Returning: Chapter 63

The phone screen in his hand was left on the text conversation. He had sent the last message the night before; it was only two words, “Goodbye”. That was his last goodbye to Xu Miao.

This one goodbye completely cut off all the ties between them.

But, was it too late?


Although the hospital requires quietness, there were always family members in the ward who spoke loudly unmindful of the warnings along with children who played and made noise. All the chaotic sounds flooded into Xue Ziang’s ears, aggravating his already turbulent heart.

The phone screen in his hand was left on the text conversation. He had sent the last message the night before; it was only two words, “Goodbye”. That was his last goodbye to Xu Miao.

This one goodbye completely cut off all the ties between them.

But, was it too late?

Yesterday, since he and Xu Miao didn’t even have enough time to exchange niceties after he dropped everything to rush out from the restaurant to the hospital, Xu Miao sent him a text message:

[Seeing you this nervous, I know you must love her very much, I wish you happiness]

He was stunned for a moment, his eyes closely locked in on the word “love”. After half a day, he lifted his head up and looked at Zhao Yu from through the window of the observation room.

Did he love her?

He never thought he could forget Xu Miao, and there was no one he cared about more than Xu Miao. He even let this thought become a mantra that he could not erase for a long time.

So when he heard Xu Miao had canceled the wedding and went missing, he had run out to look for her;

So when Xu Miao’s good friend told him that even after the breakup Xu Miao had never forgotten him and that she just couldn’t be with him due to the gap, in reality, he became confused, depressed and started to drink himself into oblivion.

However, on the following day, the moment he learned that Zhao Yu had left crying in the middle of the night because he had hurt her again in his drunken stupor. His panic, fear, annoyance, and regret were enough to tell him the answer to that.

He cared about Zhao Yu, very much so.

Received a call from Xu Miao, knowing that her flight from Donghai left that night, he hesitated but chose to see her, just wanting to have a complete end to the unhappy breakup from three years ago.

He thought everything was going according to plan; he still had a chance to explain himself to Zhao Yu, and he still had a chance to ask for her forgiveness. Who knew that only a while after he left that she would have an accident.

Xia Nan’s call triggered dread and anxiety, unlike anything he had ever felt before. That had already made the answer even clearer. Just like Xu Miao said, he loved her, he loved Zhao Yu.

Unfortunately, he understood it too late.

He bowed his head and closed his eyes on the chair in the corridor for a long time, deep in thought. He rubbed his eyebrows then finally stood up slowly and walked back to the ward.

She begged him to let her go, but he also said that he would not let go.

He just realized how much he cared for her, how could he let it go?

Even if she hated him and blamed him, he couldn’t let her resign. If she left, he really wouldn’t be able to find her again in the future.

The door of the ward was closed tightly. He reached out and twisted the doorknob slightly to open it, but the moment he opened the door, the moment he stepped through, ready to continue walking forward, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck.

That person inside, the woman on the hospital bed still connected to an IV drip, hooked both her hands onto a man’s neck, and kissed the man’s lips.

And the man sitting on the edge of the bed leaning over was his own uncle.

For a moment, he felt that his mind go blank, his ears insistently “buzzing”, his internal organs all felt like they were stabbed by a sharp weapon, the pain suffocating him.

By the time he realized that he should step forward and pull the man away, Xue Zhan had already straightened up and looked back at him blankly.

All sense of reasoning completely disappeared the moment he made eye contact with Xue Zhan. Xue Ziang clenched his fist, took a few steps forward, and swung at Xue Zhan’s face.

But his fist still failed to connect.

Because Zhao Yu on the bed said to him: “If you want to hit him, hit me first.”

Then, as he shook in disbelief, she added: “I initiated it.”

The nails pierced into the palm of his hand and he felt even more pain in his heart. He stiffened his fist and asked with a trembling voice, “Why? What are you doing?”

Zhao Yu smiled, his face was light and light: “I’m in love with him, can’t you?”

Xue Ziang was taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed maniacally as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. The more he laughed, the more he couldn’t stop his laughter, his voice was hoarse: “Is this your revenge on me?”

Zhao Yu looked at him seriously: “During the times I was most helpless and scared, the times when I needed you the most, you refused to show up but he was always by my side. Isn’t worthy of my love?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Xue Ziang’s eyes were red, almost to the point of bleeding out from them, “Zhao Yu, you are angry, you hate me, you want to take revenge on me, anything is fine, but you… how can you …He is my uncle, my blood-related uncle you know?”

“So what?” Zhao Yu still looked calm, “I’m just a stand-in, a tool for s*xual release, does it matter to you who I like to fall in love with?”

“Do you know what you are talking about?” Xue Ziang stepped forward and grabbed her wrist, “Zhao Yu, don’t use this method to retaliate against me…”

Zhao Yu’s hand still had a fluid infusion, being when grabbed like this, the infusion tube was yanked hard, and the needle inserted in the back of his hand was almost pulled out. Thankfully, Xue Zhan had quick eyes and hands, and immediately grasped Xue Ziang’s hand. “Let go.”

Xue Ziang’s eyes turned icy, glaring at him, his eyes full of anger and confusion.

Xue Zhan didn’t say much, just said faintly: “Go back and rest up.”

“Go back?” Xue Ziang sneered, “Go back so that you can continue to get intimate here?”

“You don’t need to go back, you can stay here and watch us continue to make love.” Zhao Yu had a faint smile on her face, her eyes were full of provocation and mockery, “Mr. Xue, can you stand it?”

The clenched fists tightened so much it creaked, Xue Ziang’s breathing came in short puffs, his chest was rising and falling quickly, scarlet eyes darted back and forth between the two faces for a long time, then he turned around and rushed out.

When the ward fell into silence again, Zhao Yu only smiled and whispered: “Sorry.”

It was indeed her initiative.

The reason Xue Zhan stayed in the ward was because of the tearful accusation that pushed her and Xue Ziang’s relationship to the verge of collapse. Xue Ziang in his confusion and pain went out for a breath of air while Xue Zhan stayed to help her change the drip.

But when she saw Xue Ziang’s figure approaching the door, she suddenly sat up straight, hooked her hands around his neck, and kissed him.

At that moment, he was really dumbfounded.

As soon as he could react, he straightened up, but after seeing Xue Ziang’s appearance, he also understood Zhao Yu’s intentions.

If she really wanted to provoke Xue Ziang like this to force him to give up on her, then he was willing to help her.

The only thing was that she might not know his nephew’s temperament enough, doing this, would not help.

“This bottle is running low, it will be done soon. Ring the bell to call the doctor then.”

After calmly reminding her, Xue Zhan turned around and left the ward.


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