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Premeditated (H)

Taking advantage of Xue Ziang’s absence while he stayed at the hospital by his grandfather’s side, Zhao Yu went to see the psychologist Ji Sui recommended.

Of course, the Zhao Yu that went to the psychologist was the masked character that Zhao Yu was playing.

She couldn’t trust anyone and didn’t dare to expect the psychologist to really help her. She just wanted to finish acting out the scene for Ji Sui’s sake to avoid a hole in her story.

“Thank you, Doctor Zeng, sorry for imposing on you.”

“It’s my job, you don’t need to be too polite.”

Looking at the bag of medicine that Zhao Yu had just picked up, Zeng Xu carefully explained to her the usage and dosage of each medication, and when she left the consultation room, he dialed Ji Sui’s phone.

“Don’t worry, her problem is not serious, mainly just insomnia coupled with overthinking. This is typical of people deeply in love, especially young women. She has been prescribed some medicine. Insomnia, I can cure, but heartbreak, I really can’t do anything about.”

“Thank you.”

Zeng Xu smiled. “You care so much about this person, are they really just an ordinary friend? They have a boyfriend.”

Ji Sui’s tone was calm. “Just to see her pitiful and want to help.”

“Oh—” Zeng Xu drew out the sound to express his doubt, “Since you want to help, it is better to help all the way, just push through the barriers and it’ll be done. Besides, her boyfriend is not a good person, a good little girl is being tossed around like this. If you can get them to come around, it will also count as a good deed.”

Ji Sui ignored his teasing and said lightly. “Hanging up, next time is my treat.”

Naturally, the bag of expensive imported medicine could not make it into Zhao Yu’s apartment. On the way back, she tore up the medicine box into pieces, found a secluded area, and threw the bag straight into the trash can.

She had taken a lot of medicine for insomnia before, in higher quantity and even more potent than these, but now, she no longer needed them, and couldn’t afford to let Xue Ziang find out.

By the time Xue Ziang arrived at her apartment, it was already past eight at night. He was busy these days but still had to go to the hospital to stand watch from time to time. His face showed a rarely seen pallor.

“Had dinner?”

Seeing him nodding, Zhao Yu walked to him, knelt on the sofa, naturally kneading his shoulders, and said softly, “Then take a bath and go to bed early.”

Xue Ziang caught her hands and pulled her into his arms. “I’ve neglected you these days.”

Zhao Yu laughed. “What are you talking about? I was thinking I’ve been extremely useless these days, not being able to help you with anything.”

Xue Ziang held her face and kissed her lips: “You helped me a lot. Every time I come to you, I don’t feel tired anymore.”

Zhao Yu pursed his lips and smiled. “I don’t believe it.”

“Then what can I say to make you believe me?” Xue Ziang kissed her lips again, but this time he didn’t stop tasting her lips. Instead, he used the tip of his tongue to open the teeth and drive straight in, sucking her tongue vigorously and licking every corner of her mouth.

Zhao Yu lay in his arms and responded enthusiastically. Gradually, her whole body was pushed down, with his heated body pressed on top of her, and his hands gently played with her chest through her clothes. “So, do you believe me?”

Zhao Yu said in mock anger, “Shameless rogue.”

“Don’t you like when shameless rogues play with you like this?” Xue Ziang stripped off her clothes in no time, pushed her underwear aside, and leisurely stroked her delicate white breasts.

Zhao Yu grabbed his wrist. “Aren’t you tired?”

“Looking down on me?” Xue Ziang squeezed viciously on the nipple and grinded her lower abdomen with the already half-hard stick between his crotch. “Even tired I can fuck you to tears.”

After a pause, he added with a smirk. “This is called picking yin and nourishing yang.”1 

Zhao Yujiao slapped him playfully with a smile, but slowly moved her hands down his tight waist and abdomen, untied his trousers, and pumped the stiff rod back and forth.

