Returning: Chapter 53

Zhao Yu didn’t want to participate in such a big event, so as she originally promised Xue Ziang, she went to the Xue family house to formally meet the elders one day in advance to wish the old man a happy birthday.

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Foolish Dreams

Xue Ziang’s grandfather’s 75th birthday was considered a very important day. The Xue Family had already prepared a large scale gathering to celebrate it.

Zhao Yu didn’t want to participate in such a big event, so as she originally promised Xue Ziang, she went to the Xue family house to formally meet the elders one day in advance to wish the old man a happy birthday.

It happened to be Friday, and after work, Zhao Yu and Xue Ziang headed over to the old Xue’s residence together.

She wasn’t nervous, but in front of Xue Ziang, she had to show nervousness. She lost track of how many times she asked if the gift was too cheap, whether she was dressed properly, and whether she was wearing too much makeup.

Xue Ziang was amused seeing her being so ridiculous and helpless. All he could do was comfort her, reassuring her that the old man loved him very much and the family would not restrict him no matter what he wanted to do. Naturally, they would not oppose the girl he chose to bring home.

But Zhao Yu’s thoughts were actually on another matter- it was Xu Miao’s wedding day.

The last time Xue Ziang learned from Xu Miao’s boss that she was about to get married, her wedding date had not yet been decided. Putting this together with Xue Ziang’s mood today, he probably still hasn’t found out the date of the wedding.

She was not sure if the news of Xu Miao’s marriage or even the photos of the wedding will show up in his circle of friends or any other social platforms.

Of course, even if no one dared to mention it to him, Zhao Yu would find a way to let him know.

The Xue family’s old house was a Roman villa. Normally, no one lived here except the old man, a few doctors, and a nanny, but today because of Zhao Yu’s arrival, Xue Zhan and Xue Ziang’s mother Liu Ling also came.

These two usually saw Zhao Yu in the company. As for Xue Yuanyang, although he still held the “Chairman” title, he rarely went to the company to handle official business so it would be the first time Zhao Yu met him.

“Chairman, President Liu, President Xue.”

Seeing her restrained in this way, Xue Ziang smiled and put his arms around her shoulders: “What is with Chairman this President that? Just call them Grandpa and aunt, and this, uncle.”

Seeing him so calm, Zhao Yu wanted to ask him if he forgot Xue Zhan walked in on them and making love, and has seen her entire body.

But after cautiously greeting them all again according to Xue Ziang’s instructions, they entered and the greeting ceremony was completed.

The Xue Zhan at home was not very different from his persona at work. He didn’t talk much, didn’t like to laugh, and still had an air of majesty around him.

Liu Ling also had the same personality. Her treatment of Zhao Yu was not as her son’s girlfriend, but still the same as those of her subordinates at the company.

But the old man was obviously much more easygoing. He smiled as soon as Zhao Yu entered the door, took the initiative to talk to her, and from time to time used this example of Xue Ziang bringing her home to scold Xue Zhan. He ordered Xue Zhan to get out of the market as soon as possible and try hard to let him hold a grandson in two years.

Xue Zhan dismissively nodded along with his father and tuned out the noise. He then buried his head into the computer to deal with business affairs.

At dinner, while the atmosphere was in harmony, Xue Ziang suddenly answered the phone. He was still talking and laughing with the old man while stuffing something in his mouth when he suddenly ceased smiling and his expression froze.

Seeing the guilty gaze he subconsciously cast at her, Zhao Yu was sure that this call was related to Xu Miao.

Sure enough, after giving a phony excuse of “the signal is not good”, he got up and walked directly to the balcony on the other side of the house to answer the phone.

Zhao Yu’s concerned eyes followed him for a long time until he disappeared from sight. Only then did she avert her gaze and continued obediently eating.

Three minutes later, Xue Ziang came over but did not take his seat. He just explained: “You should all keep eating, I have to go. It’s an emergency.”

