Hospital Visit

Although the company allows employees to dine at their desks, Xue Zhan didn’t like the smell of food outside his office, so during lunchtime, Wang Qi went to Xia Nan to eat take out with Xia Nan and Qin Yi. In addition, she wanted to discuss the plan for visiting Zhao Yu at the hospital after work.

“I don’t know if she can be discharged from the hospital the day after tomorrow. If she can’t, wouldn’t she have to spend the New Year in the hospital?” Xia Nan put a spoon of rice into her mouth and muffled unclearly, “To spend the New Year alone in the hospital, it’s too tragic.”

“Didn’t everyone in the company say that Sister Zhao Yu is an orphan? If it’s true, then maybe… it’s not too bad if you’re used to it.” Qin Yi looked up at Wang Qi, “Sister Wang Qi, is the rumor true? I don’t want to ask these kinds of things because I am afraid to reopen old wounds.”

Wang Qi nodded. “Technically, she is not an orphan. Her mother died when she was an adult. However, she indeed has no living relatives now. Even if she can be discharged from the hospital, she will still be all alone. I remember she mentioned before that she hasn’t celebrated the Spring Festival for several years now.”

Seeing both Xia Nan and Qin Yi sympathizing, Wang Qi waved her hand in front of their faces. “Hey, don’t have that expression in front of Zhao Yu. She doesn’t want others to pity her, so when we go to the hospital tonight, don’t bring up celebrating Chinese New Year. “

“Oh.” Qin Yi bit the spoon and nodded, “I originally wanted to tell her if she doesn’t mind, she can come to my house to celebrate the New Year. But forget it, it’s really not appropriate.”

Looking at the innocent and kind-hearted appearances of the two young girls who have just entered the workplace, Wang Qi smiled, full of an indescribable feeling, and sighed.

When she looked up to take a sip of her drink, she found Xue Zhan standing a little ways away from them coming from the direction of the elevator. She didn’t know how long he had been there.

“Xue Dong.” Wang Qi subconsciously got up to greet him. Frightened, Qin Yi and Xia Nan also quickly put down their chopsticks.

Xue Zhan nodded lightly, motioned for them to continue eating, and entered Xue Ziang’s office by himself.

The information he wanted was on the table, and he found it with a quick sweep. Walking back with the file, he noticed that there was an additional picture on the wall.

He remembered it this was a sketch drawn by Zhao Yu for Xue Ziang, who couldn’t stop bragging about it to him for a long time.

Ever since he accidentally ran into the two having s*x in the office, he would avoid coming to this office unless necessary. He didn’t expect Xue Ziang to mount the painting on the wall.

He couldn’t help but stop and stare at the painting. Although he didn’t know much about art, he could see that the painting was drawn with extreme care, each stroke of the pen exceedingly meticulous. From the dense lines, he could imagine how serious Zhao Yu was when he painted.

A finger unconsciously stroked the lips she had kissed, and a thought suddenly flashed in his mind, if Zhao Yu painted a picture for him, what would it be like?

But he quickly snapped out of such a ridiculous idea, shook his head, and strode out of the office.

The three people outside were already eating lunch, but considering the boss was inside, they consciously restrained themselves a lot, just occasionally saying a few words and lowered their voices.

After passing by a few people, Xue Zhan suddenly stopped and looked at Wang Qi. “Going to the hospital to see Zhao Yu after getting off work?”

Wang Qi nodded.

“Buy her more gifts.” After a two-second pause, he added, “In the company’s name.”

It was not until it was confirmed that Xue Zhan had left, and Qin Yi began to squeal. “Our big boss is too good, no? I am so touched he cares about the employees so much.”

After two seconds, she wondered out loud: “Are the rumors are true? Sister Zhao Yu was harmed by Yu Fei? And all because of Xue Dong? That’s why Xue Dong cares about her so much?”

Xia Nan and Wang Qi glanced at each other tacitly and saw their answer reflected in the other’s eyes: Xue Dong was obviously concerned about his future niece-in-law.

Considering that Xue Ziang must also be in the hospital, Wang Qi and Xia Nan privately told Qin Yi about Xue Ziang and Zhao Yu. Qin Yi was shocked to her core, but when they arrived at the hospital, all three of them were surprised.

Xue Ziang was not there at the moment.

Only a dazed Zhao Yu was in the deserted ward. Although her condition was much better than last night, her face was still haggard and she still looked very weak.

Wang Qi and Xia Nan guessed that she and Xue Ziang were probably still fighting, so they didn’t dare to be the first to mention Xue Ziang. They just kept searching for happy topics to talk about with her. For example, Qin Yi’s lucky draw win last night. It was a mobile phone worth 10,000 yuan.

Xia Nan sighed: “Qin Yi, have you been hit with a good fortune recently? Why do all the good things happen to you?”

Qin Yi shrugged. “Does this count as a good fortune? If it was a really good fortune, I wouldn’t have a mobile phone but a big boss last night. Damn, I’m envious to death.”

“Isn’t this great luck? Your male god has taken the initiative to follow your Weibo and reply to your private message.” Arriving at this topic, Xia Nan suddenly smiled mysteriously, “Say, is it possible that your male god has a crush on you? Why, when he is cold to others, does he answers your questions? And you just posted a Weibo saying that you want to come to the hospital, and you ran into him in the hospital right away. Can there be such a coincidence? “

Zhao Yu, who was drinking the soup, acted for a while, pretending to ask casually, “What? You just met Qin Yi’s male god in the hospital? Which male god?”

“That’s…that…oh, yes, Ling Jianwei, Qin Yi’s senior, she always says that he is an iceberg, but this kind of iceberg actively follows her on Weibo and replies to her private messages, Zhao Yu wouldn’t you say there’s something fishy? “

Qin Yi chuckled. “He is my senior. It’s just a courtesy to reply to me. I don’t dare to have such a dream.”

Looking outside through the window of the ward, Zhao Yu gradually fell into thought.

After the three of them left, she wrapped her coat over the hospital gown and took the elevator to the garden downstairs for a walk.

The weather was bitterly cold, and there wouldn’t be anyone outside. She circled around twice alone, then sat on a stool for a few minutes. When she got up, she accidentally stepped on a stone on the ground and her body suddenly tilted.

Her whole person fell and she clutched her ankle tightly for a long time without getting up.

Just when she thought she was thinking too much, footsteps finally sounded from behind her. A man bent down beside her, grabbed her arm, and carefully picked her up.

Looking at the man who was still indifferent, Zhao Yu smiled meaningfully: “Young Master Ling just met Qin Yi by chance, but now he met me again?”

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