Taking advantage of Xue Ziang’s absence while he stayed at the hospital by his grandfather side, Zhao Yu went to see the psychologist Ji Sui recommended.

Of course, the Zhao Yu that went to the psychologist was the masked character that Zhao Yu was playing.

She couldn’t trust anyone, and didn’t dare to expect the psychologist to really help her. She needed to finish acting out the scene for Ji Sui’s sake to avoid a hole in her story.

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The small beer bottle couldn’t fit two hands, so his fingers covered the back of hers.

This time it was his fingers cold from holding onto the beer touching the back of her fingers which were slightly warmer, and felt smooth and delicate to the touch.

She pretended not to notice anything was wrong, expression normal, but Ji Sui was taken aback for a moment, and he hurriedly withdrew her hand.

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It’s just beer, of course she can’t pretend to be drunk. Besides, acting out the same play once to the same person was enough. Zhao Yu just wanted to get the chance talk to him more by drinking together, with no plans to do anything else.

After taking a big gulp, she really felt a cool and refreshing sensation. She exhaled and then took a few more sips until a can of beer completely bottomed out.

When she picked up the second can, Ji Sui also opened one and drank with her.

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The dress she had on still had wrinkles from the intense s*x and even traces of dried semen on the skirt. On the base of her neck was an obvious nail scratch accidentally caused by Xu Chengyan when he grasped her breasts.

Her body also smelled of smoke mixed with a strong scent of lovemaking. Ji Sui immediately recognized it as she got out of the car.

Seeing her pale face, red eyes, and her dry and hoarse voice, Ji Sui could already guess what happened without asking.

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With a white dress shirt, black trousers and unhurried strides, he arrived in the very last minute.

After pulling the car door and getting into the passenger seat, he glanced at Zhao Yu and asked, “Threatening me?”

Zhao Yu’s long fingers held the second cigarette that had just been lit, then she slowly blew a ring of smoke at him and smiled. “Aren’t you here anyway?”

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Although she and Fei Heng have never met each other, they know each other’s names, and even Fei Heng knows her relationship with Shanglu.

Perceiving that Fei Heng’s look at Zhao Yu contained some interest, Xue Ziang instinctively took preventative measures, deliberately wrapped his arm around Zhao Yu’s shoulder, and put the menu in front of her.

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