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Zhao Yu woke up in her driver’s seat.

She only slept for an hour, the alarm rang and let her know it was time to go back.

She had to hurry and get to her apartment before Xue Ziang got off work to destroy all the evidence. Especially the smell of smoke and the strong smell of love on her body.

After all, Xu Chengyan was Xu Chengyan. He did not have Xue Ziang’s thoughtfulness nor Shang Lu’s chivalry. He was the perfect embodiment of the saying “take off your pants and come, put on your pants, and leave.”

So much so that he hadn’t fully satisfied her yet.

In Zhao Yu’s state of mind, it was far from enough for her to do it just once, Xu Chengyan saw it, but he slowly handled his own lower body and left.

Zhao Yu knew very well that he did it intentionally.

Fortunately, although her body still empty, the one round with him was extremely intense, leaving her drained enough to get a little sleep.

Her dreams were a jumbled mess, from memories of her childhood, college, and a vague scene that she couldn’t quite put her hands on.

She was very thankful she did not have to revisit her most terrifying memory in her dream. Otherwise, her current mood would be even worse than before she had sex with Xu Chengyan.

Driving back after she calmed down, she thought to herself, she was too impulsive today.

She shouldn’t have gone to Xu Chengyan and toyed with the man’s appetite again, at least then he would be the one asking to sleep with her, instead of shipping herself to his doorstep so easily.

After all, for most people, the more they couldn’t get something, the more it will be stuck in their mind but if they actually got it, they won’t know how to cherish it.

The main problem was that her emotions were out of control.

Before, in front of Shang Lu, she was not afraid of losing control and even occasionally enjoyed his warmth. But now, she can no longer let anything interfere with her sanity.

Maybe she should see a psychologist.

But could a psychologist treat her symptoms? Besides, it was impossible for her to trust a stranger, even if that person was a doctor.


Zhao Yu remembered that while doing Ji Sui’s background check, there were records of him seeing a psychologist for a period of time after applying for an early military discharge.

While washing her car near the apartment complex, she suddenly took out her phone and sent a WeChat message to Ji Sui:

[Do you know a reliable psychologist?]

Ji Sui: [What happened?]

Zhao Yu: [Nothing, I have been suffering from insomnia recently, maybe I am too stressed. I want to talk to someone]

Zhao Yu: [It hasn’t been long since I returned to China and I am not familiar with Donghai. I also don’t want my boyfriend to know, so I want to ask you]

A few minutes later, Ji Sui sent her a WeChat business card: [I told him your situation, if you don’t have time, you can chat with him first online]

Soon after, he asked again: [Are you really all right?]

The same person who, just this morning, was eager to introduce him to girls suddenly said that they wanted to see a psychiatrist in the afternoon. It was strange no matter how you look at it.

Zhao Yu was thinking about how to reply when Xue Ziang called and said that Xue Zhan made his grandfather so angry he was admitted to the hospital. He couldn’t go over to keep her company anymore and asked her to take better care of her body.

Having hung up the phone, Zhao Yu looked down at her sorry appearance. She suddenly changed her mind and was no longer in a hurry to go back to shower and clean out the evidence. Instead, she replied to Ji Sui:

[It’s okay, I just want to find someone to prescribe sleeping pills. I’ll contact that doctor, is he still in the clinic at night]

Of course, the answer was very obvious. It’s was already this late. Other doctors may not leave work on time due to surgeries, but psychologists did not have these exceptions.

Sure enough, Ji Sui replied: [He will be off work in half an hour. There’s definitely not enough time to make an appointment now.]

Not receiving a reply from Zhao Yu for a long time, he called. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Zhao Yu’s voice was still a bit hoarse, and her voice sounded like she had just cried, “Thank you, I will add him to WeChat first, and make an appointment to see him tomorrow.”

“Zhao Yu.” Ji Sui seemed to hesitate and paused for a few seconds before continuing, “We are also friends. If you need help, you can tell me.”

Zhao Yu sniffed and choked twice, saying nothing.

