Not 100% so Imma put a DUB CON warning just in case… I’ve singled out the part (it’s super short) but if you are uncomfortable, please scroll for “End of Dub Con” in the chapter to continue reading.

Ravishing (Ji Sui H)

Warm yellow lights shone down from the ceiling, and through the bursts of repressed gasps, the night became infinitely more ambiguous.

Ji Sui’s pajamas were half off, leaning against the headboard of the bed, his lustful eyes stared unwaveringly at the woman in front of him.

Zhao Yu was still wearing the same clothes that she wore at the shooting club during the day. The low neckline exposed most of the adult-rated scene on her chest. The entire area jiggled with every small movement of her hands, barely contained by the underwear and the round breasts that there became more and more exposed, almost looking as if they would bounce out at any time.

“Hmm…” Ji Sui groaned. When he laid eyes on the two red plums of the nipple in full bloom in front of his eyes, his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down unconsciously.

“Does it feel good?” Zhao Yu raised her head and looked at him with a smile, but the movements of her hands still kept going, and she continued to rub his erect p*nis up and down.

“Uh.” Ji Sui’s throat went dry, and he could only softly grunt in response, his eyes locked on her breast again.

Zhao Yu smiled, letting go of the thick and long hard object in her hands, she pulled up the hem of her clothes and threw her loose sweater to the foot of the bed.

Exposing slender waist, flat belly, and skin so white and tender that was squeezed into the black lace underwear are round and erect. The nipples that have already poked out from the edge of the underwear stood on alert, trembling with her breath, seductive to the max.

Ji Sui’s stared without blinking, wanting to reach out and hold it, but his entire body was frozen in place, so all he could do was gasp quickly.

There was some shyness in the bright smile, Zhao Yu licked him once the reached backward to unclasp the underwear from behind, and quickly held the two tender breasts that could not wait to bounce out, and slowly moved them closer to him, softly said: “I’ll use this to help you, okay?”

Before Ji Sui could answer, she leaned down again, sandwiching his swollen desire between the two breasts, she started moving back and forth.

“Hmm…” Ji Sui let out a groan of approval from the back of his throat, his hip thrust in time with her rhythm and quickly pumped against her chest.

When the orgasm was about to come, he suddenly burst into action, grabbed her body, pressed her on the bed, pulled her pants off, and inserted the huge shaft into her hips.

She screamed, gasping and moaning under him, even begging him, but he couldn’t hear anything, each push fiercer than the last. Every thrust hit her deep in the core of the little cave, forcing her to cry non-stop.

“Don’t… please… don’t… woo… save me… Ji Sui save me… Ji Sui…”

Hearing his name, Ji Sui was shocked, and when he looked down to see underneath him, there was nothing in his field of sight.

However, the sound of the physical impact, the woman’s groans, and pleas still echoed in his ears. He followed its direction and found that she had moved from the bed to the floor far away, still naked and being f*cked on her knees. Only the man behind her had turned into Xue Ziang.

*”Start Dub Con”*

“Ji Sui… Ji Sui save me… Ji Sui…” She looked at him with a tearstained face, trembling hands reaching out for him.

Ji Sui wanted to bound up towards them, wanted to pull the boar of a man Xue Ziang away from her. But no matter how hard he tried, his legs seemed to be rooted on the spot, completely unable to move.

He was worried, angry, wanted to stake his life to rush forward, but he couldn’t move his legs or open his mouth. He could only watch her screaming out her orgasm under Xue Ziang crying soundlessly after.

*”End Dub Con”*

“Zhao Yu!” After struggling time and again, a low voice finally erupted from his throat. Ji Sui suddenly opened his eyes and realized that it was a dream when he saw the light coming in through the window.

It’s just that this dream felt more real than any of his previous dreams, whether it was the ravishing first half or the fear-inspiring second half.

He sweats a lot, his forehead was slightly wet, and his pajamas were already damp, but they were nothing compared to the already cold and sticky feeling coming from his lower region.

It was already the second time Zhao Yu had appeared in a dream like this.

The first time was when she had drunk too much and rubbed up against him, evoking his physical reaction. He took a cold bath to calm his restless body, but after falling asleep, he unscrupulously vented again.

He knew that the person in his dream then was Zhao Yu, but she was only a vague outline at that time. Like the countless spring dreams he usually had, it was not enough to affect him after waking up.

But now, even though the dream was long gone, even though he was wide awake, the images from the dream still flashed clearly before his eyes, and even the organs that had just ejaculated started to rise up again.

Not only was her body out of control, but she also couldn’t help but think in her heart, was Xue Ziang bullying her like in his dream? Was she in a lot of pain but helpless to resist? Besides… Did she really want to ask him for help back then?

With a hot and bothered body and mind all jumbled up, Ji Sui lifted the quilt and got up, walking out of the room with a wet spot on his pajamas.

When he reached the bathroom door he saw the light was on the inside, he suddenly realized that Zhao Yu also lived here last night.

After leaving the shooting club yesterday, she wanted to repay the money she had used, but since he refused to accept it, she treated him to dinner.

After dinner, she was going to continue to stay at the hotel but considering her safety at a hotel as a girl, he took the initiative to invite her to stay with him. It seems that as long as there has been a first time for this kind of thing, any number of times following it came naturally.

When the sound of the flushing sounded, Zhao Yu opened the door and came out. She was obviously stunned to see Ji Sui on the other side of the door.

She didn’t bring pajamas and wore his again. Although loose, the full chest still presented its vaguely discernable outline, especially at the two pert points at the peak whose shape was clearly sticking out through the clothing.

Such a vision instantly reminded him of everything that occurred in his dreams, her white tender breasts, bright red buds, especially when his flesh was squeezed in the middle…

Ji Sui’s mouth suddenly went dry, and his crotch began to shift. Before he could reach out to cover it, Zhao Yu’s eyes fell unintentionally.

Seeing her surprised look, Ji Sui turned red and not bothering to say hello to her, stepped into the bathroom in a few steps.

Looking at the closed bathroom door, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but lift the corners of her lips. Was it so rare for this man to be in such an embarrassing state?

After leaning against the wall and taking a few deep breaths, Ji Sui still couldn’t calm the heat rushing through his body, and he was still inexplicably flustered.

Didn’t he call out her name as he woke up from his dream? If so, was it very loud? Could she have heard it?

When he looked at her just now, what he had seen instead was her appearance from the spring dream. How could he still treat her like he normally did in the future?


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