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He’s Hard (1000 beads added)

“All that’s left is me silent and lonely. What caused us to meet? What caused us to get closer? Didn’t ask you to be nicer, all I ask is for a little smile. You are just a passerby, passing through my world…

I’m merely a companion, who accompanies you in your miseries. Loneliness counts every day, since the day you lost yourself, tell me what you want, as long as I have it now, the bits and pieces between us, I always remember… “1

These songs full of helplessness and sadness sang by the slightly gravelly voice of the live singer, resonated through the whole bar in an upbeat key making it seems even sadder.

Didn’t the timing of this song come too coincidentally?

Raising her eyes, she saw Ji Sui with his head bowed down in silence, Zhao Yu downed the remaining alcohol in her glass and asked, “Do you have anyone you like?”

Ji Sui nodded.

“Then does she like you?”

Ji Sui shook his head.

Zhao Yu laughed. “Then why do you still like her?”

Ji Sui also laughed. “Who knows?”

Filling his glass again, he took two sips before slowly continuing. “Maybe because she was the first person to approach me when I was at my loneliest, the warmth she gave is too hard to forget.”

Zhao Yu stared at him, and after a few seconds of silence, she suddenly started to laugh. “Yes, when people are lonely and desperate, they are most likely to lose their hearts. Too bad, even if you give your whole heart away, it might not be wanted. That’s why, they insist on demeaning themselves even though they know it won’t end well, oh, I am not talking about him, it is me, me, I am the one demeaning myself.”

She pointed at herself, laughing and scolding. Then she lifted the bottle straight to her mouth. Ji Sui quickly reached out his hand to stop the bottle. “I drank with you, we can go now.”

Zhao Yu shook her head. “No, you are not drunk yet, keep drinking with me.”

“Who will send you home if I get drunk? It is not safe for a girl like you to be drunk alone.”

“So what if it’s not safe. No one cares anyway.” Zhao Yu didn’t let go, instead, she held the bottle tighter, looking at Ji Sui accusingly, “Even you want to bully me? I don’t have anything. Only alcohol and you still won’t let me drink it. Why do you all want to bully me?”

Looking at her tearful appearance, Ji Sui was speechless for a moment, so he slowly let go and let her drink.

When all the alcohol on the table was cleared out, she called the bartender and asked for more. Ji Sui did not dare stop her and could only quietly tell the bartender to cancel all her orders.

After waiting for a long time for the alcohol, Zhao Yu yelled, got up, and staggered to the bathroom.

Seeing her unsteady steps, Ji Sui grew concerned and followed behind, waiting for her in the hallway outside the bathroom.

Sure enough, when she came out, a drunk who had just come out of the men’s room immediately bumped into her and insistently tried to take advantage.

Ji Sui took large strides up to him and stretched out his long arms in front of Zhao Yu, his eyes sweeping across the man’s face like a blade.

He became serious, and his angular and firm facial features easily gave people a sense of intimidation. The man shivered in fright and left without saying a word.

“Are you all right?”

Meeting his concerned eyes, Zhao Yu began to giggle again. “He asked me to open a room.”

Before Ji Sui had time to speak, he heard her giggle again. “He is so ugly, I don’t want to open a room with him. Even if I want to open a room, it has to be with someone as good-looking like you, right?”

Ji Sui was taken aback for a moment. Seeing that she was too drunk to stand, he could only reach out and put an arm around her. “I will take you back.”

“I don’t want it, my alcohol isn’t finished yet.”

“It’s finished, there’s no more.”

“Then order again, I just… didn’t I order it?”

“No, the bar is out of alcohol.”

“How could there be no alcohol?”

After resisting for a long time, he finally pulled Zhao Yu out of the bar. Because he also drank, he could only call a driver to drive the car, while he sat in the back taking care of Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu, who was no longer clamoring for drinks, got a lot quieter after getting in the car and soon fell asleep in his seat.

At an intersection on the way to Zhao Yu’s apartment, the driver turned too quickly causing Zhao Yu to lean her body on Ji Sui’s shoulder.

