Returning: Chapter 70

When Zhao Yu woke up from the bed, it was already noon the next day.

Xu Chengyan naturally could not sleepover at the hotel with her, but before he left last night, they did it two more times.


When Zhao Yu woke up from the bed, it was already noon the next day.

Xu Chengyan naturally could not sleepover at the hotel with her, but before he left last night, they did it two more times.

The first time she took the initiative after she came out of the shower. What started off as a cowgirl later turned into him pressing her into the floor and ruthlessly taking her from behind.

The second time he took the initiative, took her to the window, and fucked her from the front. Once more, he played with her breasts again – sucking and licking her chest.

It was most likely brought on by her words. The man demonstrated the two words “bold” and “powerful” the T. To top it off, the three times they had s*x, were all long and intense. When he left, Zhao Yu had no strength to take another shower.

When she woke up and lifted up the quilt, there were still all kinds of marks on her body, her private parts are sticky, swollen, and sore, and even her waist, abdomen and legs were also weak.

After taking a shower and looking at the naked body in the mirror, Zhao Yu took the phone and took two close-ups of the marks on her chest and sent them to him: [Mr. Xu is an oldie but a goodie]1

The photos she sent him never showed her face, were all subtle, without exposing any of the key areas. After all, the implication of showing a little but leaving some things to the imagination was more seductive.

It didn’t take long for Xu Chengyan to reply, and it was still very familiar two words: [Loose woman]

Zhao Yu replied: [Fake honor]

Xu Chengyan then sent another message: [Which one do you want?]

He attached a photo of a display cabinet of a luxury brand with an impressive collection of handbags.

So this was how he treated his female companions before? I provide goods, you provide the flesh.

Zhao Yu: [If I say I want it all]

Xu Chengyan replied with a smiley face.

Zhao Yu: [Since Mr. Xu asked, does that mean you are prepared to take care of me?]

Xu Chengyan: [Otherwise? Marry into a rich family?]

Zhao Yu: [I really think so]

Sure enough, she received another smiley face.

Zhao Yu: [Going shopping on the third day of the Lunar New Year is in a women’s nature. Will Mr. Xu be accompanying the future Mrs. Xu?]

Xu Chengyan: [Miss Zhao overstepped]

Ah! This kind of retort. Gave her deja vu to what Shanglu said in the beginning.

Zhao Yu: [I am not interested in bags, Mr. Xu should transfer its worth]

Xu Chengyan transferred 20,000 yuan to her WeChat.

Zhao Yu: [Did Mr. Xu lose a zero?]

Xu Chengyan: [You are not worth it]

His words were as blunt as ever.

Zhao Yu sneered, systematically accepted it, and sent a message: [Sure enough, the richer the person, the stingier they are]

Xu Chengyan: [I pay attention to value for money]

Zhao Yu: [So if I choose goods, it will be settled on a monthly basis, and now that I chose money, it is based on the number of times?]

Xu Chengyan: [You can choose again]

Zhao Yu: [Then I choose to be Mrs. Xu]

This time she didn’t receive the smiley face, the other side didn’t even bother to reply.

Zhao Yu smiled and took out her spare clothes from the cabinet and put them on. She then ordered room service, eating while going through the next plan of action.

Not counting today, there were only three days left until the Chinese New Year holiday, and she couldn’t waste it.

After looking at Ji Sui’s Moments on WeChat, there were still no updates, but Shi Yu had posted a very emotional post two hours ago. It seemed like she took Qu Sixiao to the cemetery to see his father.

Zhao Yu left a word of comfort below, then opened Ji Sui’s chat interface and asked: [You also went to see Xiaoxiao’s father?]

Ji Sui: [Hmm]

Zhao Yu: [Don’t be too sad, I don’t think he will blame you, Sister Shi Yu never blamed you either]

Ji Sui: [I understand, thanks a lot]

Then Zhao Yu didn’t say much, and after a while, Ji Sui asked first: [Are you back?]

Zhao Yu: [Yeah, I came back yesterday]

Ji Sui: [At home?]

Zhao Yu: [No, at the hotel]

Ji Sui quickly reacted: [Is he still at your door?]

Zhao Yu: [I don’t know either. I went back to my hometown without telling him after I was discharged from the hospital. I was afraid he would still there, so I could only come to the hotel first.]

