Isn’t it fun? (Xu Chengyan Slight H)

The fitting room was so quiet that the sound of their breathing could be heard loud and clear. Not to mention that at this moment, Xu Chengyan was already breathing heavier from the disturbance in his pants.

Zhao Yu’s right hand was holding the growing bulge between his crotch through his pants, and rubbed the area of interest gently.

Her plump breasts were still rubbing against his sturdy chest, and the already low neckline slid down again and again, barely containing the two balls of plump, soft flesh.

She didn’t wear any underwear, only two pieces of ultra-thin lacy nipple stickers were attached to cover the little bumps, but now, the small piece of lace cloth exposed on her left breast was mostly covered by Xu Chengyan’s fingertips.

——It was Zhao Yu who pulled his hand over. While he didn’t take the initiative to touch her, he didn’t resist her initiative either.

Feeling the thing in his hand getting harder and harder, Zhao Yu raised her lips triumphantly. “All choked up inside, is it uncomfortable? Want me to take it out for you?”

Xu Chengyan didn’t answer, using his thumb and index finger, he pinched the edge of the lace fabric and nonchalantly bared her left breast.

Combining the commendable stickiness of the nipple tape with his rough action, Zhao Yu groaned softly in pain, and the small grains near the nipple also perked up on the trembling breast.

Xu Chengyan’s big palm unceremoniously covered and grasped the breast – kneading it vigorously, pinching the reddish nipple.

“So good… um…” Zhao Yu groaned cooperatively, unzipped his zipper with both hands, pulled down his underwear, and took out the hot rod.

Being held by her slightly cold hands, Xu Chengyan’s breathing became a little faster. Shen Sheng cursed, “Sl*t.”

With a long finger, he completely released her right breast, which was only covered by a small part of the dress.

“You like my tits that much?” Zhao Yu pretended to be sulky and straightened his chest towards him. She continued to play with his genitals with one hand and grabbed his fingers with the other, pulling it to the center of his legs. “You’d like this better.”

Sticky, slippery, and soft.

She did not wear underwear, and she was really wet.

After she flicked her legs wantonly, watching her trembling uncontrollably, listening to her deliberate moans, Xu Chengyan’s eyes grew darker and he pushed her against the wall, lifting her leg up to enter.

But just as he was about to touch the hole, he stopped.

“What? You think I’m dirty?” Long legs hooked his waist, Zhao Yu stood up straight and took the initiative to rub him with the softness between her legs, but each time he kept the distance, and she made no contact, “Why is Mr. Xu still hard in front of a dirty woman like me?”

It wasn’t only that he disliked her for being dirty, she was also worried about what strange disease these men with such messy private lives would bring to her. So she had someone to check the latest physical examination reports of everybody she planned to get involved with a long ago, and found out that they were all clear of disease.

Even so, she actually brought along a condom in her bag for this occasion, but now, she changed her mind and decided not to give him the condom.

If he didn’t want to fuck her yet, she had to let him do it, but since he is already willing to do it with her, she wanted to deny nim and whet his appetite longer.

Xu Chengyan did not answer her question, but he would never give up principles because of the desire of the flesh nor would he fall for her taunting. His reason would always win over lust.

He pressed her shoulders with his hands, and he pushed her down forcefully. His movements were not gentle at all. To put it nicely, it was domineering, but to put it bluntly, it was rude, contrary to his gentle and polite appearance.

As soon as Zhao Yu had squatted to a kneeling position, he had already thrust the swollen sex organ at her lips. What he wanted her to do was obvious.

Zhao Yu didn’t move, just holding up the pair of white and tender breasts, smiling and looking up at him. “Don’t you think it is more exciting to use this?”

Xu Chengyan continued to stare at her lips: “Don’t want to?”

Zhao Yu knew what he meant. She took the initiative to seduce him. With him, she didn’t have any special place, and she didn’t want to leave any time soon. He was not short of such a woman.

But she replied simply, “Whenever you are willing to lick me, I will help you with it whenever you want.”

Xu Chengyan chuckled lightly, most of the lust in his eyes faded.

While she bowed her head to take off his pants, Zhao Yu suddenly got up, pushing him to sit on the sofa nearby and pushed her whole body between his crotch. Then clutching the two soft mounds on her chest, started to rub his desire.

“Not willing?” She repeated the words he just said and even imitated the exact proud look that was on his face when he said it.

In light of her provocation, Xu Chengyan, who was about to get up, sat calmly, as if listening to a report from a subordinate, watching her movements in his crotch intently.

Zhao Yu licked her lips seductively, still looking at him straight in his eyes, wrapped his hard p*nis between her breasts and pumped them back and forth.

The soft and smooth touch brought so much relief that Xu Chengyan sighed in a low breath. Looking at her delicate red lips, he suddenly stuffed his index finger in, hooked her tongue and moved it around in her mouth, mimicking a blow job.

“Knock, knock knock!” Accompanied by a rhythmic knock on the door, a clear voice came in, “Ready yet?”

It was Zhuang Yiqing.

Hearing the woman’s voice at such a close range, Zhao Yu couldn’t control her hands and gripped tight, squeezing both the breast she was holding and the hard sex organ in the middle.

Xu Chengyan couldn’t help but gasp, thinking she was frightened, he sarcastically said, “Does your bravery only reach this far? Isn’t playing in this situation thrilling? My fiancee is outside the door, and she can hear you moaning loudly, exciting isn’t it?”

Zhao Yu smiled and looked at him provocatively. “Well, why not call her in? Let the future Mrs. Xu see with her own eyes how her fiance cums on other women’s breasts?”

She knew that Xu Chengyan would not.

Although he and Zhuang Yiqing were married in business, and are not married yet, neither wants to control the other’s private life. But both are people with statuses, and they will not do such excessive things in front of each other.

Xu Chengyan raised her lips and squeezed her nipples, twisting it harder and harder. Only after hearing her withold a moan, he let go with satisfaction, and reinserted his finger into her mouth for her to suck and lick.

“There is an email to reply to, wait a moment.”

When Yang Gao said this to the outside, his tone was calm and serious. If it hadn’t been for the hideous sexual organ standing naked between her breasts, Zhao Yu would have believed that he was really doing business.

Without liquid lubrication, Zhao Yu’s thrusting speed is very slow. The consequence of this is that he could endure it and wasn’t needing to ejaculate in the slightest for a long time.

But the two of them seemed to be competing, one performing, one watching, and both refused to admit defeat. Not at all in a rush, turning titty fucking into a slow motion porn scene.

“The future Mrs. Xu, haven’t you done this for you?”

“Why? Want to compete with her?”

“How can a person like me compete with others? They are dignified, elegant and noble, but what about me? Slutty, dirty, cheap.”

When the last word was spat out, she smiled at him unkindly, stretched out her pink tongue to lick the top of his genitals.

However, left a little distance.

She didn’t lick it.

On purpose.

Xu Chengyan, whose patience had already been tested by her slow and deliberate movements, was already breathing heavily. That near-miss made him want to immediately push her head down, break her mouth open, fiercely jam the hard sex organ deep in her throat, and ejaculated.

Zhao Yu smiled triumphantly. “Isn’t this fun?”

This was also what he had said to her.


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