After that, he looked at Zhao Yu apologetically. “Be good and wait for me here, I’ll be back soon.”

Zhao Yu looked at him in surprise, and asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to the company?”

She was indeed surprised at this turn of events. She had already guessed that Xue Ziang would be in a bad mood after hearing the news of Xu Miao’s marriage, and possibly lose control of his emotions like the time before and vent on her.

But she never thought that he would leave in a hurry. Was he going to go bride snatching? Or go to the wedding and generously give his blessings?

“What’s so pressing you don’t want to eat anymore?” The old man was a little unhappy. He glanced at Zhao Yu and signaled that his girlfriend was still a guest at home, making it inappropriate for him to go out like this.

Xue Ziang kissed Zhao Yu’s forehead in front of everyone, whispered “Wait for me to come back,” and then picked up his coat and went out without looking back.

Looking at his rapidly disappearing back, Zhao Yu knew how silly some of her previous notions were.

This man had never grown up, even if his attitude towards her since Christmas Eve was better than before, in his heart, she was still not enough. And she wanted to rely on him to do achieve her goals. What a foolish dream.

Fortunately, she had thought through this scenario, and Xue Ziang’s treatment of her in front of her family was leverage for her.

Without Xue Ziang’s presence, she was even more restrained in the meal. She didn’t take the initiative to say a word. Only when the old man picked up some vegetables for her, she put on an extremely strained smile and said “thank you”.

And she never reached for food for herself, she just ate the rice from her bowl. In the end, even Liu Ling and Xue Zhan couldn’t stand it anymore, so she took the initiative to pick up food for her and smoothly found some topics to talk over with her.

At the end of the dinner, Xue Ziang, despite promising he would be back soon, was still missing. Zhao Yu tried to say goodbye several times, but she didn’t dare speak up. In the end, she could only help the auntie clean up the dishes.

The auntie was not willing to let her do it and repeatedly refused. “You are a guest, how can you do this kind of work?”

Zhao Yu stood awkwardly in place, neither advancing nor retreating, but in the end, it was Xue Zhan who said, “Let her clean up with you.”

Zhao Yu’s awkwardness was relieved a little and she followed the auntie to the kitchen, slowly passing the time. When she really couldn’t stall anymore and came out of the kitchen, Xue Ziang still wasn’t back.

The already empty house seemed even quieter at the moment. She sat alone next to the old man, listening to him obediently, feeling as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

Xue Zhan looked up at her and suddenly said, “I have two reports to go over. Come and help me.”

Zhao Yu nodded gratefully, sat next to him, and took the computer, seriously helping him with official business.

At nearly ten o’clock, Xue Ziang finally came back, drunk, and stumbled in on foot.

The old man was so angry that when he saw that he had come back in this state, he cursed twice, and raised the crutches in his hand to hit him.

Zhao Yu rushed up to support Xue Ziang, and while standing sideways in front of him, she intercepted the punishment for him. “Chairman, Ziang may be in a bad mood because of an emergency. Don’t blame him. He drank this much. He must be very sad. Can you let him rest first and wait until tomorrow?”

The more she protected Xue Ziang like this, the angrier the old man became. He stared at Xue Ziang for a long time not saying a word until finally, he waved his hand. “When he wakes up, let’s see if I don’t break his leg .”

Zhao Yu struggled to hold Xue Ziang up, led him up two steps of the stairs, then looked back at Xue Zhan for help. “President Xue, his room…”

Xue Zhan stepped forward and held Xue Ziang from the other side. “On the third floor, I will help him up.”

Zhao Yu closely followed Xue Zhan and went upstairs. After Xue Zhan threw Xue Ziang on the bed, she hurriedly went to the adjoining bathroom to get a basin of hot water, took a towel, and wiped his face for him. Then she took off his shoes and socks to help him wash his feet.

Watching her shuffle around, Xue Zhan’s lips twitched, but in the end, left the room without saying anything.


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