Returning: Chapter 60

“I don’t know. She was doing just fine, then she suddenly collapsed when she was performing on stage. The ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. The doctor at the hotel came and said it was an allergy. But how can an allergic reaction be so severe? She looks like she can’t breathe, her face, her hands…it’s terrible, Mr. Xue, hurry up, I think she is in so much pain, her appearance is really scary, I’m so afraid she will…”

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Xuanhehui was close to the international airport, far away from the hotel where Huacan held the annual meeting. Due to the traffic jam during rush hour, Xue Ziang arrived much later than expected.

When entering the restaurant, he subconsciously raised his wrist and glanced at his watch.

There was not much time left before he had to hurry back to the annual meeting.

The sun sets early during winter and it was already dark out. Outside the window the lights were shining brightly, the traffic heavily congested. Inside the restaurant, the tables were full, the music relaxing, yet the silhouette in front of the window was so peaceful it didn’t seem real.

How long has it been since they last saw each other? Almost… more than three years.

But apart from feeling it was unreal, there were no other emotions sparked.

The feelings of unease that haunted him for three whole years along with the resentment and need for closure had all been unknowingly erased.

He calmly walked to the sofa and sat down. Xu Miao lifted her head when she heard the movement, and smiled slightly. “You’re here?”

“Yeah.” He also smiled, his heart still unmoved. He thought this is a good thing.

“I ordered the food for you in advance, don’t you mind?”

“I don’t mind.”

Then, it was relatively silent.

Both of them waited for each other to speak, and after a long time they both wanted to speak, but in the end, Xue Ziang spoke first. “You were looking for me… did you need something? Sorry, I’m in a hurry. I can’t stay here for long.”

Xu Miao bit her lip, hesitated, and said, “I have a question…”

At the same time, the phone Xue Ziang had put on the table vibrated.

Xu Miao lowered her head and smiled, “You can answer the phone first.”

It was Xia Nan. Seeing the caller ID, Xue Ziang had an ominous premonition. He quickly picked up the phone and pressed the answer button. “Hello?”

“Mr. Xue, where have you been?? Sister Zhao Yu had an accident!”

The hand holding the spoon unconsciously tightened, snapping and the plastic spoon used for a premeal dessert. His voice trembled as the spoon broke. “What did you say?”

“Sister Zhao Yu seems like… she suddenly fell sick.”

Xia Nan’s side was still very noisy, and she was so anxious her voice had a crying tone. Xue Ziang’s hearing was overwhelmed by an unfathomable “buzzing” sound as if the news passed through his ears and stabbed straight into his heart. He got up off the sofa and rushed out the door, his anxiety caused his voice to break into quick gasps. “Speak clearly, what happened to her?”

“I don’t know. She was doing just fine, then she suddenly collapsed when she was performing on stage. The ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. The doctor at the hotel came and said it was an allergy. But how can an allergic reaction be so severe? She looks like she can’t breathe, her face, her hands…it’s terrible, Mr. Xue, hurry up, I think she is in so much pain, her appearance is really scary, I’m so afraid she will…”

During the rush hour of dinner, people came and went on the escalator. Xue Ziang with no regard for his life pushed through the crowd and desperately rushed down leaping through each floor with large steps. His rapid breathing made his voice tremble even harder, “I will be back immediately, call the doctor… Ask the doctor to look after her, I’ll come right away…”

As soon as he hung up, Xia Nan was shocked by a stern yell. She waited for two seconds before reacting. It was Xue Zhan, he was trying to prevent the confused Zhao Yu from scratching the rash on her body.

At this moment, Zhao Yu has been carried from the stage to the backstage with a small number of people surrounding her. She was also wrapped in another executive’s coat, but her skin was covered with rashes, probably itchy horribly, and unconsciously, she would reach out to scratch herself. Xue Zhan tried to stop her a few times to no avail, and could only hold her arms tightly.

