Returning: Chapter 62

The strongly suppressed urges came tumbling out along with all the pain and fear in his chest, Xue Ziang put down the glass of water, smiled extremely softly at her, and tried to calm himself down. “Zhao Yu, what happened that day, I can explain…”

“Who is Xu Miao?”


Xue Zhan arrived at the hospital the next morning.

By that time, Zhao Yu had already been transferred to the general ward. The rashes on her skin were basically all gone and she no longer needed to be hooked on oxygen. The only remaining treatment was the fluid infusion in her hand. Although his throat was still uncomfortable, she was able to speak again.

His intention for coming was simple. He wanted to ask the victim how she wanted to deal with the murderer. But before Zhao Yu could even say anything, Xue Ziang’s face was full of resentment, expression dark, everything about him exclaimed Yu Fei was not going to get off easy.

“I don’t have any opinions, I’ll follow Mr. Xue’s advice.” Except for the slight surprise when she found out it was Yu Fei’s plot against her, Zhao Yu had no other expressions on her face.

Her voice was still very muted, and just by listening to it, you could tell how uncomfortable she must be feeling. Xue Ziang quickly grabbed a water glass from the table and said softly: “Drink some water first.”

Zhao Yu didn’t drink it, didn’t even look at him, but said faintly, “Mr. Xue, please go back.”

Xue Ziang paused, and the hand holding the glass of water suddenly froze midair.

This was the first sentence she had said to him in days.

After leaving the emergency room at midnight the last night, she kept her eyes closed even when she was awake, to indicate to him that she didn’t want to pay attention to him.

He knew that she was weak and needed a rest, so he temporarily suppressed the need to explain and apologize, instead, he just sat quietly by the bed.

Originally, he thought that after one night, her attitude would change somewhat, but he didn’t expect what waited for him was an indifferent and distant “Mr. Xue”.

She looked serious, was she breaking up with him?

The strongly suppressed urges came tumbling out along with all the pain and fear in his chest, Xue Ziang put down the glass of water, smiled extremely softly at her, and tried to calm himself down. “Zhao Yu, what happened that day, I can explain…”

“Who is Xu Miao?”

The sudden question suddenly broke the disguise of calmness that he had just put on with so much difficulty. He held the water glass tightly and looked at her incredulously. “You said…what?”

Xue Zhan, who was about to leave, also stopped because of that sentence, turned around and looked at Zhao Yu in surprise.

Zhao Yu smiled and said, “That night, you called me…this name.”

Xue Ziang was stunned, but could not refute it.

He can’t remember what he said when he kept making love to her after he was drunk that night. If… he really called Xu Miao’s name, then he couldn’t deny it, because he really couldn’t forget her before.

No, it was probably because he thought he could not forget Xu Miao, when in fact, that was not the case, he had already found the solution.

However, before he could speak, Zhao Yu said expressionlessly, “That night, I looked through your phone. I know I shouldn’t spy on you and invade your privacy, but I was curious. You were drunk and called out this person’s name. On one hand, you were in bed with me while on the other, you were thinking about that person. I thought it was a new girl you met…”

Speaking of this, she suddenly mockingly laughed at herself. “I’m so stupid, I really thought I was your girlfriend, and even felt so entitled, thinking to myself that I was in a position to deal with a woman who steals my boyfriend. But the result… Guess, What do you think I saw?”

Tears slid down her cheeks silently. She smiled and wiped it off with her hand. The self-deprecating expression on her face was even stronger, “It turns out she was the girlfriend you loved so much before. The one all your friends in the group said was a match made in heaven for you. That you shouldn’t have broken up, you…must have reconciled, for her to cancel the wedding that day. So that day, you left me at the Xue family house… “

“It’s not like that Zhao Yu, I was…”

“From the beginning, I was Xu Miao’s stand-in, right?”

This sentence struck like lightning that suddenly flashed through the small ward, causing the surrounding air to freeze instantly.

Xue Zhan looked at Xue Ziang in surprise, and Xue Ziang’s face was pale and ashen.

Zhao Yu laughed at herself yet again. “Ye Zi was also one of Xu Miao’s stand-ins, right?”

Xue Ziang looked at her blankly, moved his lips, but made no sound.

Zhao Yu continued to smile. “I looked through your group chats and saw Xu Miao’s wedding photos. She is really… very beautiful, especially the mole under her eye, which is very similar to Ye Zi. No wonder there were always rumors in the company saying the relationship between you and Ye Zi was very special. No wonder Ye Zi thought so herself. You treated her differently from other people. It turns out that it’s because of the mole. What about me?”

She raised her head and stared straight at him. “Please tell me, Mr. Xue, what part of my body, do I resemble Xu Miao? That night, I studied the photos for a long time, but I still can’t tell. How on earth are we similar? Can you tell me, what points did I have to qualify as a stand-in?

“Your good brothers in the group scolded you, saying that you have the ability to find stand-ins everywhere, but you didn’t dare to fight to get Xu Miao back. I’m really curious, how many people like me… have such privilege to be a woman who is treated as a substitute by President Xue? A few? And since I, was able to get the label of ‘girlfriend’, did it mean that my version of being a substitute was more qualified than the others? “

The hands holding the water cup tightened further, and his knuckles were slightly white from the excessive force. He only felt that his lips were dry and his throat was in pain. He looked at her for a long while, but couldn’t utter a single word.

What should he say? Deny it?

But the first time he noticed her it was because her temperament was extremely similar to Xu Miao’s. How could he deny it?

Taking his stunned silence as an affirmative answer, Zhao Yu’s smile grew wider, and her tears fell more wantonly. “I’m really stupid. I knew from the beginning that a woman like me was not qualified to be with you. I understand that Mr. Xue, never lacked women around him and that it was impossible to go after someone like me, but…why did I still believe it?

Obviously, the words from the lips were very clearly, she knew everything, but he went in desperately. In the end, it was just a joke.

Mr. Xue, Xue Ziang, seeing as I’ve been with you for more than half a year, so of whether I am a stand-in or a venting tool, I should be considered barely qualified. Can you… let me go? Stop rejecting my resignation application, and stop embarrassing Xia Nan to force me to see you, okay?

You asked me to attend the annual meeting. I went, but you didn’t come. I waited for you for so long you still didn’t come. I thought I was going to die. When I was most afraid and helpless, where were you? Did you go to Xu Miao again? Do you know how much I wished you were there beside me then?

In fact, if at that time, you were beside me, maybe I can convince myself, saying that it’s good enough to be a stand-in. At least, you would give me a little fraction of the care you had for Xu Miao, but alas, you weren’t there. Ah, I’m such a joke, I ran to the annual meeting obediently, embarrassed myself in front of everyone, and in the end, I still couldn’t wait for you. “

In the quiet ward, only her low sobs echoed in the air.

Xue Zhan fell silent, looking at the two people on the bed blankly.

Xue Ziang was also silent, his face turned pale, his eyes reddened, and he sat motionless on the edge of the bed, looking at the tearful woman in front of him.

After a long time, he shook his head suddenly and whispered, “Don’t let go, I won’t let go, won’t…”


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