Returning: Chapter 67

The second day of the Lunar New Year was the day to give offerings to the deceased ancestors at their graves. It was also the first time Zhao Yu had been to the cemetery in more than three years.

She, her godfather, and her godmother had arrived very early, but new fruits and flowers had already been placed in front of the two tombstones next to each other.

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The second day of the Lunar New Year was the day to give offerings to the deceased ancestors at their graves. It was also the first time Zhao Yu had been to the cemetery in more than three years.

She, her godfather, and her godmother had arrived very early, but new fruits and flowers had already been placed in front of the two tombstones next to each other.

Zhao Yu was slightly surprised, turned her head to look at her godfather and godmother, her godfather explained: “Song Xuan has probably been here. Over the years, he has dropped by to visit Xiaojin from time to time. Sometimes he would also come over to visit me and your godmother.”

Zhao Yu was silent, staring at the two names on the tombstone: Zhao Meiyin and Yu Jin.

The godmother bent over to offer up the carefully prepared cakes and sighed. “This child Song Xuan is really good. It’s been so many years but he still hasn’t forgotten Xiao Jin. If Xiao Jin was still here, they definitely already be married…”

Suddenly her husband’s elbow poked her. The godmother stopped talking immediately and softly coaxed Zhao Yu who was staring at the tombstones in a daze: “Xixi, give your mother a New Year greeting.”

According to local custom, one must kowtow at the grave to formally pay respects to the deceased. Zhao Yu slowly knelt down in front of her mother’s grave, dutifully bowed down three times then moved to Yu Jin’s grave, kneeling down to bow again.

Godmother caught her by the arm and said, “This is too much. You and Xiao Jin are the same age, just come and see her, you don’t need to give this kind of reverence.”

But Zhao Yu insisted and continued to bow down to pay her respects.

The couple glanced at each other and said nothing.

After getting up, and staring at Yu Jin’s tombstone for a while, Zhao Yu asked softly: “Godmother, godfather, have you… blamed me?”

The couple stood in a daze. After a long time, her godfather said in a deep voice: “That was an accident. I don’t blame you.”

“But Xiaojin… only met her fate because she came to my house to look for me.”

“It’s been more than ten years. When have you and Xiaojin not visited each other even for a day? If something was really meant to happen, there’s no stopping it.” Godmother sighed again, “Rather than blaming you, I should blame myself, the master of the Qingyang Temple already predicted that Xiaojin would have a bloody calamity that year. If I heeded it a little more, maybe…”

Many people came in and out of the cemetery, and many children who still didn’t understand the gravity of the offerings ran around frolicking, fighting for the fruit for the deceased.

But in such a lively scene, surrounded by rays of gentle and warm sunshine, Zhao Yu felt even colder.

Countless times, words desperately tried to escape from her mouth. But each time, they got stuck in her throat. This time, it was no surprise that she couldn’t say anything.

She didn’t have the courage to tell them the truth of what happened that year, and she didn’t have the courage to tell them that it was not an accident, that she was the principal culprit.

Her godfather and godmother still had to go back to their hometown in the countryside to pray for their ancestors. Zhao Yu decided not to follow, but stayed behind at the cemetery alone, with the two people that were closest to her in the past.

“I’m so sorry.”

These three words, she’s repeated countless times in her heart, and repeated countless times at the two tombs, but unfortunately, it didn’t make a difference.

After leaving the Dongjiao Cemetery, she drove around aimlessly in the car, in a trance. Before she realized, she had arrived at Xijiao.

The west side of Wucheng had developed very slowly. Ten years ago, it was surrounded by empty wasteland on all sides. At that time, Zhao Yu’s mother took advantage of the lax policy and cheap pricing to buy a small piece of land. Afterwards, she found someone to build a nice three-story house on it.

After living in so many rented apartments, that was the house that Zhao Yu and her mother finally called their own. It was their home in every meaning of the word.

But now, the house was empty and the home no more.

Having parked the car on the side of the street, Zhao Yu faced the already run-down house for a long time before finally plucking up the courage to get out of the car and walk slowly towards the gate.

The two shops on the first floor were equipped with roll-up doors, and the dusty rolling doors were locked tight. The stairs leading up to the second and third floors were closed, barring everyone from entering.

Zhao Yu had the key, but where did she put it?

She couldn’t remember.

Even if she had remembered, she probably didn’t have the courage to go up.

These stairs stained with copious amounts of blood had once appeared in her nightmares every night along with the feeling of despair and suffocation. She did not dare to dare it for herself.

“Little lady, do you want to see the house?” A middle-aged woman came out of the hardware store in the building next door and kindly pointed Zhao Yu in another direction. “You can go there to see the house. There are several stores there, they’re all renting, no one knows where the owner of this house is so, you can’t rent it. “

Zhao Yu clenched at her clothes and tried to squeeze out a smile: “Thank you.”

Another woman who had just bought something from the store pointed to the house that had been abandoned for a long time: “I remember this house was an unlucky house right? Someone fell to their death three years ago?”

The lady boss nodded: “Isn’t that right? Three people fell down together, and two were killed on the spot. Such a tragedy.”

“How come I heard all three of them died? Was one of them saved?”

“Three died, it’s actually like this…” The lady boss looked around and lowered her voice a little, “I heard my landlord say, the daughter from this family, didn’t know which wild man got her pregnant but when she fell, the adult did not die, but the child died. So isn’t that three people that died? “

The two women huddled back together again to say something but Zhao Yu couldn’t hear anymore.

When she gradually regained consciousness, she realized that she had been racing along on the highway.

She currently only had one thought on her mind, she needed to go back to Donghai and kill Zhuang Yiqing herself.

That anger, the same as three years ago, overflowed from her internal organs all through every drop of her blood, driving her crazy like a woman possessed.

But as she hurried to Donghai maintaining a speed of 120 km the entire way, she saw this prosperous and gorgeous city under the sunset, and the boiling blood gradually calmed down.

That wasn’t enough, not nearly enough.

She wanted that woman to go feel all the pain she had experienced.

No, something ten times, a hundred times more painful than what she had experienced.

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