Ji Sui overheard the sound of a car horn nearby and asked, “Are you outside? Didn’t you go to work this morning?”

Zhao Yu let out a long sigh. “Got off work early.”

After a pause, she said cautiously, “Can you…can you let me stay one more night? I can’t go to the hotel without my ID card.”

“Okay.” Ji Sui agreed without hesitation. “Where are you? Do you want me to pick you up?”

“No, I drove, then… I’ll wait for you in the parking lot downstairs.”

“Okay, I will be off work soon.”

Zhao Yu drove to Ji Sui’s community, found a parking space for visitors, and leaned on his seat, and closed his eyes to rest.

Groggy and mid-sleep, there was a knock on the car window, and when she opened her eyes, she saw Ji Sui standing outside.

After staring at him in confusion for a bit, she opened the door and got out of the car. “How did you know that I was here?”

“This is the area for paid parking spaces, and my parking spot happens to be just upstairs.”

The dress she had on still had wrinkles from the intense s*x and even traces of dried semen on the skirt. On the base of her neck was an obvious nail scratch accidentally caused by Xu Chengyan when he grasped her breasts.

Her body also smelled of smoke mixed with a strong scent of lovemaking. Ji Sui immediately recognized it as she got out of the car.

Seeing her pale face, red eyes, and her dry and hoarse voice, Ji Sui could already guess what happened without asking.

Of course, he couldn’t ask such impolite questions, so he just led her up the elevator and into the house pretending not to have noticed.

“Sit down, I will pour you a glass of water.”

“Thank you.”

Handing her a cup of warm water, Ji Sui asked again, “Have you eaten? I haven’t eaten yet, so I’m going to make something casually, want to eat together?”

Zhao Yu nodded, hesitated, and asked, “Can you… lend me your bathroom for a bath? I…”

“Of course.” Considering that she didn’t change the laundry, Ji Sui returned to the room and brought a pair of his own lounge clothes for her.

Zhao Yu shakily took it. “Thank you.”

Her eyes were already moist, but she still tried her best to hold back and forced a smile for him. “I troubled you last time, again this time… I’m really sorry. I was planning on going to Sister Shi Yu’s but looking like this… I don’t want Xiaoxiao to see me.”

Looking down in embarrassment, her tears finally fell uncontrollably.

Ji Sui pulled out some tissues and handed them to her. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is he taking advantage of you?”

Zhao Yu shook her head quickly. “No, no, he’s not, he is my boyfriend, he can do whatever he wants to me, it is just me…thinking too much.”

Ji Sui sat down beside her. “Zhao Yu, partners in a relationship should respect each other. If you don’t want it, he cannot force you.”

Zhao Yu continued to shake her head. “He didn’t force me. I agreed. I would do anything for him, but… it’s just that he always does this, making me feel… like I’m a tool for him to vent his desires.

“The last time you saw us in the parking lot, I didn’t quarrel with him, we just…he drank too much and asked me to pick him up, but he didn’t say a word and followed me in the car…

“It was the same today. I was not in the mood and told him not to, but he still… finished it without saying a word. Then he left without saying a word to me. I don’t know what I mean to him.”

Watching her silently sob, Ji Sui was silent for a long while and didn’t say anything until the end, simply continued to hand her tissues.

  Xue Ziang: Wifey, this how you ruined my reputation.

  Zhao Yu: At least half of what I said was the truth, wasn't it?

  Xue Ziang: Xu Chengyan, you bastard, you did the bad things, why did the blame fall on my head?

  Xu Chengyan: It wasn't me that blamed you.


T/N: Dang, Xue Ziang’s mistake is going to haunt him forever. This chapter annoyed me so much because I know Zhao Yu is trying to gather as much pity points as she can from Ji Sui… BUT, she’s lying to gain sympathy which is really sh*tty and perpetuates the stereotype that girls do this for attention. :\ which is obviously not the case most of the time.

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    1. You don’t have to like her but you need to keep in mind that she is a broken with serious mental issues person and the person responsible for her suffering is linked to all these men she’s seducing! Being in love is not an option for her in this part of the story.

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