Returning: Chapter 59

He couldn’t wait to see Zhao Yu. He was still looking forward to her coming to work. However, when he logged into the company system, he discovered that Zhao Yu had applied to resign since early morning yesterday.

She was resigning?

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Impromptu Acting

Xia Nan felt that she was the most reliable secretary in the world. With such a meager salary, she still had the heart to play matchmaker.

In the end, she pretended to have hurt her leg and lied to Zhao Yu to get her to come to the annual meeting, but her boss was running late and hadn’t arrived yet. If it wasn’t for the hierarchy of power, she wanted to make a phone call and scold the unreliable boss.

After numerous glances at the entrance of the banquet hall, Xue Ziang was still nowhere to be seen. She finally couldn’t sit still, and hurriedly ran over, dragging the “lame” leg to the dressing room, where she sat waiting and saw Zhao Yu put on makeup, without a trace of Xue Ziang to be seen.

Originally, she considered the many entrances to the banquet hall, thinking maybe she hadn’t looked carefully enough and Xue Ziang had snuck in to find Zhao Yu, but now it seems that she overthought.

Didn’t he want to see Zhao Yu immediately? Now that she was here, he is the one missing?

Or maybe she was being too anxious and Xue Ziang planned on showing up only when the annual meeting officially begins. But he did not seem like such a calm person.

After thinking about it, Xia Nan finally couldn’t help but call him, but she just reached the automated message asking her to try calling again.

Xue Ziang was initially on the way to the annual meeting, but after answering a phone call, he went back and forth until he finally asked the driver to turn around. “Go to Xuanhehui first.”

It was a very famous restaurant on the opposite side of the town from where the annual meeting was being held. Although the driver was puzzled, he saw Xue Ziang’s poor countenance from the rearview mirror, so he didn’t dare to ask more.

After a few minutes, he heard Xue Ziang’s voice again; “Hurry up. We need to be back before seven o’clock.”

The annual meeting would go on at least until ten o’clock, there was enough time to return by seven.

There were too many people in the dressing room, the atmosphere was not good. To get some fresh air and a drink, Zhao Yu left the room first. She didn’t expect that only after only two steps, she ran into a familiar-looking person—the woman that pushed her down last time and injured her hand; the eldest lady of the Yu family, Yu Fei.

The Yu family was also a partner of Huacan so it was normal for the company’s representatives to be invited to attend the annual meeting, but Yu Fei’s presence here was somewhat surprising.

After all, she caused such a large commotion last time that damaged her reputation, making her hate Huacan and the Xue family. She must not have willingly come to this event.

Zhao Yu hadn’t put on makeup yet, obviously, Yu Fei would recognize her. At first, she gave Zhao Yu a cold snort, but when she saw her cheap costume and the plastic necklace on her neck, she laughed scornfully.

Who wouldn’t try their best to dress up beautifully when attending this kind of occasion? Unfortunately, she was all alone in the hall and seemed indescribably poor.

“Aren’t you Xue Zang Xue’s assistant? Did no one tell you that you will embarrass him if you look this unpresentable when going out?”

Of course, Zhao Yu knew that Yu Fei had a grudge against her for her last time, but she didn’t want to do anything about it. She simply smiled at the other person and walked to the dessert area.

When she first saw this eldest lady, Zhao Yu thought she was beautiful and had a great temperament, but she exposed her true nature within three minutes. She did not need to waste time on such a stupid, arrogant, and domineering person.

A group of people just vacated the dessert area, taking away almost all the prepared fruit juice with them, leaving only a glass of the yellow drinks. Zhao Yu asked, “Is this orange juice?”

The waiter who brought the fruit was a handsome young man. He immediately perked up when he saw her. “Yes, 100% orange juice.”

“Can you give me a glass of other juice? As long as you don’t add fruits like oranges and citrus.”

“Okay, wait a minute.” The waiter seemed to want to strike up a conversation with her, and asked with a smile, “You don’t like citrus fruits?”

Zhao Yu didn’t have the patience to chat with strangers. She only smiled politely and nodded. From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Yu Fei who followed her. Did this eldest miss want to pick a fight with her?

In an instant, she had a flash of inspiration. Her hand injury last time was not strictly speaking, because of any common cause, but a result of Xue Zhan’s personal affairs. Would that man carry any feelings of guilt for her? What if she was caught in the crossfire a second time? Will he feel guilty then?

With a bright idea in mind, she smiled helplessly at the waiter. “It’s not that I don’t like to eat it, I don’t dare. I am allergic to citrus fruits. Take this glass of orange juice. If I drink it, I will have red spots all over my body. I am performing soon, if I accidentally drink it, there will be no end to my shame. Please let me trouble you to help me prepare a glass of something else, like… mango juice, many people are allergic to that, but I’m okay with it…”

In fact, her allergic reaction was much more serious than the average person’s.

“No trouble, no trouble, I’ll do it.” Seeing she was so friendly, the waiter tentatively asked, “Well…can I get your number? It may take some time to get freshly squeezed juice. I’ll call you when it’s ready. “

Even if he didn’t say this, Zhao Yu would have found an excuse to leave a while before returning to get the juice. Now he offered first, it saved her a lot of trouble. Of course, she was more than happy to pick up a pen and write her number down on a sticky note on the table.

After thanking the waiter, she looked down at the phone and walked back to the dressing room, pretending not to have noticed Yu Fei the whole time. She received a call ten minutes later letting her know her mango juice was ready.

She took another seven or eight minutes to get it. There was no one else in the dessert area. Just a sticky note on the glass of mango juice, specially prepared for her by the waiter.

She picked up the cup, walked over to an area monitored by a surveillance camera, and slowly took a drink while looking at her phone.

After just one sip, she could tell something was wrong.

Although the mango flavor was present, there wasn’t much. Pure mango juice should have a stronger taste than this. Was there really something added to it?

She didn’t let anything show on the face, drank the whole cup in one go, and put it down nonchalantly.

After she finished putting on the makeup, Zhao Yu and her colleagues waited backstage. Their stage was getting rearranged for their show in front, and they could go on once the leader had spoken.

After several lines, she finally felt that her skin was a little hot and itchy, and she was already sweating.

Originally, she was not sure if Yu Fei would be dumb enough to use this method to retaliate against her after overhearing the conversation. But now, she was completely certain that her words were the key to opening Pandora’s box.

“Sister Zhao Yu, what’s wrong with you? Why is your neck so red?”

“It’s okay, you can go on stage, it’s your turn.” When the former colleagues went up onstage, Zhao Yu opened the collar and took a look. The red skin on his chest was already beginning to rash. Up.

With heavy makeup on her face, she couldn’t really see it, but her arms, neck, and calves were rapidly getting covered with rashes.

No wonder the mango juice tasted so weak, that woman added more ingredients than she expected.

As the leader of Huacan, Xue Zhan naturally sat beside the old man at the table in the very center, closest to the stage, allowing him to see even the smallest details.

As soon as Zhao Yu came out, she felt something was wrong. Judging by her unsteady footsteps, she seemed to faint at any moment.

Even the old man found out, and turned his head, and whispered to Xue Zhan. “This girl with face turned Zhao Yu? The one that Ziang brought home two days ago? Did that brat make her sick?”

Before Xue Zhan answered, he saw Zhao Yu, who was struggling to say her lines, lean against the table then knelt down on one knee, her right hand tightly grasping her collar and breathing heavily. The close-up of her clearly showed she was trembling with sweat from head to toe on the big screen.

“Call an ambulance.” Xue Zhan abruptly got up from his seat and with his close proximity to her, was the first to step up onto the stage.



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