Qin Yi had never seen such a situation before, her normally optimistic and cheerful demeanor was nowhere to be seen. Right now, she was so scared she could only cry, cried so hard because she didn’t know what to do.

Wang Qi is much more mature and clear-headed out of all of them. While helping Xue Zhan control Zhao Yu’s moving hands, she comforted her softly: “Don’t be afraid, the ambulance will be here soon. Hold on and I’ll accompany you. Is it good to speak?”

Zhao Yu was still quite conscious of her surroundings, and knew she would be fine. After all, she had experienced this situation twice, but the severe suffocation coupled with the itch was really hard to bear.

She grinned at Wang Qi, trying to tell her that it was okay, but she couldn’t make a sound and could only breathe hard.

“Come here.” The doctor in a white coat came up with a syringe, “Put her on her back lying down, lift her skirt, I’ll inject from the thigh.”

Seeing what the doctor was holding, Xue Zhan hesitated for a moment. “What is this?”

“Adrenaline, the best desensitization drug.”

Xue Zhan didn’t trust the doctor in the hotel’s infirmary very much, so he glanced at Zhao Yu subconsciously. It was not until Zhao Yu nodded to him that he held her shoulders to lie on her back as the doctor said. Pull the skirt above the knee bend.

He saw her legs every time she wore a skirt and had even seen the full view once before. It was very white, straight, and slender, but at this moment, after being covered with red spots, it could be described as ugly and frightening.

Following the doctor’s instructions, she put several layers of clothing under her back and under her legs. Xue Zhan held down her leg and asked the doctor to inject it from the outside of her thigh.

This doctor was in his forties and he looked very experienced at first sight. Seeing that everyone was so nervous, he first smiled and comforted them. “Don’t worry, there will be nothing wrong. I have encountered many patients like this. As long as the treatment is timely, it is none life-threatening, her condition is not extremely serious.”

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Zhao Yu’s condition to get better. The doctor checked her again carefully and said, “I have another injection. After this one, she should not need any more injections. I will go with her on the ambulance later.”

When the ambulance arrived, Zhao Yu’s condition was basically stable. The doctor followed and got into the ambulance. Xue Zhan ordered Wang Qi to follow. Xia Nan and Qin Yi wanted to go too, but they were stopped by the ambulance doctor.

It was not until the group left that Xue Zhan asked Xia Nan; “How many people know that Zhao Yu is allergic to orange juice?”

If this kind of accident hadn’t happened and he didn’t hear Wang Qi speaking about this, he would not have even known about it.

Xia Nan shook her head. “I don’t know, there shouldn’t be many people. We only learned about it after we got acquainted with Sister Zhao Yu.”

Xue Zhan’s eyes were deep in thought for a moment, and calmly said: “Everyone, get out.”

Only after experiencing this episode, did then the grand annual meeting continue. The outside resumed the look from before the commotion, the cheerful music sounded, and the performers of the next show took the stage.

Yu Fei came with her father. As guests of honor, the father and daughter pair were sitting at the same table next to Xue Zhan. When Xue Zhan came out from backstage, they walked to the side of the stage and their sharp eyes fell on her.

She was so frightened that her whole body shook, and she quickly looked away, pretending to watch the performance on the stage calmly, but in fact, the fear in her heart had not disappeared.

She just heard the conversation between Zhao Yu and the waiter, and in a spur of a moment, she wanted to make the woman make a fool of herself, to ease the anger she could not vent on Xue Zhan. Who knew that Zhao Yu’s reaction would be so serious that she almost became a murderer.

Xue Zhan’s instincts already pointed to Yu Fei, but his suspicions were confirmed with one look at her now.

He just didn’t quite understand, how did Yu Fei know that Zhao Yu was allergic to orange juice? Even if she had deliberately learned about it beforehand, wasn’t it too brainless to come here and commit the crime in person?

At this moment, his other secretary came over, bent down, and whispered in his ear. “Mr. Xue, the waiter has already been taken to the lounge. Do you want to question him yourself?”


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