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Although Xue Yuanyang’s bloodline didn’t have that many people – only one child and one grandson in the second generation, he had many brothers and sisters, and countless descendants in the younger generation through his extended family. So naturally, there was an excess of relatives that flooded in to wish him well on his birthday.

All the housekeepers busied themselves in preparation for the event once it was morning as some relatives from the city had also come early to the old residence. All kinds of back and forth1 noises from talking, laughing, joking and the like filled the entire garden. The ruckus penetrated through both upstairs and downstairs, not allowing anyone to get any peace.

When Xue Ziang wrapped his bathrobe around him and came down with his wet hair, he was still grumpy from grogginess, and hitting his head to ease the wave after wave of aching pain in his head, he asked, “Where is Zhao Yu?”

The housekeeper shook her head. “I haven’t seen her this morning, maybe she hasn’t gotten up yet.”

There was no one in the bed, how can she not be up yet? He turned on his phone and called her, but no one answered for two consecutive calls.

Xue Ziang was about to call again when he suddenly heard Xue Zhan’s voice near his ear. “Finally remembered you still have a girlfriend?”

He sat down on the sofa and yawned innocently. “Where did she go? Don’t tell me grandpa took her as a servant and sent her out with the nanny to buy food?”

Xue Zhan lightly scoffed. “At least being a servant is better than being a tool to vent your desires on.”

Xue Ziang rubbed his temples and looked at Xue Zhan suspiciously. “What do you mean?”

Xue Zhan’s eyes were slightly cold. “You don’t know what I mean?”

“Hiss!” His head shook a little, worsening his throbbing headache and Xue Ziang had to take a calming breath to ease the stimulation.

Seeing Xue Zhan’s serious expression, he suddenly had an ominous premonition, and his tone unconsciously turned anxious. “Sister Sun, get me some headache medicine.”

Seeing that Xue Zhan was about to go upstairs, he hurriedly asked him to stop. “Uncle, what did you just say? Where did Zhao Yu go?”

Xue Zhan ignored him at all and walked upstairs with long strides.

Xue Ziang sat on the sofa blankly, trying to recall everything that happened yesterday in his mind.

Although it was a little unclear, he still remembered almost everything. After he came back drunk, he was almost beaten by his grandfather but Zhao Yu desperately protected him. She then helped him wipe his face and feet, and then…

Thinking of the mess on his lower body when he woke up this morning, and the obvious marks on the bed, he jumped up from the sofa.

Of course, he knew as soon as he woke up that he had done it with Zhao Yu last night, and it may have been very intense, but he thought it was a normal occurrence, but based on what Xue Zhan said just now, that was obviously not the case.

Did he make the same mistake again?

Last night, he was drunker than last time, and now he also had a worse headache than last time. His mind was a mess, and he didn’t know anything that was happening.

Just when he found Zhao Yu’s number again and was about to make another call, a housekeeper came over with some medicine. “Little Mr. Xue, are you looking for Miss Zhao? I heard Mr. Xue tell the chairman this morning that he sent Ms. Zhao back home in the middle of the night last night. It sounded as if Miss Zhao was crying and begged him to let her go back.”

The fingers that were going to press the call button suddenly froze and Xue Ziang felt an earth shattering chill.

In the next instant, disregarding the housekeeper’s calls, he rushed out quickly, holding his phone.

By the time he arrived at the door of Zhao Yu’s apartment, he was still wearing the white bathrobe and indoor slippers on his feet; it was the most embarrassing he’s ever looked in his entire life.

But he couldn’t care about this, and hurriedly pressed his fingers to unlock the door, only to find that his fingerprint was not recognized.

He didn’t give up, and pressed it again and again, changing the angles several times, but still couldn’t open her door. When he entered the password, it was incorrect.

She changed the password and deleted his fingerprints.

He was no longer allowed in her apartment.

His right hand trembled for no reason. He pressed the doorbell desperately, slapped her door vigorously, called her name loudly, and even made the people in the next door open the door to see what was happening, but there was still no movement inside.

He had a feeling she was inside the whole time, but she didn’t want to acknowledge him.

“Zhao Yu!” yelled a few more times, but still didn’t get a reply, he could only keep calling.

He called many times on his way over as well, but it never got went through. Fortunately, she just didn’t answer, she didn’t turn off her phone, nor did she actively hang up. That should mean she was just angry and don’t want to be bothered for the time being.

It didn’t matter. He would properly apologize to her and admit his mistake, she should forgive him. While calling her phone, he comforted himself in this way.

In the end, on his third call, there was an automated message: The number you dialed has been turned off.

She blocked him.

In the consulting room, Zhao Yu sighed again before she finally added the constantly calling number to the blacklist.

Zeng Xu, who was wearing a white coat on the other side, smiled and said: “You did not turn off the phone. Only looked at the caller ID in a daze when a call comes. It only shows that you are still reluctant to part with him. If you are reluctant, then answer it.”

Zhao Yu smiled bitterly. “The long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain. I will not have anything to do with him anymore.”

After Xue Zhan sent her back to the apartment last night, she took the opportunity to post an update to the circle of friends Ji Sui and Zeng Xu as part of:

[All the desperate efforts are just a joke in the end]

Although the words were blunt, they can also implicitly indicate her state.

And in order to perform the trick well the next day, she stayed up all night and sent Zeng Xu a WeChat message early in the morning:

[Doctor Zeng, can you please increase the dosage of the medicine you prescribed to me last time to four times the original amount]

Five minutes later Zeng Xu replied: [No, that medicine has strong side effects, so you can’t take so many]

She didn’t answer. After waiting for a while, Zeng Xu’s message came: [Can’t sleep again?]

Zhao Yu: [I took double the amount, but it’s still useless]

Zeng Xu: [When are you free, come and talk to me, just taking pills is not enough]

So when she arrived at the hospital during working hours, she had red, swollen eyes and two dark circles under them. In that state, she dragged her weak and exhausted body to Zeng Xu’s office.

As soon as Zhao Yu left, Zeng Xu dialed Ji Sui’s number. “She’s really not in the right state of mind, I’m a little worried that something will happen, do you want to check in on her? That’s right, I have confirmed that she has broken up. It wouldn’t be considered stealing someone’s girl.”

When Ji Sui’s phone rang, Zhao Yu had just walked to the door of the hospital.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m okay, what could be wrong?” The short sentence was full of forced smiles.

Ji Sui paused and said, “I saw the Moments you posted last night on WeChat.”

Zhao Yu laughed self depreciatingly. “It’s just a breakup, it’s not a big deal.”

“Where are you?”

Actually, he knew that she hadn’t left the hospital, but it was not good to let her know that he and Zeng Xu were in constant contact, so he could only pretend to ask.

Zhao Yu calmly replied, “The hospital, I came to Dr. Zeng for advice.”

“Did you drive there?”

“No, my head hurts a bit today, I didn’t dare to drive.”

“I’m also near the hospital. Then can you wait a little while for me? I can drop you off on the way.”

1 the original text was “ping-ping-pong-pong”. It’s a back and forth like in a ping pong match lol


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