Returning: Chapter 68

Xu Chengyan’s younger sister marred early and already had a five-year-old daughter.

As the youngest child in the family, his niece was treated as a real little princess, doted on in all aspects. The whole Xu family from the seventy-year-old grandma to the thirteen-year-old youngster all put the little princess first.

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Adult Games (Xu Chengyan H)

Xu Chengyan’s younger sister marred early and already had a five-year-old daughter.

As the youngest child in the family, his niece was treated as a real little princess, doted on in all aspects. The whole Xu family from the seventy-year-old grandma to the thirteen-year-old youngster all put the little princess first.

So on the night of the second day of the Lunar New Year, he was forced along with the rest of the family from old to young, to accompany the little princess at a cinema to watch a bad New Year animated movie.

Since he started working, Xu Chengyan had rarely gone to any public theaters. The few times he did were all because of this little princess that stood on top of the food chain.

He really didn’t understand the thinking process of these children. There was clearly a private theater at home, but she chose to squeeze into a poorly ventilated space with a large group of people to suffer self afflicted torture.

Glancing at the screen again, he seriously started to suspect the plot was going to hinder the child’s intellectual development. He finally couldn’t bear it anymore and using the excuse of answering his phone, he left the theatre early and prepared to make his way to the smoking area for a cigarette.

As soon as he came out of the theater, he saw the person sitting on the sofa was Zhao Yu.

She wore a tight-fitting dress that accentuated her figure to the extreme, put on exquisite makeup, and sat facing the exit of the theater, slowly sucked on a straw, taking her time to finish a drink. She smiled when she saw him come out, and kept an unwavering gaze on him.

Xu Chengyan could be sure that she was specifically waiting for him here.

As for how his whereabouts were leaked, one question to Lu Bin who bought him the movie tickets, and the answer was clear. His secretary was really under Zhao Yu’s beck and call.

“You came out half an hour earlier than I expected. It seems I overestimated Mr. Xu’s patience.”

Xu Chengyan brushed down his clothes and stood in front of her, looking down: “What do you want?”

Two fingers holding the straw between the red lips twitched as Zhao Yu took a sip of the drink without hesitation, and then smilingly said, “What do you think?”

Xu Chengyan’s gaze slowly moved from her attractive red lips to her slender and white neck appreciatively, and finally rested on the enticing cleavage on her chest.

Zhao Yu got up with satisfaction, drew close to him step by step in her high heels, put her slender fingers on his waist, leisurely opened his suit pocket, and put in a room card.

“I’ll wait for half an hour, if you don’t come, I will call Lu Bin.” The warm breath ghosted on his face, and she smiled more suggestively, “He seems to be a little virgin, I wonder how he would taste.”

Xu Chengyan sneered. “Xue Ziang dumped you?”

“That’s right, dumped, so I ran back to charge you again.” Zhao Yu blinked at him, “Are you satisfied now?”

Before he could answer, she turned around with a twist of her waist and left, leaving him behind with a slender and sexy back.

Xu Chengyan reached up to his hand and touched the lips that she had come so close to kissing. When the hand dropped, it naturally slipped into his suit pocket and he took out the room card.

It was a five-star hotel, within walking distance. Compared to watching mind-numbing cartoons with children, adult games were much more interesting.

When he pushed the door open to enter, Zhao Yu was sitting in front of the window watching the night view outside smoking a cigarette. The wisps of smoke continuously flowed up from her lips, swayed in the air for a few moments before disappearing into thin air.

From the side view, this decadent feeling, Xu Chengyan could hardly see any difference to the time in the car.

Every time she took the initiative to find him, it was because she was in a bad mood, as a matter of fact, she really regarded him as a free duck for her to vent her frustrations on.

Inwardly a little resentful, he strode over and stood in front of her, before he even spoke, he heard her voice again: “Xu Chengyan, do you ever felt regretful?”

Xu Chengyan was taken aback, paused for two seconds, and asked, “What do you regret?”

Zhao Yu froze for two seconds, then suddenly tilted her head back and smiled at him: “I regret… provoking you.”

Her tone was light and breezy, her whole person felt like an empty illusion, much like a reflection in a lake, distant and unreal.

Xu Chengyan suddenly felt that his heart skip a beat.

He took the half-smoked cigarette from her fingers, put it into his own mouth, and took two puffs. He slowly exhaled a ring of smoke, sat beside her, and watched the night view together.

Zhao Yu lighted herself another cigarette, staring at the dazzling landmark building in the distance: “The title of “The tallest building in China” is well-deserved. Have you ever been there?”

Xu Chengyan didn’t answer. This kind of question was as plain as asking if he had ever eaten pork.

Zhao Yu smiled and said, “I have been up there, specifically went there to experience for a moment, what it feels like to stand in a high place.”

She puffed out a cloud of smoke from her mouth and snorted, “Sure enough, the higher you stand, the more you see the people below are like ants.”

Xu Chengyan turned his head to look at her, in a rare occurrence, didn’t bring his usual sarcasm, but teased. “What? Did you reincarnate as a philosopher?”

“Not a philosopher, but…” Zhao Yu threw away the cigarette, sat on his lap, hooked her arms around his neck, and smirked as she looked into his eyes, “Sexologist.”

Xu Chengyan put the leftover cigarette butt back into his mouth and turned his head away from her in disgust. “Go take a bath.”

Obviously, he smoked too, but he still disliked the smell of smoke on her body.

Zhao Yu deliberately exhaled in his direction, but when she saw his frowning eyebrows, she smiled more shamelessly, grinding and rubbing against his crotch, teasing him. “Together.”

Xu Chengyan wanted to push her away, but she boldly hung on him without letting go, looking at him with a playful pout.

Unceremoniously, he squeezed her buttocks twice, lifted her up, and threw her on the bed. In a few moves, he had pulled off her dress, fingers pushed aside her panties, and felt his way in, abruptly exploring the still dry little cave.

“You’ve been in this much of a dry spell?”

“Would I come to you if I wasn’t?” She folded her legs, forced his fingers to rub up and down, in and out. “Want me to send you my latest medical report? I’m healthy, you don’t need to wear a condom to f*ck me.”

Xu Chengyan snorted, took the condoms provided by the hotel, and threw them on her body: “Choose one.”

As Zhao Yu studied various condoms carefully, she bent her legs and pushed her white toes on his crotch, feeling the thickness of the thing through his pants.

“This number is too small, you can’t wear it. This one, beaded and thicker for longer durations, you don’t need it. And this, delayed premature ejaculation, oh—” She deliberately drew out the last syllable. “This is nice and suits an old man over thirty years old. “

Xu Chengyan pinched her clitoris hard, threw away the delayed model in her hand, replaced it with an ultra-thin model, and handed it to her. “Put it on.”

Looking at the packaging, Zhao Yu’s lips curled up: “Don’t force yourself, after all, I understand you are getting older.”

Xu Chengyan leveraging her waist, turned her over, to force her to kneel on the big bed with her hips up, then he removed his own underwear in an instant, tore open the condom, put it on, and entered her fiercely from behind.

The moment her lower body was filled, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but raised her eyebrows. What was the man’s catchphrase?

Oh, he says it’s no use trying to manipulate him.

How believable.


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