Returning: Chapter 55

At first, Zhao Yu was not sure if a man like Xue Zhan would feel a sense of pity for a weak woman. After all, he never showed this kind of behavior towards any of his blind dates.

But after Xue Ziang left at dinner today, she finally felt it.

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At first, Zhao Yu was not sure if a man like Xue Zhan would feel a sense of pity for a weak woman. After all, he never showed this kind of behavior towards any of his blind dates.

But after Xue Ziang left at dinner today, she finally felt it.

Whether Xue Zhan felt sympathetic or sorry towards her as Xue Ziang’s younger uncle, as long as he had a thread of feeling for her, it would be worth exploiting.

So when she saw Xue Zhan, she freely shed aggrieved tears.

For when it came to crying, she was unparalleled.

In reality, her tears had long been drained dry as early as three years ago, and now, no matter how sad she was, she couldn’t even wet the corners of her eyes. But if she was asked to act in front of an audience, she could cry as much as she wanted to.

But she didn’t let the tears stay on her face for too long and quickly reached out to dry her in a panic, trying to pretend to be calm, lowering her head not to look at him.

Xue Zhan asked, “Are you okay?”

The tone was bland and she didn’t hear any emotion behind it, but since he was next door, he must know exactly what happened in Xue Ziang’s room.

Zhao Yu shook her head and sniffed. “Mr. Xue, sorry, I… suddenly remembered something urgent… I have to go back.”

This kind of weak lie was obviously seen through by Xue Zhan.

His gaze swept over her neck and chest again. Even if she covered up a bit with her hands, the many hickeys in varying shades of red couldn’t be hidden.

Continuing to look down, the newly formed bruises on her knees were also prominent, and there was even some thick liquid slowly flowing down the inside of her bare legs.

The moans and screams he heard before gave an idea of how intense the session was tonight, or more accurately, how crazily Xue Ziang vented on her. Seeing the evidence with his own eyes at this moment was just the cherry on top.

Xue Zhan didn’t try to make her stay, and said quietly, “I will send you back.”

Zhao Yu shook her head quickly. “No, thank you, Mr. Xue.”

Xue Zhan didn’t say anything else, just walked past her, making his way downstairs in front of her while she obediently followed.

She came with Xue Ziang and did not drive her own car. For a girl, going around outside with disheveled clothes in the middle of the night was definitely not safe. Besides, she was still a guest of the Xue family. Her shame at the moment was caused by someone from the Xue family. Xue Zhan had no excuse to ignore it.

The driver didn’t live here, it was already so late Xue Zhan couldn’t call someone, so he decided to drive her back himself.

The villa did not have an underground parking lot so all the cars were in the courtyard on the ground floor. As soon as they walked out of the door, the cold wind bitterly blew, causing Zhao Yu to shudder and shrank into herself unconsciously.

Xue Zhan glanced at her, took off his suit jacket, and handed it to her.

Zhao Yu shook her head again and again, not daring to reach out to pick it up until she saw the oppressive gleam in his eyes. Only then did she carefully reach out and took it, draping it over her body.

Pulling the car door open and raising a leg up, Zhao Yu was about to step into the passenger seat when she saw the sticky mixture of semen and lewd water on her leg. She quickly took back her leg, drew some tissues from the car, and wiped it clean.

Seeing her shiver from the cold, Xue Zhan, who was already in the car spoke. “Get in the car.”

Zhao Yu folded the tissue and hurriedly wiped her legs a few times, hopped to the trash can and threw the paper towel in, then nervously got into the car.

Xue Zhan turned on the air conditioner, turned up the temperature on her side, and started the car. “Seat belt.”

Zhao Yu hurriedly pulled the seat belt and fastened it, and heard him speak again. “Address.”

After giving him the address of the apartment, the car fell into silence. Xue Zhan looked ahead and focused on driving. Zhao Yu turned away and looked out the window in a daze. No one spoke.

The car drove for nearly twenty minutes, and when she saw a pharmacy still open on the roadside, Zhao Yu suddenly said, “Mr. Xue, can you stop?”

Xue Zhan quickly stopped the car, glanced at the pharmacy, and asked, “Buy medicine?”

Zhao Yu nodded, stretched out his hand to unfasten the seat belt, but heard Xue Zhan say, “I’ll go.”

Seeing that he had already unfastened his seat belt and was about to get out of the car, Zhao Yu quickly stopped him. “Mr. Xue, it’s not…I…”

Meeting his gaze, she was even more embarrassed. “I’m not buying a morning-after pill. I regularly take my birth control. I want to buy…”

She was so embarrassed that she couldn’t continue, so she quickly unfastened her seat belt and pulled the car door. “Please wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

“I know.”

As soon as she reached out and touched the door of the car, she heard Xue Zhan say this calmly.

She was taken aback. Before she had time to react, the door of the car opened. After Xue Zhan got out of the car, he closed the car door and walked straight into the pharmacy.

Watching him from behind for a few seconds, Zhao Yu didn’t dare to show any triumph or surprise on her face. Instead, she got up quickly, bent down in the spacious front seat, pulled out a tissue, stuffed it into the center of her legs, and quickly wiped the mixture that was leaking out of her vagina again.

She deliberately left the room without cleaning anything up. The mess on her legs was wiped clean before getting into the car, but after sitting this whole way, some sticky fluids spilled out of her vagina. It not only stained her dress stained muddy but even turned the seat slightly wet.

When Xue Zhan came back from buying the medicine, what he saw was the image of her anxiously stuffing tissues into the center of her legs, and rubbing at the bottom of her skirt.

She obviously didn’t expect him to come back so soon. She was so shocked when she saw him pull open the car door that she jumped in fright, at a loss for what to do. But she recovered, sneakily taking the right hand out from the center of her legs. Then balling up the sticky tissue in her palm, she tried to keep it from his eyes.

However, he caught a glimpse of the dark imprint on the seat, she was so scared that she quickly took out a clean tissue and wiped at it. “I’m sorry, Mr. Xue…I…I soiled your car, I didn’t mean it… …I’m sorry……”

She was nervous and embarrassed. By the time she could speak she was already crying in earnest, despite her efforts to stop her tears.

After wiping the seat vigorously a few times, she hurriedly got out of the car holding a few filthy tissues, and stumbled towards the trash can on the sidewalk.

She threw away the trash but didn’t come back immediately. Instead, using the trees on the sidewalk, she avoided Xue Zhan’s line of sight, crouched down, and bit her lip, crying silently.

The thin dress fluttered in the cold wind, her arms and calves had frozen and turned blue, but her teary face became as white as a sheet, and her body shuddered even harder.

That was until a coat; still warm from her body, was put on her shoulders again.

Still sobbing, she turned around. Looking up, there was a man standing under the street lamp with an expression she couldn’t quite make out. She stubbornly continued to bite her lip.

But the more you suppressed it, the more freely the tears fell.

Xue Zhan spoke. “Get in the car.”

She was still squatting on the ground, her body shaking, and her teeth chattering as she cried, but she still made no sound.

Watching her for a few seconds, Xue Zhan bent down and promptly lifted her up.

When Xue Zhan placed her into the passenger seat, she heard him speak again. “It’s not your fault.”


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