Ji Sui: [Are you sick?]

Zhao Yu: [It’s nothing, just a small problem]

Two hours later, Zhao Yu went to the shooting club she heard Zhuang Ye ask about on the phone.

Shooting was a good sport when you needed to vent, and now she and Ji Sui both need it. She had also learned from Ji Sui that Zhuang Ye had gone on the flight back to France this morning, and it was impossible to bump into him.

Ji Sui was a frequent visitor of the club and since Zhao Yu came with him, she didn’t need to hire a coach, they left it to him to teach her the basics of shooting.

She was a newbie and had to start with a rifle that was easy to handle. The first position she used was the one lying down.

“Straighten your left leg and bend your right leg forward.” After watching her lay down on the shooting mat as he instructed, Ji Sui patiently corrected her posture. “Lean the center of your body to the left, raise your left arm, maintain a forty-five-degree angle to the floor.”

Zhao Yu tried hard to adjust her posture, but it was the first attempt after all. Without her deliberately pretending to be stupid, she already showed helplessness in this respect.

“You can lift a somewhat higher.” Ji Sui squatted beside her and raised her gun-holding left arm. “The right arm should also be higher, parallel to the ground at almost…”

He froze for a moment midway through his sentence.

Because it was her foremost experience, Zhao Yu did not change into professional shooting clothes but only took protective arm guards, and she was wearing a loose V-neck sweater. With this position, most of her chest was clearly exposed, and he could see the color and style of her underwear at a glance. He could even vaguely make out the two brightly colored points inside.

A sudden flow of heat flushed through his body and Ji Sui quickly looked away, not daring to look at her again, but his heartbeat was still beating fast.

Zhao Yu remained “clueless”, still holding the gun seriously, adjusted her posture little by little. “How about this? Is it too high?”

Quietly taking a deep calming breath, Ji Sui secretly told herself that he must not look at the places he should not look at, just look to see if her posture is correct. But setting his eyes on her arm, his line of sight would inevitably see the wide gap containing the arousing scene.

Her skin is very white, so tender, and her breasts were very full, but when he looked carefully… Ji Sui’s entire body jolted in shock.

Didn’t she break up with Xue Ziang? Where did the marks on the chest come from?

Those blooming marks didn’t look like she left them from scrubbing too hard while showering, but more like they were made by a mouth.

Or, in reality, she didn’t tell him that Xue Ziang had come to her again to use her as a tool for venting?

Ji Sui wanted to ask, but couldn’t broach the topic.

Peeping at other people’s bodies was not something a gentleman did. She didn’t willingly tell him herself so he had no right to invade other people’s privacy. Besides, he was not qualified to mind other people’s business.

Without a response from Ji Sui, Zhao Yu asked again: “Do you want me to raise it more?”

Ji Sui suddenly returned to his senses: “This is fine. After adjusting your breathing, you can try pulling the trigger.”

Zhao Yu carefully aimed a few times, then slowly pulled the trigger, but she missed the target.

She put down her gun discouraged and looked up at Ji Sui. “Is my posture wrong or do I just have no talent? This is too embarrassing.”

Ji Sui’s gaze accidentally fell to her chest again, and the heartbeat that had just calmed down a little accelerated. All he could do was walk behind her, away from the alluring sight, and said softly: “This position seems simple, in fact, is the most difficult, why not change positions? “

“Okay.” Zhao Yu got up from the mat, the original intention was to kneel and shoot from a kneeling position, but as she reached for the gun, she suddenly “hissed” and shrank in pain.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Sui realized that it was the problem with her knee, and had a guess in his heart, “Injured?”

“It’s okay, just now I didn’t kneel properly.” Zhao Yu shook her head, picked up the gun, and knelt on the other leg, but the moment her knee touched the cushion, she frowned almost imperceptibly.

All this can’t be concealed from Ji Sui’s eyes. He took her gun and put it down, helped her sit on the cushion, lifted her loose trouser legs up, and saw two obvious bruises on his knees.

Clenching his fists unconsciously, Ji Sui asked in a heavy voice, “Last night, did he come to you again?”


Xu Chengyan: I’m sorry Mr. Xue, continue shouldering the blame

Xue Ziang: …


1 宝刀未老 – A treasured knife doesn’t grow old

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