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Zhao Yu heard Qin Yi mention Ling Jianwei’s name many times and knew that his personality underwent a drastic makeover. Not only was he less talkative than before, but he was also extremely reclusive with people now.

But when Ling Jianwei saw the laughter in her eyes, he realized that her foot was not sprained in the slightest and it was just an act to draw him out. That angry and uneasy look on his face had no obvious difference from the one she had come to know from the teenager many years ago.

The hand grasping her arm tightened until it was suddenly released. Ling Jianwei unblinkingly stared at her for a few seconds before turning around to leave.

“My name is Zhao Yu.” Her calm voice sounded from behind.

Ling Jianwei stopped and laughed mockingly. “What? Afraid that I will expose your true colors to Xue Ziang?”

Zhao Yu also laughed and walked slowly to him. “Since Young Master Ling finds my true colors so unsightly, why bother coming to the hospital to see me? Or do you want to tell me this is really just a chance encounter?”

Ling Jianwei turned away under her gaze, his thin lips pressed tight, not saying a word.

Zhao Yu put on a smile and softly smiled. “Whether you hate me or can’t forget me, I don’t want to keep bringing up the past anymore. I believe the Ling family also wouldn’t want it to be brought up. That’s why, if Young Master Ling could please act as if you never know me it will be better for everyone. “

Seeing that he was still silent, Zhao Yu lowered his head and smiled, and continued to walk towards the inpatient building, but just took two steps, his arm was caught again.

She turned around and met Ling Jianwei’s angry eyes.

The anger in his eyes was not hidden at all, but he didn’t say a word and just stared at her unmovingly, like a little lion who wants to go on a rampage but didn’t know-how.

Zhao Yu looked at him in amusement. “So, was the reason you came to me today to settle the score? If you came to ask for an explanation about three years ago, then I admit, I wronged you, I lied to you, what do you want to do? Just say the word. “

The fingers turned red from the cold tightly dug into her arm, clasping harder and tighter until she let out a soft “hiss”. Only then did he slowly let go.

The two stood facing each other in the freezing wind. After a long time, Zhao Yu turned around to leave when he suddenly said, “Three years ago, where did you go?”

Zhao Yu was taken aback, she never thought the first thing he would ask when he saw her would be this.

“What? You wanted to get revenge on me, but couldn’t find me?” She laughed to herself, “My reputation was in pieces. Of course… I changed my surname and given name to find a high-quality man whose bed I could climb into. Anyway, you’ve said it before too. I love this kind of excitement so, in the past three years, I’ve had countless men…”

“Are you so short on men?” He interrupted her coldly, staring into her eyes, and spit out three words from his mouth with great difficulty, “Sister-in-law?”1

These little words on the contrary made the smile on Zhao Yu’s face grow bigger. “Young Master Ling, you have a brother that is married. If you call me by this name it will cause misunderstandings.”

Ling Jian sneered slightly.

Zhao Yu said, “Speaking of your real brother, I really want to praise him, he is indeed worthy of being called a gentleman. He clearly didn’t want you to meet me and clearly, there are many ways he could have dealt with me. Say, secretly drive me out of Huacan, or even make me disappear in the East China Sea, but he didn’t do anything. He just reminded me as a dutiful brother that you were coming back. He doesn’t want me to trouble you again. Where else can you find such a good brother? Therefore, you should do as he wishes, have less contact with shameless women like me, for the reputation of your Ling family, and for your own safety.”

Zhao Yu’s gaze gradually fell to the fine bangs on his forehead. She remembered that he didn’t like this hairstyle before and wondered if he kept it because was because the scar was not successfully removed.

Knowing what she was looking at, Ling Jianwei unnaturally turned his head away, making the cold wind to blow on the bangs on his forehead, almost covering his left eye.

Zhao Yu understood then that the scar was still there.

And it was caused by her selfishness.

“Ling Jianwei.” She looked at him seriously, “If you don’t want to retaliate against me, then let me go, I’ve let you go. Three years ago, I really shouldn’t have provoked you, you shouldn’t stay in contact with a woman like me.”

The palms hanging down by his sides gradually clenched, and Ling Jianwei stared at her closely, still not saying a word.

“So, goodbye, in the future, let’s never meet again.”

This time, he finally did not stop her from leaving.

He stood in the shadow beside the belt of greenery and watched her walk step by step into the brightly-lit building. He continued watching as Xue Ziang ran down the stairs from the general ward to hold her in his arms, cupping her face with both hands, and whisper sweet nothings into her neck.

The two fists were clenched harder and tighter, but in the end, when he saw Xue Ziang walk towards the elevator with his arms around her waist, he could only let relax his hands, turn around, and walk away.

Zhao Yu didn’t expect Xue Ziang to come so fast. She thought he would be so angry with her that he wouldn’t come to the hospital today. As a result, she had only stepped into the building and started waiting for the elevator when the man flew straight down the stairs and caught her tight in his embrace.

He was out of breath, his heart beating fast, and his tone was flustered and anxious.

He asked her, “Where have you been? Why are you not in the ward? I thought…”

Zhao Yu didn’t answer or push him away, like a doll, she let him hold her, apologizing to her again and again, telling her how worried he was when he walked into the ward and couldn’t find her.

This man was already an abandoned chess piece for her. The only thing she thought about when facing him now was how to squeeze out the last of his value.

As for his apologies and sincerity, who cared?

Xue Ziang was extremely patient that night and put down his pride in front of her for the first time.

Even when she ignored him, he still faced her with a smile and kept asking about her well being – if she was uncomfortable, if she wanted to eat, and whether she had considered transferring to a private hospital with better conditions.

After she fell asleep, he stayed in the ward just like last night. He obviously disliked being in this kind of environment, and obviously didn’t even want to touch the sheets and bedding, but he still voiced no complaints, staying with her until the next day.

After waking up, Zhao Yu finally relented and spoke to him: “Can you cook?”

Xue Ziang was taken aback. She knew that he had never cooked before, and occasionally prepared some food at her place, all of which turned out to be failures.

Zhao Yu quipped full of sarcasm: “Didn’t you say I can eat whatever I wanted? What? This has Mr. Xue stumped?”

Xue Ziang thought Zhao Yu was deliberately trying to embarrass him, just to take out her anger on him, so he simply agreed to make lunch for her by himself.

However, when he came back to the hospital after finding a cook to guide him in making some edible dishes, Zhao Yu had disappeared again, but this time, even the bed was tidied up.

The nurse said that Zhao Yu was discharged from the hospital. Shortly after he left, she went and asked the doctor to complete the discharge procedures.

So she was not deliberately trying to embarrass him but to distract him.

He hurried back to her apartment, but no one answered no matter how he knocked on the door. But this time he lucked out and a neighbor came out and told him he saw Zhao Yu leaving with a suitcase. She said she was going back to her hometown for the New Year.

Only then did Xue Ziang realize he didn’t even know where her hometown was.


1 In Chinese “Sister in law” is actually two words β€œε«‚ε­β€ but I changed it to three cus it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Hehe 

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