“Baby.” Xue Ziang gasped and whispered, burying his head in her bouncing breasts, he eagerly devoured them. Then using his long fingers, squeezed into her sensitive cave, drawing out a wave of spring water, at the same time, found the clitoris, rubbing hard it.

Zhao Yu’s back arched and moaned, actively wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled the fully erected thing and aimed it at her lower body.

Xue Ziang lifted his crotch and the engorged p*nis broke through the fleshy walls, deep into the many folds, pushing against the flower core a few times. Then pulling it out, he began to thrust rhythmically.

Once the curtain fell on their fierce battle, both of them were out of breath. Xue Ziang hadn’t done it with her for several days; it wasn’t enough. Holding her waist he guided her to a kneeling position on the sofa and launched another lusty attack.

After several climaxes, Zhao Yu’s entire body was soft and had no more strength. She just laid on the sofa, trying to catch her breath.

Xue Ziang held her from behind, sucking on her earlobe, shoulder, and neck. “Grandpa should be able to leave the hospital in two days. When he is stable and can speak, I’ll take you to meet him.”

Zhao Yu stiffened.

Xue Ziang felt it and dropped more kisses on her bare shoulder. “Don’t be afraid, Grandpa is a really good person.”

Zhao Yu turned around and looked at him blankly. “You mean…”

The shock on her face at this moment was not all a pretense.

Although she gathered this day would come based on Xue Ziang’s usual attitude, she still couldn’t believe he really said it.

Xue Ziang smiled and pinched her cheeks. “What is this expression? Isn’t it normal to introduce your girlfriend to your family?”

“Girlfriend?” Zhao Yu repeated timidly, “Are you sure?”

“Or what? We have been together for so long, what do you think you are?”

“Just… assistant.” Zhao Yu laughed at herself and looked towards him nervously. “How about we don’t go? Your family is definitely hoping for you to find the right girlfriend, I…”

“It’s okay, you are with me, did my uncle say anything? My mother knows and she has never asked about it. Don’t worry, I’m in charge of my affairs.”

Zhao Yu bit his lip and thought for a long time before whispering again: “Then…then go later. It’s still too fast now. How long have we been together?”

“If we go later it’ll be New Year’s.” Arriving at this point, Xue Ziang suddenly smiled, “That’s not bad, then wait for the New Year. You happen to be alone, without anyone to celebrate New Year’s with. Come home with me this year.”

“How can I? New Year celebration is so important. I… I’ll go next year, and for New Year’s I’ll go back home to be with my godfather and godmother.”

“All right, then…” Xue Ziang thought about it seriously, and said, “How about a week before New Year’s? Grandpa’s birthday is on that day, I will take you to join in the fun.”

A week before New Year’s?

Something flashed in Zhao Yu’s mind. She realized that Xu Miao’s wedding date was set for one day before that day.

Looking at the man who smiled softly at her, she suddenly wanted to know how much weight her character carried in his heart. This sincerity was not enough for her to give up on Xue Zhan and rely on Xue Ziang completely in the future.

She decided a long time ago to approach Xue Zhan through Xue Ziang. Once she started dating Xue Ziang, she worked hard to get to find information on Xue Zhan from him. But she did not have enough confidence to take on Xue Zhan, also, Xue Ziang seemed to care about her. The result was better than she expected.

If Xue Ziang’s feelings rang true then perhaps she could consider making a different choice.

“The chairman’s birthday, will probably have a lot of guests right? If I go… will it be okay?”

Without waiting for Xue Ziang to speak, Zhao Yu continued, “Or, can we go one day earlier? We can wish him a day in advance. I think the chairman will understand.”

“Okay, then we’ll go one day early.” Xue Ziang poked her forehead amusedly, “Don’t call him the chairman okay? Call him Grandpa.”

Zhao Yu stuck out her tongue at him, looking both happy and shy, she replied, “Oh.”


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1 采阴补阳 So, Yin is the negative energy associated with women and Yang is the positive energy associated with men. 

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