her, Zhao Yu deliberately brought up the topic of the gift.

“I saw a nice coat just now. I thought it suited you well. I bought it on impulse, but it’s only about 3,000 from an ordinary brand made in China. Would you normally wear such cheap clothes? Should I return it?”

Her tone was full of hesitance, probing, humble and cautious, both for Ji Sui and Xue Ziang to listen to.

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Regardless of gender, she always felt that a large part of the pleasure that came from oral sex was psychological, not physical pleasure. The sense of accomplishment that came from seeing someone willing to surrender themselves to you and do anything to please you was exhilarating.

Especially if the man who was patiently serving her at the moment was a proud man like Xue Ziang.

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He hadn’t messaged or called her all day. She didn’t take the initiative to contact him either.

But when Xue Ziang opened the door of her apartment and walked in, he smelled the fragrance of a freshly cooked feast permeating the house.

Looking at the sumptuous dishes on the table, he couldn’t help but smile and the fatigue on his face faded away.

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Feeling the cold breeze, she was chilled inside and out. Her limbs got even weaker. She could only drag her jellied legs, step by step towards the sofa and sat down slowly.

Zhao Yu had thought that after three years, she would definitely be able to stay calm when seeing someone she hated, but unfortunately, she overestimated herself.

Her hatred, her pain, her regret, at this moment, all rushed forth violently, mercilessly overwhelming all her senses, making her almost collapsed to the ground.

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“Is this the extent of your ability? If a man lasts too long, it can only mean that the woman is not attractive enough.”

“Well I was wet before but now I’m dry so does that also mean that Mr. Xu’s charm isn’t enough?”

She raised one leg on the sofa, lifted her skirt to fully expose herself in front of his face, reached in, and masturbated shamelessly before him.

“In the end, I have to get my hands wet and solve it myself. Mr. Xu’s dick… is so useless.”

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Zhao Yu licked her lips seductively, still looking at him straight in his eyes, wrapped his hard p*nis between her breasts and pumped them back and forth.

The soft and smooth touch brought so much relief that Xu Chengyan sighed in a low breath. Looking at her delicate red lips, he suddenly stuffed his index finger in, hooked her tongue and moved it around in her mouth, mimicking a blow job.

“Knock, knock knock!” Accompanied by a rhythmic knock on the door, a clear voice came in, “Ready yet?”

It was Zhuang Yiqing.

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On Sunday morning, Zhao Yu received Xu Chengyan’s latest moves from Lu Bin: he was going to accompany Zhuang Yiqing to pick out a wedding dress.

What was more interesting was that Lu Bin told Zhao Yu the boss’s private itinerary, which must have been approved by Xu Chengyan.

What was he trying to say with this? Give up? Tell Zhao Yu, “you are just a loose woman who can’t get a seat at the table”, and “I have a fiance worthy of my status”?

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