The shooting club wasn’t normally very crowded, and since it was Chinese New Year, there were even fewer people at the club.

The staff knew Ji Sui was a retired soldier familiar with firearms, so even the security guards who were supposed to watch them were goofing off somewhere else, leaving only Zhao Yu and Ji Sui in the entire shooting room.

Looking at the bruises on her knees, Zhao Yu was silent for a while before she slowly pulled down her trouser legs. She forced a smile and changed the topic. “It’s okay, let’s continue.”

She didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and Ji Sui naturally stopped prying and simply held her arm to help her up. “Then we’ll stand.”

The standing position was actually the most difficult of the three conventional shooting positions because it was difficult for ordinary people to grasp how to center their bodies while shooting.

Following Ji Sui’s instructions on how to stand steady, Zhao Yu picked up the gun again but her hands trembled as she did. She couldn’t hold up the rifle even though it was not too heavy.

“Lower your left shoulder and relax your muscles.”

Seeing her body was still a little tense even after, Ji Sui reached out and held her shoulders, pressing them down on both sides, “It’s just for fun. Don’t be so nervous, relax.”

Zhao Yu nodded, pressed the butt of the rifle tight against her shoulders, tilted her head, and aimed. “Is this okay?”

“The butt of the rifle should be a little lower and pressed against your chest.” As he said the last two words, Ji Sui unconsciously glanced at her full breasts, and the erotic images exposed to him just now flashed before his eyes.

Shaking his head, he forcefully pushed away the dirty thoughts and raised his hand to help her adjust her posture. “This arm should be higher, good, that’s it, you can aim now.”

“Like this?” Zhao Yu stared at the eyepiece on top, moving her head around several times but still couldn’t find the right position.

“Turn your head to the right and keep your shoulders still. Your left shoulder is raised again.” Ji Sui stretched out his hand to press on her shoulder and guided her to aim from his own point of view, “A little more to the right.”

When the words came out, both of them stiffened.

He was a tall man, and standing behind her while pressing down on her shoulders made it look as if he was holding her. His head had also moved to get a better look at the eyepiece and was resting lightly on her head, bringing his mouth close – almost touching her ears.

As he spoke, the heat from his breath fell onto her sensitive skin, causing her to shiver slightly, and also frightened him for a while, forgetting to react.

Zhao Yu’s back was completely covered by his sturdy chest. Although separated by a few layers of clothes, she could still feel his strong heartbeat like a drum and quickening more than once.

She even suspected that this man who was over twenty-eight years old had never had such close contact with a woman.

And that was absolutely the truth.

He wasn’t thinking about his actions as he was instructing her to shoot and treated it as if he was teaching a new recruit to practice shooting in the army. He pointed out when someone made a mistake, and if there was something wrong, he would help adjust it.

Back then, they were all men working together, it didn’t even cross their minds to think about whether they were standing too close together or not.

But at that moment, seeing her slender neck, delicate earlobes, beautiful profile, and smelling the faint scent of her body, he was very aware that she was a woman. A beautiful woman with an amazing figure and his action had obviously crossed the line.

The rational part of him told him to let go immediately but his body stubbornly didn’t want to move. Instead, it seemed to… crave this feeling. It was such an unexplainable yet distinctly intoxicating subtle feeling. The kind that left the entire body tingling and numb inside and out.

In the end, however, reason prevailed.

Suddenly moving his hands far away from her, he looked a little awkwardly at her tall figure from the back and took several seconds to calm down his breathing and heartbeat, not to mention other stimulated special parts in the lower region, and said: “Just like now, hands hold them hand tighter, aim and pull the trigger hard.”

Zhao Yu did as he said. This time she didn’t miss the target, but she only hit the second ring.

Just like before, she was at a loss, she didn’t dare to look his eyes directly when she turned her head. “Is there… is there still a problem? Or am I not aiming?”

Ji Sui nodded. “Right when you fired the shot, you raised your right shoulder again. Relax a little and make sure your muscles are not too tight.”

Zhao Yu saw that his ears were still red.

After trying a few more times, she finally grasped the feeling, improving each time, and in the end, she could shoot within the seventh ring. Then she tried again with her air rifle. It was still unaccustomed from the beginning to the end. It’s getting better and better.

Ji Sui asked. “Want to try live ammunition?”

Zhao Yu nodded. If you really wanted to vent, it was best to use live ammunition, and now whether or not she wanted to, the character she was playing in front of Ji Sui really needed to take out their frustrations once.

Ji Sui asked the staff to open the door holding the live ammunition shooting room for them. This time even though Ji Sui was there, the security guards did not dare to be lazy, and stood beside them, watching their every move.

This was not only Zhao Yu’s first contact with a gun, but it was the first time she touched a gun with live ammunition. With hatred, the moment she stroked the barrel of the gun, her mood was also somewhat delicate.

The security officer joked on the side: “Think of the target as the person you hate the most, then aim at the paper and shoot, you will absolutely hit the bullseye.”

With a “bang”, the bullet did indeed hit the bull’s-eye. Not only was the security officer shocked, but Ji Sui also hadn’t expect it.

When changing guns, there was usually a period of adoption to get used to the new one. She was a beginner and hitting the bullseye was already impressive, but she had achieved it for the first time immediately after changing the gun.

Seeing her pale hands holding up the gun, her body tensed and teeth clenched, Ji Sui hesitated then patted her shoulder to comfort her.

He thought that she had imagined the target was Xue Ziang, but whichever way he looked at it, he never would have guessed the truth anyway. When she took her aim, what appeared in place of the target was the face of his former sweetheart.

In the following period, Zhao Yu lost track of how many times she shot or how many bullets she used. She only knew that the anger in her heart was indeed eased little by little.

And Ji Sui stood next to her doing the same: aiming and shooting tirelessly. Perhaps this is why he loves to come here.

Ji Sui had long been accustomed to firearms so as far as he was concerned, long practice sessions were not an issue, but Zhao Yu was different. It was the first time she learned to shoot and she practiced to the death. After the outing, both her arms were too sore to lift.

When the two left, Chongji, the young man at the counter smiled. “The money in your membership card has been used up. Do you want to recharge it now?”

Ji Sui took out the credit card and handed it to him. The younger man asked, “How much do you want to recharge? Based on your mood this afternoon, I reckon you should add a little more to be safe.”

Zhao Yu came to a realization: “We spent a lot of money this afternoon?”

The little brother smiled and said. “Considering shooting time and live ammunition count, you have increased our turnover by a lot.”

It seems that he is very familiar with Ji Sui, and he freely joked: “Your younger brother came the day before yesterday and almost shot us out of bullets. With you two big customers, we don’t worry about going bankrupt.”

Zhao Yu asked: “Did you not come with your brother the day before yesterday?”

Ji Sui replied: “He goes crazy every time he comes here, I dare not play with him.”

“That extreme? Didn’t you say he had a good temper?”

Ji Sui smiled bitterly. “He was in a very unpleasant relationship before and is a little scarred. He has been receiving psychotherapy for it. Normally, he has a good temper but when he explodes, he is a little scary.”

Zhao Yu was slightly taken aback.

In order to avoid encountering Zhuang Ye, she had followed his movements over the past few years, but the fact that he was receiving psychotherapy treatment was something she didn’t know at all.


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