Returning: Chapter 69

The hotel room’s soundproofing was top-notch, as soon as the door closed, all sounds from the outside were blocked.

In the quiet room, a man’s panting, a woman’s unrestrained moans, conspicuous sounds of water, and the sound of flesh fiercely slapping against flesh came together to create a most decadent symphony.

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With All he Had (Xu Chengyan H)

The hotel room’s soundproofing was top-notch, as soon as the door closed, all sounds from the outside were blocked.

In the quiet room, a man’s panting, a woman’s unrestrained moans, conspicuous sounds of water, and the sound of flesh fiercely slapping against flesh came together to create a most unscrupulous symphony.

The doggy-style position made Zhao Yu completely unable to see Xu Chengyan’s expression, but with that sturdy p*nis ramming in her body, she could also imagine, this man’s appearance in bed would be exactly like his normal look.

“Hmm…” The originally dry p*ssy from lack of foreplay had long overflown in juices from being pounded into by him. So much so that from the current position, the sticky transparent liquid had dripped from the center of her legs down along her abdomen to the deep valley between her breasts.

Her two nipples pressed against the bedsheets had also been rubbed red and stiff, begging to be touched, but Xu Chengyan didn’t take into account her feelings, and only held onto her hips tight, pulling out and pushing deeply, f*cking her hard with all he had.

“Ah…” Another wave of climax struck, and she continued to moan loudly, and at the same time she reached out to hold her two breasts – kneading and pinching them. Her fingertips couldn’t help but press against her sensitive nipples.

“Little sl*t.” Seeing her wanton appearance, Xu Chengyan laughed quietly, slapped her butt cheeks hard, then generously pushed out his hands to her breasts, pinched the alert nipples, and pulled hard.

The stimulation from a man’s touch was in the end incredibly different from doing it by herself. The numbness combined with the tingling pain made Zhao Yu tremble, and was just a little shy of spraying on herself.

The walls of flesh sharply contracted, squeezing the swollen desire. Xu Chengyan grunted, and suddenly pulled out the sexual organs from her legs, and gave himself a breather as he changed positions, flipping her body around to reinsert from the front.

There was no man in the world that can bear being mocked and challenged by a woman when it came to his sexual abilities, and for such a proud one like him, even less so.

What’s more, he had just turned thirty years old, and he was far from being the “old man” she described. Premature ejaculation? Impossible.

He spread open her legs as wide as possible, and the hard organ in her body violently pumped in and out. His handsome face covered with a layer of sweat, gradually emerged in front of Zhao Yu’s eyes, but what she saw was Zhuang Yiqing’s face that was carved deep into her bones.

The woman who was always so high and mighty; the indifferent woman who treated other people’s lives like ants.

The corridor stained red with blood, that night full of blood…

“Uhh…” She didn’t know where she got the strength but she suddenly turned them over, pressed the man who had ridden her hard from behind under her body, rocked her hips, and did her best to suck in his genitals with her alley.

Xu Chengyan was stunned for a moment, but the extreme pleasure of being squeezed and pushed by the layers of flesh made him hold back all his words and actions. And for the first time in his life, he allowed a woman to be dominant in bed.

Zhao Yu’s body was aroused to the max because he was truly an extremely high-quality sexual partner.

But her arousal was stoked even more because his status as Zhuang Yiqing’s fiance could easily bring her more pleasure than this perfect body.

She straddled him, using both hands to support herself on his firm waist and abdomen, and she worked tirelessly back and forth, thrusting up and down, her plump buttocks slapping against his thighs. The slippery liquid flowed down from his crotch all the way, turning the bed into a mess.

Xu Chengyan felt the near crazy enthusiasm from her again. She seemed to be venting through some psychological stresses, but he was stimulated to the extreme, making every drop of blood on his body from his head to his toes boil, every single nerve tingling with ecstasy.

He grabbed her hips with both hands to help her speed up and move wildly. Looking at the dizzying breasts above, he finally couldn’t help but straighten up, lowered his head to hold one of them, and sucked hard.

“Yeah ahh…” Zhao Yu trembled all over, and her lower abdomen trembled desperately, only to suddenly climax again.

This time, Xu Chengyan climbed on top of her, and a large store of semen ejected uncontrollably in her.

The intense sex exhausted both of them in an instant. Xu Chengyan raised his head from her chest, took two long breaths, and laid back on the bed, continuing to breathe.

Zhao Yu’s body softened, and as he rolled off her, she held onto his rapidly undulating chest, resting her head on it, breathing hard.

Xu Chengyan wanted to push her away, but when his hands touched her shoulders, a warm, wet feeling came from his chest through the shirt.

She was crying.

Perhaps they were physiological tears shed because the orgasm was too intense, or perhaps, she was really crying.

After hesitating, he allowed a rare occurrence as he thoughtfully withdrew his hand, letting her sob and tremble on his chest, soaking his shirt with more and more tears until it stuck to his skin.

Zhao Yu didn’t know why she cried.

It was not because of the physical stimulation or an act, but suddenly, she couldn’t control herself.

When she finally regained her senses, wiped away her tears and straightened up, she was met with questioning eyes.

Meeting her red eyes, Xu Chengyan smiled. “What? Xue Ziang really dumped you?”

“Yeah, the dream of marrying into a wealthy family is gone. Isn’t it worth being sad over?” Zhao Yu laughed at herself and rolled off of him. As soon as the sexual organs separated, a large wave of lewd water poured out from the acupuncture point, wetting the little curls on his abdomen again.

“Marring into a wealthy family…” Xu Chengyan repeated in a murmur, scoffed, sat up, and threw the condom into the trash can, then walked into the bathroom naked.

When he came out of the shower, he saw Zhao Yu standing in front of the window smoking again.

The dress was torn by him, so she simply stayed naked, not minding how cold it was outside, she opened the window to face the cold wind and continued to stare at the night in a daze.

Xu Chengyan knew the room was fixed with one-way glass windows, but when they were opened, who knew if someone could see her naked body from a certain angle? And the freezing wind was so strong that he shuddered as soon as he approached. Standing in the wind, did she want to die?

“You insane?” Xu Chengyan strode over and closed the window, reached out and rubbed her shoulder. Sure enough, one touch and he was already ice cold.

“If you don’t want to live, wait until I leave.” As he said that, he still pulled off his bathrobe and put it on her, “Go to the shower.”

Zhao Yu turned his head and looked at him with a smile, gently pulled out her cigarette, and put the remaining half into his mouth between his frowning lips. “Try it.”

Xu Chengyan had just brushed his teeth and frowned even more. But he quickly smoked a puff of the cigarette in disgust.

Zhao Yu clasped his neck and giggled. “Mr. Xu is used to smoking good cigarettes with no opportunities to touch regular things for ordinary people like us. Try more this time. In the future, no one would dare to let you touch these kinds of bad quality goods.”

Seeing her turn her back and walk into the bathroom, Xu Chengyan raised his finger to hold the cigarette and aimed it at the trash can to throw it in but saw the red glow on it. After a pause, he put the cigarette back into his mouth.


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