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Out of Control Vs. Self-control (Xue Ziang Slight H, Dub Con)

The thick rod slammed into her body tirelessly, fast and ruthless. Each thrust pushed deep inside her core, causing Zhao Yu to continuously shudder.

It was not so much making love, but him venting his anger and pain through s*x.

Zhao Yu didn’t know what happened to Xue Ziang that caused this turn of events but had an inkling that for him to lose this much control, it probably had something to do with Xu Miao.

Wave after wave of pleasure surged up, making Zhao Yu clench her skirt tight and bite down on her lips to prevent herself from screaming.

With unfocused and tearful eyes, she looked for the fuzzy shadow in the distance, but Shang Lu’s figure was no longer there.

He was the focus of this engagement ceremony tonight and shouldn’t have even come in the first place.

Zhao Yu could barely endure the fierce thrusts, let alone take care of Shang Lu, so she thought about how she should react to such a situation.

Although Xue Ziang drank a lot, he was still able to find her in the car and have an erection which meant that he was not drunk to the point where he didn’t know what was happening. He would most likely remember what happened now after he woke up.

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu used the climax to force out the tears in her eyes then shrank her trembling body in his arms, whimpering.

Also climaxing, Xue Ziang gradually calmed down, closing his eyes and gasping for air. After resting a bit, he realized Zhao Yu was still crying quietly, and not from a purely physical reaction.

He opened his eyes with difficulty, looking at the woman in his arms who was crying but trying her best to hold back the tears and said exhausted, “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Yu didn’t speak and shakily straightened up from his leg.

As soon as she separated their privates, a large amount of semen and s*xual fluids flowed out of her vagina, not only dirtying her skirt but also splattered on his black trousers.

Zhao Yu silently took out paper towels, in the narrow space twisted her waist to first wipe the liquids on his body, helped him put on his pants, and then cleaned her own lower body.

Xue Ziang leaned on the seat and squinted, looking at her with muddled eyes, not saying a word.

After carelessly dealing with the mess, Zhao Yu stepped into the driver’s seat silent and solemn. She was about to start the car but saw two people coming out of the elevator straight ahead. It was Ji Sui and Zhuang Yiqing, dressed in formal attire.

Although she knew the car was dimly lit and difficult to see from outside, she quickly leaned on the steering wheel and continued to pretend to cry, heartbroken.

She was not sure if Ji Sui remembered her car, but he was with Zhuang Yiqing, and there was a man in her passenger seat who was possibly her boyfriend. Even if Ji Sui recognized it, he doubtlessly wouldn’t come over to knock on the window and greet her.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her to hear the sound of a car starting nearby, and when she slowly raised her head, a burgundy Phantom was already gone. It was one of Zhuang Yiqing’s cars.

Zhao Yu turned her head to look at Xue Ziang, but saw that he did not close his eyes to rest, but still stared blankly at the ground ahead.

After hesitating for a while, she asked in a hoarse voice, “Xue Ziang, in your eyes, I am just a woman who can be used to vent your s*xual frustrations whenever you feel like, right?”

Xue Ziang turned his gaze back to look at her, his eyes still a little dazed, but did not answer her question.

Zhao Yu laughed self-deprecatingly, turned the key, and warmed the engine, but after thinking about it, she did not continue to start the car.

When she came, she didn’t take a close look at where Xue Zhan’s car and driver were, but the hotel’s underground parking lot was on this floor. She wanted to wait a while, maybe Xue Zhan hadn’t left yet.

More and more people came down from the elevator. About ten minutes later, Zhao Yu finally saw Xue Zhan and a few men in suits and leather shoes getting out of the elevator talking and laughing.

Everyone walked towards their car, and Xue Zhan had already walked towards her.

Zhao Yu tidied her clothes and opened the car door and got out.

Seeing her, Xue Zhan was obviously a little surprised. When he glanced at the passenger seat, he saw Xue Ziang who was half drunk and half glassy-eyed.

“Xue Dong, Mr. Xue is… drunk.” Her tone thick from crying, some remnants of tears in the corner of her eyes. “Can you…take Mr. Xue back with you?”

She knew that Xue Zhan and Xue Ziang had always lived in their own residences, only going back to the old Xue mansion during family gatherings, but they were relatives, it was understandable for her to ask this question.

The two of them were not standing far away so the strong scent of s*x on her body couldn’t be hidden at all. Having seen the obvious stains on the dark skirt and her eyes red from crying, how could Xue Zhan not piece together what happened just now?

“Okay.” He answered quietly and walked to the car.

As soon as the car door was opened, the overwhelming scent of love hit his nose. Glancing around, the ground was full of tissues, and the traces on Xue Ziang’s pants were more obvious than those on Zhao Yu’s skirt.

Xue Zhan instinctively frowned, held his breath, and dragged Xue Ziang out of the passenger seat.

Xue Ziang smiled when he saw Xue Zhan and called out “Uncle” in a daze.

Xue Zhan didn’t speak and dragged him to the other side. The result was Xue Ziang falling on the ground as he took a step. Zhao Yu hurried up to hold him up.

Seeing Zhao Yu so nervous and distressed, Xue Zhan glared at Xue Ziang sharply, took his hand, and helped him walk to the car.

After getting back to her apartment, Zhao Yu immediately sat in front of the computer and watched all the videos and news she could find concerning the engagement ceremony tonight, trying to find out why Xue Ziang lost control.

The ceremony was very grand and the venue was extremely large. There were numerous attendees and many shots of Xue Ziang. She could only patiently look through them one by one.

From being all smiles in the beginning to sitting alone at the table drinking alcohol, there seemed to be only a few minutes in between. During those few minutes, he looked like he was chatting with a fat middle-aged man.

A camera clearly captured the middle-aged man’s face. Zhao Yu cut the picture and searched for his identity carefully. She found the answer quickly.

He was Vice President of Marketing of Siyuan Automotive, the current general manager of North America Division, and Xu Miao’s boss.

After breaking up with Xue Ziang, Xu Miao resigned to join Siyuan, and went to the North American branch with his boss the following year, and have been based in Los Angeles ever since.

Did the two of them talk about Xu Miao? Or the better question was, did Xue Ziang specifically ask about Xu Miao?

Zhao Yu opened her mailbox, looked for someone she hadn’t contacted for a long time, and sent a message: Help me find out what Xu Miao has been up to recently. The price stays the same.

Within a few minutes, the person sent her a picture, showing a screenshot of Xu Miao’s circle of friends from university. It was Xu Miao’s pre-wedding photo with someone. Looked like she was getting married.


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