Ji Sui stiffened, grabbed her arm, and gently tried to move her back to her side, but failed. He didn’t dare to push too hard and just gave up.

Then noticing she only had a thin dress for cover, he hesitated before raising his arms to remove his coat and put it on her.

She murmured a few words softly, and as if she was subconsciously seeking warmth, she held his arm and leaned on him again, her plump chest rubbing his arm suggestively.

Ji Sui struggled but couldn’t break away, so he could only sit, his entire body stiff, without the slightest movement.

When the car arrived at the gate of her community, Ji Sui nudged her shoulders and whispered, “Zhao Yu.”

Zhao Yu didn’t respond, still holding his arm on his shoulder, sleeping soundly.

“Zhao Yu, wake up, I’m at your house, tell me which floor you live on, and I will send you up.”

Being pushed twice by him, Zhao Yu opened her eyes with difficulty and looked at him sleepily. “What are you doing?”

Her tone was clearly one of grumpiness from being woken up but also resembled a spoiled child to some degree.

“Which floor and room do you live in? I’ll take you up.”

“One hundred…twenty-eighth floor.”

Ji Sui: “…”

This building looked like it had at most forty floors.

He patiently asked again. “What floor do you live on?”

Zhao Yu smiled and stretched out his index finger: “The third floor.”

Before Ji Sui verified the authenticity, the driver in front of her laughed. “The girl did not drink just a little bit. I have been in this community several times. There are no tenants living below the third floor. You should take her to your house.”

Ji Sui didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Zhao Yu, think about it carefully, where do you live?”

“I live…” Zhao Yu thought about it seriously, and suddenly smiled at him, “Huang Tu Plateau!”2

“Pfff!” The driver in front couldn’t help but smile, then glanced back, “If you continue to ask, she will tell you that she lives on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. I don’t think you look like a bad person. Take her to your house. Or find her a hotel nearby to stay at, but she’s so drunk, beautiful, and wearing so little. It’s probably not safe to send her to a hotel.

Ji Sui thought for a while, but could only tell the driver a new address.

The community he lived in was not too far away from Zhao Yu’s, and they arrived 20 minutes later.

When he pulled her out of the car, she sneezed immediately from the cool draft in the underground parking lot and shrank into his arms.

Ji Sui quickly took the coat from the car and put it on her, helping her walk slowly towards the elevator.

Or more, half drag and half carry her towards the elevator to be exact.

After finally getting her into the guest bedroom, he helped her lie down on the bed, but she wrapped her arms tight around his neck. “Sleep with me.”

“Zhao Yu…”

“Why do you not want to sleep with me.” She pressed her whole body, rubbing against him, “Don’t leave me, will you sleep with me? Xue Ziang…”

Ji Sui froze, “Your boyfriend is Xue Ziang?”

He only knew that she had a boyfriend, and she would accidentally mention it from time to time. From those snippets, he learned that her boyfriend was outstanding in all aspects, which made her feel inferior and unworthy.

In the hotel parking lot last night, although he saw someone in the passenger seat, he could not see who it was. But he never expected it would be Xue Ziang.

Looking at the tearful woman in his arms, Ji Sui couldn’t help sighing. “He and A Qing are the same. They’re not people we should provoke.”

“Xue Ziang…” Zhao Yu still whispered in his arms, “Don’t leave me, will you stay with me?”

Looking at the tears on her face, Ji Sui couldn’t bear it, stretched out his hand and wiped it gently, and said in a low voice. “Okay, I’ll stay with you, but you have to let go first. I’ll come back with a glass of water, okay?”

Zhao Yu obediently let go, Ji Sui put her back on the bed again and lay down, but did not dare to fall on her, he hurriedly pulled the quilt to help cover her up and left the bedroom.

Hearing the closing of the door, Zhao Yu slowly opened her eyes, peeked under the quilt and at the collar that was half exposed on her body, and smiled triumphantly.

She knew that Ji Sui would definitely not enter this room again tonight.

Because she clearly felt it. He was hard.


1 The link to the song is here…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMlqOtbfjpg

2 Loess Plateau is in West China! Very pretty 😀


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