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Shang Lu and Fei Heng waited for the two people outside to leave and only came out of the narrow compartment a while later.

Fortunately, it was lunchtime and not many people came to shop on the first floor, otherwise, they would see the two big men hiding together in a cubicle of the women’s toilet. God knows what kind of misunderstanding they would have.

Seeing that Shang Lu’s didn’t look so good, Fei Heng sighed. “If you can’t bear to leave her, fight to win her back, you are in no way, worse than Xue Ziang.”

Shang Lu didn’t answer and walked a short distance in silence before turning back to look at him. “No matter how big-mouthed you normally are, don’t let anything about me and Zhao Yu’s relationship leak.”

“In your eyes do I have that big of a mouth?” Fei Heng looked at him unsatisfied. “If I wasn’t afraid that you would die lonely when you’re old, do you think I would meddle in your relationships?”

Shang Lu laughed after hearing this, “I am engaged to be married in the future.”

“To that Miss Zheng. Who knows how many green hats she’ll make you wear?”1 Fei Heng sneered, “Besides, I still think Zhao Yu is easier on the eyes.”

Regaining his calm posture, Fei Heng continued to shake his head and sighed. “I remember someone said that the only people they trusted in this world were me and Zhao Yu. Sadly, now I am the only one left. Zhao Yu is with Xue Ziang and who doesn’t know what kind of guy he is? Do you really believe in the return of the prodigal son?”2

At this point, Shang Lu pointed at himself triumphantly. “Here, there is one standing in front of you. Do you believe that I am a prodigal son that has returned? Don’t say it, even I don’t believe it myself.”

Shang Lu stopped in the shade of the trees, looking from a distance at the pool of blood behind the tape. The image of Zhao Yu with her face pale and trembling all over flashed in front of his eyes.

During the three years with him, she had only a handful of emotional breakdowns, but each time it happened, she needed a lot of cigarettes to calm down.

And in addition to smoking, she needed s*x.

Those were the only times she took the initiative and asked if he wanted her.

This time, was she also desperately grinding on Xue Ziang like she used to do with him? Asking him if he wanted her again and again?

After a long pause, Shang Lu looked back at Fei Heng: “You have a wide network, help me do a background check on someone.”

Fei Heng stood on the lookout away from the bathroom door and he didn’t hear Shang Lu and Zhao Yu’s conversation. They had also just finished mocking Xue Ziang so he assumed Shang Lu was referring to Xue Ziang.

“What do you need to do a background check on that guy for? His romantic past can be known with just a question. Can you believe he’s even worse than me?”

Of course, Shang Lu didn’t want to do a background check on Xue Ziang. He wanted to find out about Zhao Yu, or more accurately Tang Xi.

He wanted to know exactly what she went through three years ago, and what she was trying to get from Xue Ziang.

But before he could speak, the phone in his hand rang. He looked down and saw that it was his secretary.

“Mr. Shang, just now you weren’t here, the chairman came down and said that the BTD project will be handed over to Mr. Shang Chen starting today. We…we are not authorized to work on it anymore.”

Listening to the voice on the phone, Shang Lu’s knuckles on the phone could not help but gradually tighten.

The female secretary was so emotional that she cried as she spoke. “We pulled so many all-nighters at work, so why do we just let it go with just a sentence? Mr. Shang, this is so unfair. Why? Go and talk to the chairman. This is all our hard work.”

Seeing Shang Lu staying still on the spot for a long time, Fei Heng walked up to him curiously, only to see that his face turned pale and his eyes turned icy.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to the company? Or is your family fighting again?”

After staring at Fei Heng for a few seconds, Shang Lu suddenly said, “It’s my business, don’t get involved. Otherwise, the day I lose, you will die with me.”

Fei Heng gritted his teeth. “That little monster Shang Chen is blocking you again, isn’t he? Fcking sht, doesn’t know the word brotherhood.”

Shang Lu laughed sarcastically. “If they knew brotherhood, they wouldn’t have tried to take my life three years ago.”

Looking at his straight back, Fei Heng strode up again. “That…then Xue Ziang who you just asked me to check…”

“Don’t need it anymore.”

Zhao Yu didn’t return to the office to work. She told Xue Ziang that she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go back to rest. Xue Ziang was worried that she couldn’t drive and personally drove her back to her apartment.

After pretending to sleep and tricking Xue Ziang to leave, she quickly got out of bed again.

The stark red pools of blood were still in front of her eyes, and she could also still smell the strong stench of blood. It was so overpowering that she wanted to vomit, but she retched in the toilet for a long time but couldn’t get anything out.

She still wanted to smoke and lose her mind.

This feeling both familiar and unfamiliar was hundreds of times stronger than when she saw Zhuang Yiqing at the wedding dress store that day.

But her apartment didn’t allow smoking and she was afraid that Xue Ziang would find out. Xue Ziang didn’t smoke and didn’t like women who smoked either.

So she ran to the convenience store downstairs without even changing her slippers, bought a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, and hid in the dark corridor to smoke before returning to the apartment.

After going through three cigarettes, she finally felt much calmer.

However, her body quickly felt empty again. She was desperate for s*x. She wanted to be filled. And she needed a warm body, not a cold vibrator.

She knew that she didn’t have a s*x addiction, but at this moment, her mind couldn’t control the needs of her body.

She couldn’t look for Xue Ziang, because she lied to him from the start. Xue Ziang remembered she should be on her period around now and she didn’t correct him.

Having s*x with Xue Ziang now was out of the question.

Then who?

A stranger? She didn’t want it, she wasn’t willing, and she was afraid of risk.

How about Shang Lu? She took out her mobile phone and found the number he called from on the day of his engagement. After hesitating for a long time, she finally decided against it. Their relationship was over, there should be no more interactions.

Should she go to Ji Sui? But they weren’t there yet. Ji Sui was not a random person, all her efforts would be wasted if she did.

After smoking another cigarette, she returned to the apartment, changed her clothes in a hurry, went out with a box of condoms, and drove her car straight to Xu Chengyan’s company.

She asked Lu Bin if Xu Chengyan was at the office.

According to her plan to seduce him, it was too early to take the initiative to drop by for s*x, but she couldn’t wait anymore.

She sent a message to Xu Chengyan: [I am on the second floor, want to f*ck you]

Immediately after it was sent, she sent another message: [Give you ten minutes, I will find a gigolo if you don’t come]

She couldn’t say for sure if the man would come, but she could say for sure that if he didn’t come, she would really spend money to take care of it.


1 戴绿帽 Literally means to “wear a green hat”, but it’s a well-known metaphor to describe the person who is being cheated on by their partner.

2 浪子回头 This is describes the reformation of a rebellious son who went away to do something against their family’s wishes.

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