Cheating (Xu Chengyan Slight H)

Xu Chengyan didn’t get angry getting mocked by Zhao Yu and maintained a level head while playing the game. He merely looked down at her and asked, “Is this the extent of your ability? If a man lasts too long, it can only mean that the woman is not attractive enough.”

“Well I was wet before but now I’m dry so does that also mean that Mr. Xu’s charm isn’t enough?”

Letting go of her breasts and consequently his p*nis, Zhao Yu stood up straight.

She raised one leg on the sofa, lifted her skirt to fully expose herself in front of his face, reached in, and masturbated shamelessly before him.

“In the end, I have to get my hands wet and solve it myself. Mr. Xu’s dick… is so useless.”

Xu Chengyan’s gaze slowly moved from her innocent smile to her right hand.

The slender, white fingers were stroking back and forth in the most intimate crevice.

Under the sparse black hair, the round flower bud eagerly poked out its head, becoming more and more inviting as her fingertips fiddled and played with it.

In the pink crevice, the lewd fluid slowly gathered, the two small plump lips also getting full and swollen her squeezing a few times. The hidden clitoris continued to expand, dribbling out a little bit of juice, under her rubbing, and soft sounds of water filled the room.

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu licked his lips and groaned. Her index finger slowly slipped from the clitoris, down into her wet hole, and began thrusting. At the same time, she rubbed her breast with her left hand, pinching the tip of her nipple twisting slowly. Such a lewd and erotic scene.

When a drop of transparent liquid dripped from her legs to the floor, Xu Chengyan finally pulled her down making her fall back into his groin. Then grabbing the two swaying breasts, he squeezed his swollen sex organ between them pumped roughly.

Zhao Yu smiled triumphantly. “The way Mr. Xu is doing it himself… So dirty.”

Xu Chengyan pinched her nipple fiercely, and only smiled when she moaned loudly. “Not as dirty as you.”

“If I’m not a little dirty, how can Mr. Xu be this hard?”

Zhao Yujiao smiled and wiped the lewd liquid from her right hand on to his monstrous sex organ. Then reaching down to the center of her legs, dug out more liquid and wiped it on the throbbing stick, pressing the tip with her thumb and gently rubbed it.

Using the liquid as lube, Xu Chengyan pumped faster and faster, and his breathing becoming more and more ragged.

But at this moment, the knock on the door sounded again, and a man’s voice came from outside the door: “Mr. Xu, do you need help?”

It was the staff from the store. With their attentive service, they were more than happy to come in and help Xu Chengyan change.

Xu Chengyan adjusted his breathing and was about to answer calmly like the last time, but suddenly a squishy feeling came from the already tightly wound p*nis.

It was Zhao Yu’s tongue.

This time, she really licked it.

Already on the verge of climax, having the most sensitive tip licked like this, pushed him over and he immediately flexed his stomach and shot out panting.

The thick semen splurted onto Zhao Yu’s entire chest. Even the dress that had fallen to her waist wasn’t spared.

She knelt on the ground, while wiping herself with a tissue, whined. “Why didn’t Mr. Xu warn me? You came all over me.”

Of course, Xu Chengyan knew that she was making fun of his self-control, not being able to help but ejaculate after being stimulated by her tongue.

He lost control at the critical moment, so he was naturally a little annoyed. But he schooled his expression and just said indifferently. “Weren’t you unwilling to use your mouth?”

“What I said was, when you are willing to lick for me, I will suck it for you. Just now, I didn’t suck it.” Zhao Yu smiled, “I just licked it and you came. If I were to suck it, I can’t even imagine what will happen.”

Xu Chengyan snorted with a smile and grabbed some tissue to clean his lower body.

After cleaning up, he took off his suit in front of Zhao Yu, and put on the long-forgotten suit he was supposed to try on piece by piece. The whole process was not rushed or slow, like an extremely elegant strip show and dress show.

Zhao Yu straightened up her skirt and leaned against the wall, unabashedly admiring his body.

Contrary to his thin and delicate stature with his clothes on, he was quite impressive when undressed, his muscles were strong and his body well-proportioned. His confidence was completely deserved.

Meeting her gaze, Xu Chengyan raised his lips: “What? Got wet from looking?”

Zhao Yu smiled and walked forward to help him button the buttons, and gently touched the corners of his eyes with his fingertips. “Here, there is one thing missing.”

“What’s that?”

Zhao Yu approached him on tiptoes, and gently traced his chin with the tip of his tongue that had just licked his genitals. “Golden glasses for the scum gentleman.1

Xu Chengyan chuckled softly, leaned back, and took a few steps back. Deliberately making eye contact with her, he then slowly wiped off the water stains she created.

Zhao Yu also chuckled. “You’re worried the nether regions are dirty, but the mouth is not clean either. What if I infect Xu Zong with a strange disease?”

He smiled mildly and offhandedly, “If I have something happens to me, I can bury you with me.”

“To get buried with a person of Mr. Xu’s status is an honor in itself.”

Bit by bit Zhao Yu helped him fasten the buttons and skillfully helped him tie the bow tie. Looking at his well-dressed appearance meaningfully, she commented, “I really can’t tell at all that Mr. Xu had just cheated on someone.”

Xu Chengyan’s eyes fell to the white mark on her chest. “Unfortunately, everyone in the store will soon know that you come to my fitting room and asked to get f*cked.”

Zhao Yu knew exactly what he was talking about.

The store was full of surveillance and the part where she squeezed into the fitting room must be clearly recorded. As long as somoene looked, they would surely discover their affair.

But who cares? In any case, the staff from these kinds of stores knew not to offend their big customers and she didn’t care about what they said in private.

When he opened the door, Xu Chengyan was as calm and unaffected as before, as if nothing had happened inside, he just turned off the light and casually pushed the door, deliberately not closing it all the way.

Zhao Yu knew because his clothes were still in the fitting room, the staff or anyone else in the store would not come in and she was safe inside.

But the moment the lamp went out, the smile on her face disappeared.

The open door left a gap and a dazzling light penetrated in, making her eyes hurt.

Outside, it was bright.

Wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, Zhuang Yiqing looked like an unattainable queen, proudly looking in the mirror, enjoying the enviable gaze of the shop assistants around her.

Looking at that enchanting face, Zhao Yu, who was hidden in the darkness, couldn’t help clenching her fists.

Those scenes that she worked so hard not to recall. The hurt embedded to her bones simply can’t be forgotten. Everything flashed back clearly before her eyes.

The dim corridor, the glaring amount of blood, the heart-piercing cry…

And, a high and mighty woman’s, indifferent eyes.


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  1. Gold glasses I like to imagine are the ones with chains. Or maybe not. This is what I imagine they’d look like on a scum gentleman. No offense to my boo Cai Xukun. The dude is beautiful and an actual gentleman.


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